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Best Scuba Diving Watches – Professional Underwater Watches

What To Know Before Making a Purchase

The seasoned scuba diver knows just how vital proper and high-quality scuba diving equipment is to a successful and safe dive. The best dive watches are an important tool to divers because it helps them regulate how long their air tanks will last, and how long a dive is going. While there are multiple kinds of dive watches on the market right now, both just for sport and many luxury watches as well,  these five watches received the top marks and reviews from divers, both amateur and professional around the world.

These five watches excelled in the top most important categories and features to pay close attention to when shopping for a reliable diving watch:

  • Water Resistance
  • Luminesce
  • Bezel
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    Type of movement
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The following watches are some of the best of the best dive watches currently on the market.



Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

This watch​ has a Helium Escape Valve and Anti-Magnetic Feature. Its black dial with orange accents design makes it standout from the rest of its model type. It's waterproof up to 2000 feet.

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Rolex Men's Submariner

Rolex Men's Submariner

Overall Rating - 5/5

The Rolex Submariner is meant to go from water to tuxedo. It is a classy, premium watch. The Rolex Submariner is waterproof up to 300 meters or one thousand feet

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Oris ​Pro Diver Chronograph

Overall Rating - 4/5

The Oris ​Pro Diver Chronograph is a Titanium watch with a ​12-hour, 30-minute and 1/4 of a second sub-dial display. It is great for time monitoring purposes while diving.

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Stuhrling Original Men's Aquadiver

Stuhrling Original Men's 395.33U16 Aquadiver

Overall Rating - 3.5/5

One of the most affordable options on this list, the Stuhrling Men's Aquadiver is water resistant to six hundred and sixty feet and has latent luminescence, making it easy to view in dark areas. The large numbers are easy to read under water.

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Buying A Dive Watch

Obviously, water resistance is one of the main concerns when purchasing a dive watch, as the watch needs to work submerged at carrying depths in a body of water. A good diving watch should have an airtight seal, much like that of a jar and lid, between the Bezel and the face of the clock to protect the mechanics, and function properly under water.  Another key component is a watch’s luminescent is also a key element to look out for, as there is less light under water so the more a watch can ‘glow in the dark’ the better it is.

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The Bezel should also only be able to turn anti clockwise, and not be able to be moved back, in case of getting hit items such as rocks or debris when diving, and should be able to be read at a glance. Another choice to make is the type of movement of the watch. Quartz and Mechanical both work very well, but Quartz watches tend to be on the more affordable side, but more luxuryoptions prefer to use the Mechanical method. And finally, the style of the watch. Because everyone wants their equipment to look good.

 While many makes and models of diver’s watches are available on the market, these five received the best reviews and most praise throughout the diving and watch enthusiast’s community.

This model of Diving Watch produced by ‘Omega’ ​is on the pricier range of the spectrum, but it has a five star review on multiple websites and has been proven to be worth the money for the avid diver.

The ‘Omega Seamaster’ is swiss made with a classical design and suits both men and women. It comes in three sizes: 43.5 mm, 45.5 mm, and also 37.5 mm.

When it comes down to water resistance the “Omega Seamaster” has an impressive resistance up to two thousand feet or six hundred meters. It’s luminescent capabilities have also been described as “ Surreal” and the bezel of the ‘Omega Sea master Planet Ocean Chronograph’ is also scratch resistant.

Rolex Men's Submariner

Now, the Rolex Submariner is a classic with a huge fan base. This model of diving watch is the epitome of luxury watches (with one of its color options being an eighteen-carat gold body) and high quality detail and craftmanship. Collectors are even known to battle it out over some of these watches because they retain their value through the years, so not only a useful piece of diving equipment, but this Rolex model is a good investment as well.

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The creator of this model wanted not only to create a water resistant watch that was useful for the athlete, but wanted to create one that could go from a wetsuit to a Tuxedo.

The Rolex Submariner is waterproof up to 300 meters or one thousand feet.  And is a favorite among divers and collectors, who can afford to purchase it. The Rolex Submariner does cost as much, if not more than a nice car, ranging from ten thousand to twenty five thousand for the all gold model.

And though some may think the price is just for the vanity of owning a Rolex, below is a video of how intricate and technical the inside of the Rolex Submariner actually is, and could explain the steep price for the model.

The ‘Oris Pro Diver​ Chronograph’ ​is​ a Titanium watch with a wave design. At ​51mm it is one of the larger diving watches, but with its all titanium body, it is very lightweight.

 The ‘Oris Pro Diver ​Chronograph’ is also swiss made and of superior quality, and appears to be very durable. The watch is water resistant to three thousand two hundred and eighty feet, or a thousand meters, which makes this a great watch for the hardcore and advanced diver.

Like many models of diving watches made today, this leans more towards the Luxury end of diving watches, but doesn’t skimp on usefulness. Even though the Oris Pro Diver ​Chronograph is rather pricey, it’s innovative design and uniqueness are defiantly a great factor when it comes to making a decision on a watch purchase. The model also has multiple five star reviews and a loyal following.

The ‘Oris Pro Diver Moon Pointer’ retails online for roughly three thousand dollars. Prices can fluctuate depending on retailer.

Stuhrling Original Men's 395.33U16 Aquadiver

Another more affordable option in this top five list, is the ‘Sturhling Original Aquadiver’. This stainless steel watch receives high marks and currently has a solid four star rating on It has a sleek, stylish design, much like the more expensive luxury diving watches, and swizz quartz movement.

The watch also has great luminescent abilities, and quoted form on the luminescent capabilities of the ‘Sturhling’ model, “ The hands and indices of the watch dial are coated with luminescent materials - a radioactive alpha emitter, which help the dial glow for a short time after being exposed to light. The alpha particles of the luminescent coating are made to excite a fluorescent material, which glows; Since even a single sheet of paper easily blocks alpha particles, there is no significant radiation exposure and no need to worry.”

The ‘Sturhling Original Aquadiver’ watch is water resistant to six hundred and sixty feet or sixty meters. The band is also adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes. And like the majority of diving watches this one not only works while in the water, but makes a stylish accessory to any outfit from casual, to work, to formal.

Another perk of this watch noted from its many reviews online, was that it’s packaging, when ordered is quite impressive and makes one feel as if they were ordering a high end luxury watch.

For such a high quality, and impressive diving watch, the ‘Sturhling Original Aquadiver’ model only retails for eighty nine ninety five, and qualifies for Prime membership shipping.

Choosing The Best Dive Watch

Choosing the best diving watch, just like choosing the other equipment for your dive, requires a lot of research, and personal preference as well. From the twenty five thousand dollar ‘Rolex’ to the ninety dollar ‘Sturhling Original Aquadiver’ model, Diving watches come in an assortment of makes, models, colors, and even different innovations that make them unique.

Some models are even cheaper and work just fine for the amateur diver, while they perfect their skills and move up to more advance equipment. While not everyone who dives will splurge for the Rolex model obviously, for those who want a luxury diving watch eventually, there’s a sea full of options for them out there.

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