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DU/ER: The Best Hybrid Pant and Jogger For Your Fall Hiking Spree

When you head out on your fall hiking spree, the last thing you want is your adventure derailed by the very clothes that you wear. 

It is time you wait for, plan for, live for, and to have it all crash and burn because the fit of your pants holds you back. Disappointing won’t begin to cover it.

Function Over Form

DU/ER does not make men’s clothes with fashion-focus in mind. They make men’s clothes that put utility first, and they just happen to look good too. 

DU/ER goes with function over form; you will not look like you just came from the gym or are off to the latest Army mission. But you will look stylish enough to attend a meeting before you hit the trails. 

DU/ER’s Live free Adventure Pants wants their users to be able to do whatever they choose and whatever the moment presents and feel comfortable while doing so. 

The Best Of Both Worlds

You can go from the urban jungle to the rural mountain peak without stopping home to change.

DU/ER created their Live Free pants to be able to be the best of both worlds. You will be able to go from the board room to a skateboard with the slim, contemporary cut. 

Lightweight But Strong

DU/ER’s makes their Live Free pants from their lightest proprietary fabric, the Live Lite brand. It is lightweight, high stretch, and very comfortable. 

The Live Free Adventure Pants have extra stretch built into them. That makes them extremely comfortable and able to go on a rock climb or climb the stairs at the office on the same day. 

The pants have a modern, tailored silhouette. The pants’ secret weapon, a convertible ankle cuff, can turn them into a jogger ready for action adventures. 

They are perfect as a travel pant being water, dirt, and oil repellent. 

Versatility makes these hybrid pants ideal for wherever your life takes you.

Pockets For Valuables

The cargo pockets ride along the side of your leg above the knee and have a zipper to keep items secure from falling out. 

With two front pockets and two back ones, you will have plenty of places to keep your needed items. 

The keyring is also an excellent addition that keeps your keys safe, but right at hand.

Freedom Of Movement is Built In

Probably one of the most appreciated features of the Live Free pants is the signature gusset. 

This allows you to move unlike you can in any other pants. 

The gusset is virtually unseen when you are standing, but the gusset gives you all the range of motion you need when you spring into action. 

The fabric has a 360-degree power stretch, which means the material moves in every direction. 

You will not believe how easy it is to move when your clothing does not restrict you. 

The reinforced seams give you the confidence to move; however, you choose with the fear of ripping out a critical seam at an inopportune moment. 


The DU/ER Live Free Adventure Pants are made of:

62% Cotton

30% TENCEL Lyocell

6% Polyester

2% Lycra Spandex

Tencel Lyocell 

Tencel comes from sustainably sourced wood. The wood pulp comes from trees that are grown and replaced on specialized tree farms. 

It does not sound like wood pulp would make for a comfy fit, but the Tencel lyocell fibers are what give the Live Free pants their natural comfort. 

When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the feel of silk to the cotton. Not only are they gentle on your skin, but the lyocell fibers also have strength. 

These fibers are flexible, making them ideal for clothes that you can move in. 

If that wasn’t enough, lyocell fibers absorb moisture and wick it away from the skin, all while looking incredibly good!

Per the maker, the features of Live Free Adventure Pants are:

Water Repellant – An environmentally-friendly biodegradable DWR rain-shield treatment repels water to protect against accidental spills or splashes.

Security Pocket – Featuring a secure pocket to hold important items (like your wallet) in place while you’re on the go.

Signature Gusset – The signature invisible DUER seat gusset offers a greater range of motion while helping to prevent crotch blowouts.

Power Stretch – Our fabrics stretch in all directions, for maximum comfort, flexibility, and maneuverability.

Reinforced Seams – To create strength and longevity, DUER pants feature triple stitched inseams, gussets, and back rises, as well as double layered back pockets.

Moisture Wicking – Including TENCEL® fibres helps control moisture, with microscopic pores that absorb moisture away from the skin and into the fabric fibres.

Keyring – A convenient D-ring is secured to the belt loop to hold a carabiner (and keys) for days on the go.

Antibacterial – The integration of TENCEL® adds lightness, breathability, and naturally occurring odor control properties.

Find The Right Fit For You

DU/ER has a convenient fit chart to help you choose the right size. 

The Live Free Adventure Pants come in classic black, charcoal grey, loden green, civilian (sort of a grey-green), and Hawkeye, a deep khaki. 

Out of 536 reviewers, the Live Free pants got a cumulative score of 4.8 stars out of 5. That is a high rating considering that 536 different body types tried the pants and liked them.

The Company 

DU/ER, as a company, believes in doing more with less. They feel that “fashion” is silly, and real style comes from knowing yourself and dressing accordingly. 

DU/ER’s beliefs translate into how they make their clothes. When you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you can get on with life and living.

In Conclusion

When you are out doing some fall hiking, you are often off of the beaten path. That means you might run into branches and brambles and unforgiving boulders. 

Your pants can take a beating, so you want them made out of a material that will stand up to the adventures you put them through. 

A jogger also needs pants that can stand up to a lot of movement and not all of it over even terrain.

You also would like to feel comfortable when you are scaling terrain that is not as fierce, like the city’s sidewalks and everything in between.

DU/ER is entirely right with their supposition that you also feel more confident when you feel comfortable. 

Wearing the right clothes for the activity also keeps you safer when you have the freedom to move as the action dictates.

Having a pair or two of “go-to” pants that give you comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement will make all the difference in the enjoyment you get from your adventures.


Where does DU/ER ship to?

They ship within North America and overseas, except for Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

Does DU/ER have a reward program?

Yes, they do. For every dollar that you spent at DU/ER, you will earn one point. Visit the Rewards page on their website to learn how to earn points and how to redeem them.