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How To Fight Global Warming With a Climate-Friendly Garden

Your little patch of green is your way of saving this planet and fight global warming! The impact of gardens in urban areas is incredible, though we are rarely fully aware of it. Firstly, they regulate the city’s temperature. Secondly, they are great at preventing floods. If you’re using the right materials, you’re also wasting fewer resources, too. Not to mention that, apart from positively affecting the global climate, gardens and their maintenance offer stress relief and can offer hours of eco-friendly pleasure.

Here are a few easy-to-do ideas you can implement to help the environment by improving your garden.

How to Fight Global Warming:

Back to basics

There are a number of machines you can use for your garden maintenance which runs on petrol and produce toxic gases. From lawnmowers to leaf blowers, most of these are ultimately contributing to overall pollution levels and you have to ask yourself just how necessary are they in your gardening life. If you like a good workout, how about getting rid of most of them, and rolling up your sleeves? Go back to the tools we used to have before they became fossil fuel-driven. It will be beneficial to your overall fitness and the world’s carbon levels.

Plant a tree

Nothing says climate-friendly like planting a tree, does it? If you have some space in your garden, and the local council agrees, go right ahead. It’s one of the best things you could do for yourself and your family. A tree provides shade and reduces temperature, no to mention the obvious fact that it will increase oxygen levels in your surroundings. As a bonus, a well-placed tree (or trees) will boost the value of your home should you decide to sell it one day.

Pick the right vegetation

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Besides planting a tree (or two), you could also plant some fruits and vegetables for your family to use. Getting your groceries directly from your back garden will ultimately provide you with fresher ingredients and with money saved in your wallet. Just imagine how much oil and gas was spent in order for some products to get to your supermarket. Likewise, you won’t be driving to it as often, as all you’ll have to do is walk outside and pick.

Compost is cool

By using compost you are decreasing the need for synthetic fertilizers, which is a great plus. However, compost also prevents emissions of a very dangerous gas that’s even more powerful than CO2 – methane. It is produced when organic waste ends up in landfills, due to their extremely low oxygen level. Composting, on the other hand, minimizes methane production, thus preserving the ozone layer.

Reuse and recycle

Try not to buy new flowerpots every time you feel like redecorating your garden. Use some old containers, boxes, crates, or pallets and repurpose them as flower beds. You could really liven up your backyard by making use of some old tires by cutting them to the desired shape and painting them in bright colors.

Saving water

Water conservation is something that should be high on your list when considering your garden and the environment. First of all, forget about the hosepipe as it can potentially waste up to an alarming 1,000 liters per hour. The water you are using is perfectly clean and could be used for drinking, instead. Hand watering your plants will make all the difference both on your water bill, and your garden.

Consider collecting rainwater, or try to get greywater from the house. 30-60% of the water in an average household is spent on watering the lawn. If you reduce the size of your lawn (big lawns are neither practical nor desirable nowadays), you will save a lot of resources.

The next time you step into your garden to take care of your plants, bear in mind you are doing much more than removing weeds and making sure your tomatoes are properly watered. You’re living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and are helping the environment by diminishing the effects of global warming.

How To Fight Global Warming With a Climate-Friendly Garden
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How To Fight Global Warming With a Climate-Friendly Garden
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