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The Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak For Your Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a popular pastime today and has been since before the end of the second century when Roman Claudius Aelianus wrote of fly fishing on the Astraeus River. 

To be sure, Claudius would have loved to have had an inflatable fishing kayak like the Fish Stalker. 

Fly fishing has grown steadily over the years, with over 7 million people participating in the sport in 2018. 

Fly fishing is at an all-time high, with Americans spending over 75 million days fly fishing in 2018.

That increased popularity may very well be linked to the introduction of paddle boards for fly fishing. 

The Fish Stalker

Essentially, these boards allow you to wade on top of the water. When choosing a fly fishing paddle board, remember that not all boards are created equal.

Our favorite and the one that we whole-heartedly recommend is the Fish Stalker inflatable, nicknamed the iStalker.

This compact and portable vessel offers all kinds of possibilities for enjoying your favorite sport.

The inflatable iStalker has a unique catamaran, triple chamber design that is made from military-grade high-density polyethylene.

The design gives the iStalker its superior stability and effortless glide on water. Some say that the catamaran style makes the iStalker as stable as a door on the water. 

iStalker has incorporated some new features on its 2019 model, including a handy trolling motor mount system. 

You can choose from one of two motor mount systems, basic or advanced.

 If you go with the basic system, the battery box will be positioned at the back of the board. 

The advanced system will position the battery box at the front of the board. It will come with a tethered kill switch, and extension cables will be pre-installed under the deck pad.

This video shows the features of both the Basic and Advanced Motor mount systems.

The transom mount is made out of marine-grade stainless steel and also has a system that incorporates a NOCO battery box that will secure your battery. 

Not only that, the iStalker is configured with six 8mm inserts compatible with RAM Tough Balls that will allow you to rig the iStalker with any RAM mount.  

The bow of the inflatable paddle board holds four D-ring attachment points in a 15-inch square pattern that allow you to fit all of your accessories, such as fishing rod holders, GoPro, or fishfinder. 

Near the aft is another four D-ring pattern that is perfect for your cooler, which can then be used as a seat should you choose to do so. 

The brushed EVA deck pad is designed to provide traction, while the plush finish keeps your feet comfortable at the same time. 

A generous 12 feet in length and 34 inches wide, the iStalker will hold 500 pounds, which is you, your gear, and the biggest fish ever!

The beauty of an inflatable is that it is incredibly easy to store and transport. Deflated, it will roll up and be able to fit in a car the size of a Prius. 

If you love fly fishing, but can't or don't have space or ability to store or transport a boat or kayak, the iStalker is the perfect option.

You will be able to do what you love, whenever you want, without the hassle and difficulties that accompany having a kayak.

This short video shows how easy Fish Stalker Inflatable is to transport and inflate. 

Another factor that gives confidence in the quality of the Fish Stalker is that it is designed and made in North America, a homegrown product.

Fly Fishing

For those who participate in fly fishing, it is both the most challenging and the most fulfilling way to fish. 

Fly fishing has given rise to more technical and contemplative literature than any other method of angling. 

The basic concept of fly fishing is to fish using angling methods that mimic a fish’s natural food base with an imitation of that food and get the fish to bite on the imitation.  

Early fly fishing rods were made of either hickory or willow, but by the mid-1800s, bamboo from China offered the delicacy of movement that made it superior to wood. 

After World War II, the introduction of hollow fiberglass replaced bamboo as a favorite. 

Today, graphite affords a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio that is perfect for a fly anglers' preference for a delicate tackle.

Graphite remains the favored choice today.

Fly fishing uses a lightweight lure, called an artificial fly, to catch fish. The equipment used, the fly rod, a reel, and the specialized weighted line will use flies that look like other food organisms.

Because of the lightweight of the line, the fisherman uses casting techniques that are very different from other methods of casting.

In fly fishing, it is the weight of the line, rather than the weight of the lure, that carries the bait through the air. 

The artificial fly can mimic an insect or crustacean while other flies look nothing like a natural food source.

Flies can be made to either float or to sink. They are made using hair, fur, feather, or other materials to a hook. 

Depending on where you are fishing, the fly will be tied in the size, pattern, and color that resembles the local aquatic insects that are attractive to the fish.

In the beginning, fly anglers would fish primarily for trout and salmon. Now, bass, panfish, pike, and perch are gone after. 

Fly fishing in saltwater has grown in popularity, and striped bass, bluefin, bonefish, and tarpon are the species being caught.

SUP VS. Kayak Fly Fishing

Lightweight And Portable

When considering methods to fly fish, you might don a pair of waders or use a fishing kayak. 

The option of using a SUP (stand up paddleboard) has been a game-changer for those who love to fish and spend time on the water. 

Paddleboard companies have responded to the rise in popularity of these boards by developing boards specifically for fishing, not just a paddle board you take fishing. 

As we mentioned before, the advantage of an inflatable paddle board is that it is so easy to transport.

They are lightweight and easy to carry. An inflatable paddle board deflates to the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag.

As it is easy to take on vacation or to take it on a plane. If you live a few blocks to the water, you would be able to carry it there. 

Because of its size, an inflatable paddle board is easy to store in a closet or the trunk of a car.


Both kayaks and paddle boards have excellent maneuverability compared to boats. Paddle boards are even more agile than kayaks.

There is more freedom of movement while standing on the deck pad, and a paddle board is easier to turn than a kayak. 

Another advantage of an inflatable paddle board is that they are so quiet on the surface of the water, which is an advantage for maneuvering up on fish.


On an inflatable paddle board, you have an advantage over kayaks when it comes to being able to see better, as you have more height from the surface of the water when you are standing up.

When you are fly fishing, visibility is essential, and a paddle board affords you a great vantage point for seeing fish and sneaking up on them. 

You can also get into areas that you usually would not be able to get into, such as spots that are unwadable because of muddy bottoms.

In Conclusion

Fly fishing has been a favored sport for centuries. It’s popularity continues to grow each year. 

Today, you have the best possible option to get out on the water with the most innovative equipment available in an iStalker. 

The inflatable paddle board gives you all of the best features, and more, of a kayak with the ease of transport without sacrificing any amenities. 

Now is the perfect time to participate in those 75 million days spent out on the water fly fishing!