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Gardening and Garden Fruit Recipe

Gardening is a refreshing thing to do and it brings peace and satisfaction. It also relieves stress and works on self-esteem. It cannot just be described in a word how much benefit it has. It keeps your heart in good health and prevents stroke. It refreshes your brain and keeps it healthy. Researchers found daily gardening to represent the single biggest risk reduction for dementia, reducing incidence by 36%. It also improves your immune regulation. And many more benefits you can get from gardening.

You also can get fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden by which you can prepare delicious dishes and those will be much fresher than what is bought from the market. At least you can easily grow vegetables to make salad recipes. Out of all the vegetables in the world, tomatoes are the ones widely used to make salad or to make any kind of vegetable recipe. If you like delicious caprese salads, homemade pasta sauce or BLT sandwiches you can grow tomatoes, and you can grow it in your yard easily. Let me help you to start your garden in your yard.

Growing A Tomato Garden:

Check out these simple tips for gardening to start your tomato garden properly and set yourself up for savory success. You may also see some tips and find help in your gardening through the Tree & Garden Solutions.

Heirloom Harvest: Heirloom tomatoes are that kind which has many varieties in color and taste. You can grow as you like to prepare delicious salad, sauces as you like.

Seed Money: If the winter is long you can consider starting growing seeds indoors during this time. Seeds are more available than little plants and also it’s cheaper. So start it with the help of this growing season of tomatoes.

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Moving out in the yard: When the seeds become a plant of 2/3 set of leaves after six to eight weeks, prepare them to move outside by reducing the watering a little bit. Plant them in the yard where they can get a minimum 6 hours of sunlight a day. To make the plant comfortable in the yard outside, take them out side for one or two hours and keep them in the shade. Do this for one week and the plants will be strong enough to adjust to the environment outside.

Give Space: Before planting them, make sure they are from the bush variety or vining tomatoes. Bush tomatoes are shorter and you will get all tomatoes at once, on the other hand, vining tomatoes can grow over 10 feet and also produce tomatoes all over the season. Give a minimum of 2 feet of space between the bush and the vining tomatoes for air circulation.

Put Cage: You can put tomato cages to support the new tomato plants especially bush tomatoes which can easily adjust with a typical tomato cage.

Prune perfectly: Many people prefer to prune tomato plants to make them more manageable. But I suggest not to prune the plant if it is shorter than 18” tall. Also, remember to always prune your plant in the morning to give the plant less shock.  To avoid disease, don’t splash water on the newly pruned plant.

Keep it growing: If the plant reaches the top of the trellis, let it grow until it falls forward naturally.  After that you can continue to secure it again.

Using Eggshell:

If the plants don’t get enough calcium from the soil, then they will suffer from blossom and will rot. You can crumble up egg shells and spread them into the hole before planting to avoid this issue.

Budding Flowers:

After few days, flowers will show up and soon you will get the tomato.

Green Tomatoes: Once the green tomato forms you have to a wait few more weeks to get the ripe tomatoes in its final color.

Sunshine: The larger the tomatoes, the more they need sunlight and heat to ripen. So try to place them where they can get at least 9hours of sunlight.

Bird attack: If the birds or any other garden pets attack the tomatoes you can clip them before it is ripe. You can make them ripe by placing them on your windowsill. For best results, keep them in room temperature.

Harvest time:  The most delicious tomatoes can be found in your own garden. You will know that its harvest time once you see their skin and then you can enjoy eating them.

I would like to share one of my favorite recipes with tomatoes. It is easy and quick to prepare. Let me share the recipe.


  1. 4-6 tomatoes, halved lengthwise
  2. Bread crumbs (freshly made from 2slice of breads)
  • 2/3 c parmesan cheese
  1. 1/3 c extra virgin olive oil
  2. Chopped parsley
  3. Salt and pepper, depends on your taste


  1. Put the tomatoes in a broiler pan, cut from the side. (You can visit Cutlery Advisor for best kitchen tools to make things easier)
  2. Now combine the parmesan cheese, olive oil, bread crumb, parsley, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Properly stir until well combined.
  • Now press a little portion of the mixture with your fingers. If it is too dry then mix a little olive oil.
  1. Top every tomato with approximately one tablespoon of the mixture and mounding it on the top of the tomato.
  2. Now put them under pre-heated broiler and broil it until the chesses is a bit melty and the toppings is become lightly browned. Keep it for 3-5 minutes.

Then enjoy the Parmesan Broiled Tomatoes. This is a super simple and easy way to enjoy fresh tomatoes from your garden. The parmesan toppings are just wow to have because of its flavorful crunchy texture on the top. I just love it. You must try this.

So if you can grow plenty of fresh tomatoes in your garden and want to have them in a new way then this recipe is perfect for you. Hope you will like it.

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