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The Best Survival Lighter for Your Fall Camping

Everest Active Gear has the best lighter for camping and is a valuable addition to your survival gear. Everest Dual Arc Waterproof Lighter is ideal to have for camping or emergencies. 

Living in the modern world, we often forget that there are certain basic items that are necessary to have. One of those basic items is a lighter that gives you the ability to start a fire.

You naturally associate fire with camping, and it is a staple of the camping experience. There are few things better than sitting around a campfire in the evening. 

The day comes to a close; you retell your camping trip events and make up adventures from the past. You have cooked your dinner over the fire you created, and all is well.

Be Prepared For All Contingencies

While you would like to think that you would always be able to control your environment, that is not the case. 

Which is why it is best to have items that you would need in case of an emergency. 

You should have staples in your emergency preparedness kit, and the Everest Dual Arc Waterproof Lighter is one of those. 

It is compact, rechargeable, has a flashlight, and comes in a cool camo pattern.

Dual Arc Waterproof Lighter

"It is a perfect outdoor lighter, made to be versatile because it's suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities - camping, hiking, sea fishing, wild adventure, and more."

Uses No Butane Fuel

You have learned that it is smart to have certain basics in case of these emergencies, and one of those is a lighter. 

One of the great things about an Everest Dual Arc Waterproof Lighter is that it requires no butane fuel. 

The lighter has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that uses no gas and never needs filling with the fluid. 

Butane can be tricky to work with. It is considered a hazardous substance; handling butane requires caution. 

Inhaling butane while filling a lighter can affect you and cause headaches, lightheadedness, and some people may pass out. 

Liquid butane can cause frostbite on the skin and eyes. If that were not enough, it is extremely flammable, which is why lighters use butane in the first place. 

It is getting the butane into the lighter that can be tricky and expose you to the vapors. Spills can get on skin or clothing, making those flammable too. 

You also have to carry the butane with you to be able to refill the lighter with fuel. 

It can be tricky taking a hazardous liquid and being careful not to puncture the container or spill it in among your other belongings. 

With the Everest Dual Arc Waterproof Lighter, the dangers of using butane go up in smoke!

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, is safer and easier to use than a lighter that requires filling with butane. 

To recharge, you simply plug into any USB port. Two hours of charging the lighter will give you two weeks' worth of use from the lighter itself.

Built-In Flashlight

As a handy feature, the Everest lighter has a built-in flashlight that helps you see where you are going until you get your fire started. 

The flashlight, which is also waterproof, can last four to five hours on a full charge. It is great to have both light and a fire starter in one unit.

Weather Proof

Perfect for outdoor activities, the Everest lighter is rain-proof, waterproof, and wind-proof. It is the ultimate all-weather lighter that will work whatever weather you happen to be in. 

The lighter has a water-resistant O-ring cover and locking clasp that will keep water out.

You can take this wherever you go. Fishing, boating, hiking, camping, or even a bonfire in your backyard will be made easier by taking the Everest lighter along. 

This is one lighter that is versatile enough to go anywhere.


Small and lightweight, the Everest lighter can slip into your pocket or in the glove box of your car. It is an ideal size lighter for camping. 

Use the included carabiner to hook it on the outside of your hiking backpack for easy access. 

The lighter is 4.1 inches x 3.3 inches and 1.2 inches thick. 

At less than two ounces, this tool will be one that you take with you everywhere.

Survival Lighters Are Essential Tools

We spoke earlier that a waterproof lighter is essential for any kind of adventure that you go on. 

There are also times when weather-related emergencies arise, and you need to have a lighter on hand.

Here are some other important reasons that you might need to start a fire. 

For Warmth: If you find yourself in a situation where you need additional heat, a fire can protect you from the elements. It can also start the fire in your fireplace for a cozy night at home.

For Light: We humans need to see, and we are greatly handicapped in most situations without our sight. A fire will give you light with which to accomplish other tasks, like preparing a shelter.

For Purifying Water: If for whatever reason, you are dependent on an outside source for water, creating a fire allows you to boil water before drinking it. 

Boiling water and letting it cool before drinking will ensure that you will be drinking water that won't make you sick when you least need to be incapacitated.

For Using As A Signal:

If you are lost and need help, a signal fire can be a distress signal. If people are already looking for you, it can tell them where your location is. 

If people see three fires, it is the international signal for distress, and they will come to assist. 

This video from Russia shows How to build a signal fire.

For Warding Off Predators:

Most wild animals will stay away from fire. If you face this situation, fire at the end of a stick or a campfire will help keep them at bay.

For Cooking Food:

One of the many reasons fire is necessary is the cooking of food. 

When camping, hiking, and cooking food over an open fire at your favorite fishing spot somehow makes the food taste better. This is the best way to make s' mores.

It Is Just Plain Fun

Most of us remember fall camping trips and the fun we had gathering around a campfire. Even the bonfires in the backyard draw people to gather together. 

There is always food and fun. Campfire songs are sung with gusto and marshmallows are in abundance. Sitting around a fire is one of the more rewarding experiences you can have out of doors.


How long have lighters been around?

It is scary to think that converted flintlock pistols comprised the first attempt at a lighter. They used gunpowder as fuel.

In 1823, a German chemist made one of the first lighters that used hydrogen gas. The patenting of Ferrocerium 1903 saw the advent of lighters as you are familiar with them today.

Why is sitting by fire so relaxing?

Most people like the flickering light, the crackling sounds, the warmth, and the distinctive smell of a fire. 

While fireplaces used to serve a function of heating a house, today's fireplace is mainly for aesthetics.