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10 Surprising Facts About Pandas

Did you know pandas were once all white? Find out more surprising facts about pandas that you probably didn’t know here!

Across the world, you can find 8 species of bears. One of the most beloved bears that people travel far and wild to see is the panda bear.

This beautiful creature carries a few interesting secrets. Some facts about pandas may surprise even the biggest bear-lovers!

Learn 10 Facts About Pandas

Where do they live? What do they eat? What makes the panda such a special type of bear?

Read on to learn 10 interesting facts about pandas!

1. Sub-Species

When you think of a panda bear, you most likely picture the iconic black and white giant panda. But, there are 3 subspecies.

The Quinling panda appears brown in color but sports the same dark and light patterns with the same build and similar behaviors. The red panda, almost placed into the raccoon family, looks much less bear-like, growing much smaller than the other two sub-species. It waves a fluffy ringed tail, eats a more diverse diet, and is more active at night.

2. Numbers

Giant pandas recently moved up from endangered to vulnerable, due to conservation and educational efforts made by organizations and oo around the world. Get Singapore Zoo tickets to learn more and see them in person!

The Red Panda unfortunately still makes the endangered list, with less than 10,000 in the world. Though numbers of the Quinlin panda create the most concern, they have increased from 109 to over 300 worldwide.

3. Location

All Pandas come from Asia, mostly China. All three species make their home in the high altitude Chinese bamboo rain forests. Red pandas, though, branch out and also live in Central China, Burma, and Nepal.

4. Diet

While most bear species live mainly off meat, the panda enjoys a 99% vegetarian diet. The giant panda needs about 20-40lbs of high fiber bamboo daily to reach its nutritional need. They spend about 10-16 hours each day chewing their meal.

5. Panda Paws

Pandas cannot high five. Their paws actually consist of five fingers and an enlarged west bone, making 6 digits!

6. Fertility

Female pandas only remain fertile for about 3 days each year, making it one of the most interesting facts about pandas. This makes population building difficult in the wild.

7. Baby Weight

The larger subspecies of pandas give birth to offspring only a 9th of their size! The baby’s also come out blind and hairless, making them extremely vulnerable. Mama bear watches over her cub nearly 100% of the time during its first month.

8. Hibernation

Unlike most bears, pandas do not hibernate in the winter. Another one of the interesting panda facts- they migrate.

When cooler weather comes, they simply find a warmer place. Since they live in the mountains, this is the easiest course of action.

9. Enemies

Pandas do not have many natural enemies. Poachers are the only real living threat to adults. Cubs can sometimes fall prey to jackals and jaguars.

10. Symbolism

For the last panda bear fact, in Chinese culture, the giant pandas play a large role. These good-tempered bears symbolize strength, friendship, and peace to the people.

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Did you enjoy these facts about pandas? It is great to educate yourself about the world you live in!

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