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4 Top Heated Glove Liners For Your Winter Activities

You might have a good pair of gloves, but they can only keep your hands warm on a super cold day to a certain degree. Sometimes they are just not enough. 

The best way to counteract this is with a pair of heated glove liners. Liners allow you to have heat no matter what gloves you are wearing, whether your shoveling snow gloves or your heading to the store gloves. 

Besides using heated glove liners for outdoor activities, heated apparel is incredible for those who have poor circulation, suffer from Raynaud's or arthritis. The heated liner will ease stiff joints and relieve the aches and pains.

We have looked at apparel for the fall and have found the four best-heated apparel and listed those below.

The Snow Deer heated glove liners come with a pair of lithium-ion rechargeable 7.4V 2200mAh batteries. They are made out of top-quality materials and give you the twin benefits of heat and agility. 

The exterior of the glove liners are Lycra. This gives you the benefits of water-resistance construction. A cotton liner inside these glove liners will wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe at the same time. 

Turn up the heat on the liners whenever you need the additional warmth on your hands, whether you are inside or outside. 

The pair of Snow Deer heated glove liners comes with two rechargeable batteries. The charger for the batteries fits into any type of standard wall outlet.

The liners' heating wires extend across the back of your hand and all the way to the fingertips. Operate the liners with a push button located on the back of each wrist cuff.

Protected circuitry in the glove liners will keep you safe as you go about using the glove liners for whatever cold-weather chores you have. 

Three heat settings will enable you to set the liners' temperature for when you need the heat most. You will get a total of six hours from these liners when used on the low setting. 

Charging the batteries to full power takes about three to four hours. A necessity in these days and times, the glove liners have a touch sensor on the index finger and thumb. 

You will be able to use any smart device without removing the glove liners. 

This is especially helpful if you have arthritis and are using the liners inside the house to ease the stiffness and ache that accompany arthritis. 

If you have impaired circulation, these heated glove liners for men and women can improve your quality of life on a daily basis, especially in the winter months.


  • Three heat settings

  • Heats up to six hours on low setting

  • Rechargeable 7.4V 2200 mAh batteries

  • Touch Sensor index finger and thumb

  • Full recharge in 3 - 4 hours

  • Velcro closure at wrists, adjustable

Sun Will gives you the ability to enjoy winter snow activities with these heated glove liners for men and women. Use the liners separately, or combine them with a glove overtop. 

The heated glove liners are compact, not bulky. The infrared fiber heating element covers your whole fingers. If you suffer from poor circulation or arthritis, the Sun Will helps to stimulate the circulation in your hands. 

The warmth will help reduce the aches that arthritis brings. Made from comfortable and breathable Lycra, the lining feels soft and velvety. 

The outer part of the glove liner has a waterproof membrane to participate in outdoor sports or do any work you need to in the snow and still have your hands stay dry. 

The conductive material on the thumb and index fingers of the glove liners allow you to use smart devices without removing the gloves. 

There is also non-slip silicone on the palm of the liners. Equipped with two rechargeable batteries, these glove liners will run up to seven hours on the low setting.


  • Three heat settings

  • Can operate smart devices with liners on

  • Seven hours operation on low setting

  • Heats up in 30 seconds

  • Rechargeable in 3 - 4 hours

Made from 85 % Lycra and 15% elastane, the Day Wolf heated glove liners for men and women are a great option when you need powerful hand warmers but don't want to wear a bulky pair of winter gloves. 

The maximum heat setting of 150 degrees F will be ideal for skiing, snowboarding, or shoveling snow. Odor-resistant, the glove liners are also moisture-wicking so that your hands stay warm and dry. 

The Day Wolf heated glove liners give you comfort and dexterity whether you are ice-fishing or just walking the dog. 

The infrared heating element covers the entire back of your hand, sling with the fingers to give you all-over coverage.

Besides a soft lining, you have touch screen ability in the glove liner's thumbs and index fingers.


  • Battery life of 6.4 hours on low setting

  • Touch screen enabled

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Low profile wrist cuff and batteries 

Glove liners from Lonheo are suitable for either men or women and will keep your hands warm and comfortable when you are outside in winter weather.  

The polyester exterior of the glove liners make them a good option for skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling or snowboarding. 

Inside the glove liners the carbon fiber, polar fleece and insulated cotton make for a cozy and comfortable interior. The adjustable wristband keeps cold air from entering and shields your hands from the cold air. 

You can choose from three heat settings, high, medium and low with a single button operation. 

The carbon fiber heating elements heat up quickly giving you comfort powered by a pair of 7.4V 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries. 

The liners have touch conductive material on the thumb and index fingers that allow you to use your smart devices while having the glove liners on. The non-slip plam on the liners helpyou to securly hold onto objects.


  • Battery life of 6 hours when used on the low setting

  • Touch screen ability with glove liners on

  • Non-slip plam of glove liners

  • Two lithium rechargeable batteries

  • Works well for men or women

Benefits Of Heated Glove Liners

Protection from the elements

Frostbite can be a real concern. It happens when you have ongoing exposure to the elements, and just extreme cold can cause frostbite. Frostbite can necessitate a visit to the hospital and permanent damage. 

It can happen without you being fully aware of frostbite happening until it is too late. 

When you protect your hands with heated gloves, you can have confidence that your time ice fishing, skiing, ice skating, or shoveling the driveway and walking the dog will not result in damaging frostbite.

Water-resistant Abilities

Most heated gloves and liners are resistant to water and will wick away moisture from your skin. In doing so, your hands don't retain dampness but stay warm and dry.

Comfort For Your Hands

The cold can make your hands icy and numb, not to mention very uncomfortable. It can cut short the time that you would like to spend outside in the winter and make the time you have to be outside miserable. 

Heated glove liners make all the difference between being outside and having to curtail your fun outside activities. 

The chores that need to be done no matter, like shoveling the driveway or walking the dog, can be a comfortable experience rather than a painful one when you use heated glove liners.

Prevents dry skin

The wintertime robs your skin of moisture and dries out the epidermis significantly. Heated glove liners keep your hands from exposure and the harsh, drying winter winds. 

While you may still need hand lotion in the winter, you will prevent serious dry skin and cracking when you use glove liners as protection when outside.

Heated glove liners can help alleviate the pain of various conditions

The application of heat can help to relieve conditions like arthritis and Raynauds. 

When a person has Raynauds, the disease causes areas of the body, like fingers, to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures. 

This is because the smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin become narrow and limit the blood flow to the affected areas. 

Simple tasks like driving the car in the winter can be difficult because, although the person is in an enclosed space, the temperature affects the fingers and makes them stiff. 

Using heated glove liners in the circumstances such as this can alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

Arthritis is another disease that benefits from the heat that glove liners can provide. It can warm the joints and improve circulation, making tasks more manageable and your hands more comfortable.

Heated glove liners enable you to spend longer outside

When you can keep the cold at bay and stop it from adversely affecting you, you can spend longer outdoors in cold weather. 

Whether it is from the necessity that you need to be outside or whether you are doing some fun activity, having your hands warm and cozy can make all the difference. 

When you are ice fishing, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, you want to be comfortable enough that you enjoy being outside. 

Having heated glove liners can make all the difference in the world to enjoying your time outdoors.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best-Heated Glove Liners

When choosing heated glove liners, you want to get something that will give you dependable warmth. They should also be comfortable and be flexible enough for whatever your outdoor activities are.

Size and fit

The sizes for heated glove liners are not universal, unfortunately. Brands will have their sizing, and most companies will give you a sizing chart, like the one below from Sun Will. 

It will be important that the gloves fit comfortably, and your fingertips should almost, but not quite, touch the ends. 

The gloves' cuff area should be long enough that it can tuck into the sleeves of your coat.



If you are looking for gloves and not just the liners, then the heated gloves should have a windproof shell. These shells are often made from nylon or polyester. 

If you are purchasing the liner, you will be wearing gloves over the top, which will be less important. For either gloves or liner, the interior should be soft and padded. 

The more padding the glove or liner has, the warmer it will be. Keep in mind that the bulkier gloves are, the less you will be able to move the fingers, and dexterity will be reduced. 

So consider the activities you will be using the gloves for before purchasing. If you are just using them for walking the dog, it will be less critical if they are bulky than wearing them to ski in.


As we mentioned above, take into consideration the activities you will be using the gloves for. It may be that you will need two sets of gloves, depending on those activities. 

If you are using them to drive your car in the winter months or use them indoors to calm arthritis or Raynaud's disease, waterproofing may not be necessary for the gloves. 

If, however, you will be in direct contact with snow and ice, you will want waterproofing protection. 

The materials used to provide waterproofing is sealed leather or a shell made from nylon and silicone to keep water from soaking through. 

While the glove may be waterproof, that treatment tends to make sweat build up in the glove, and so inside, your hands can feel clammy. 

Some gloves have waterproofing on the palm of the glove and breathable fabric on the backside to prevent this. Again, know what you will primarily be using the gloves for, and look for these features.

Touch Screen Compatibility

In today's world, you need to be able to access your smart device. When you are bundled up and have your gear on just right, you don't want to take your warm glove off to answer a phone. 

Nylon does not have the same conductive properties as skin, so trying to answer or swipe a phone with a nylon glove won't work. 

A good heated glove or liner will have a pad in the index finger, and sometimes the thumb, of embedded conductive fabric that will work on your smart device without having to take your glove off. 

As there are many gloves out there that now offer this valuable feature, you should look for a pair that provides this option.

Battery Life

Electrically heated gloves will have small, rechargeable lithium batteries. They are usually located on the glove at the wrist area. 

The batteries will provide heat, depending on the setting, for anywhere from two to six hours. 

Recharging the battery will take three to four hours. If you regularly need longer run time than that, look for a pair of gloves or liners that have removable batteries. 

That way, you could carry a second set of batteries and swap them out when the first set loses charge.


Keeping your extremities warm is critical if you want to be able to remain outside in the cold weather.


How long do heated gloves last?

If you are using the chemically heated gloves, they last about eight to ten hours, depending on the chemical packets. 

Battery heated gloves will stay warm for about six hours before they need to be recharged. The batteries will be able to be recharged 300 to 500 times before you need to replace them.

Are heated gloves machine-washable?

Usually, heated gloves and liners are not machine washable. The manufacturer will include instructions, or there will be a tag just inside the wrist that tells you how to care for your gloves. It is the heating wires in the loves that can get damaged by the action of the washing machine.