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Camping With Your Cat

If you have pet cats, it will be great to take your feline friends out on a camping adventure. There are numerous benefits that the outdoors provide to you and your cat. You spend quality time with your cats, you get to exercise together, and you get to bond with nature.

But when you’re camping with your cats, you have to note that there are things you need to prepare ahead of time. You can’t head out and just bring cans of tuna and a leash for your pet’s collar. It would not be an enjoyable experience for you and your cat.

Your Checklist:

With that said, a checklist is a must to make sure that you prepare everything that you and your cat need. Some of the things Included in the list are identification tags, health records, recent photos, vaccination, and a cat behavioral test.

Aside from those necessities, it is important to know what comfortable cat beds would fit the type of personality your cat has. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA has listed the different cat personalities, which can help you determine whether your cat is adventurous or not.

In an interview with Adventure Cats, Dr. Kat Miller, ASPCA director for anti-cruelty research behavior said that camping is not for all cats. When you go outdoors, you should be able to handle your feline friend with ease, and it should be confident enough to roam around the camping site.

Those are just a few things you should prepare for camping. For your convenience, PurringPal has created a detailed infographic of the cat camping checklist to guide you in the preparation for an unforgettable adventure. The list includes many items, but they are essentials for your cat. They are important to keep your pet safe, especially when your camping takes several days and if you bring more than one cat.

Camping With Your Cat:

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