Last modified on January 12th, 2022 at 11:28 am

5 Best Hair Vacuums for Pet Hair In 2022

Vacuuming is an involving task. The mere thought of waking up to vacuum puts most people off. And with most of us being pet owners, it is all too huge a task. While pets are awesome companions, they are generally messy and require a lot of attention. Unlike humans, our animal friends pay no attention to cleanliness and order. It is therefore left to us to clean up after them.

However, before questioning the usefulness of pets in our homes, it is important to find a solution that suits us all. This is where robot vacuums come into play. Over recent years technological advancements have blossomed making almost every human chore electronically possible. With a wide range of choices for an average product consumer, here are the 5 top hair vacuums for pet hair in 2019.

iRobot Roomba 980

Equipped with the latest features, this vacuum has a rubber carpet agitator which guarantees no dust particles, pet hair or any other debris is left behind during cleaning. An added advantage of this device is that it doesn’t get stuck. It is also able to detect dirty spots on your carpet using dirt detect systems. Coupling it with a mobile companion app that is very easy to use makes it an asset to its owners. It easily navigates objects and does not require constant human interception.

Samsung Powerbot R7065

Unlike most vacuuming bots that work best on hard or bare flooring, Samsung’s Powrebot R7065 has an 11.4-inch brush which makes it less likely to leave dirt even on plush carpeting. Another admirable feature is its ability to separate different dirt depending on size. This prevents interruptions in its airflow as it sweeps across the room. Cleaning this bot is very easy as one only needs to empty the dirt bin. It is able to clean its own brushes automatically. This vacuuming robot also has smart navigation assisted by its 9 sensors and a digital camera.

iRobot Roomba 690

This version of iRobot Roomba has a sleek design that complements your home décor. With 3 stage cleaning and dirt detector sensors that guide it to highly concentrated dirt areas, it is not a wonder that it is considered as one of the best robot vacuum for pet’s hair. The bot has multi-surface brushes that pick up all the dirt as it easily navigates around objects in a room. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant making it a priceless addition to your digital home

Eufy Robovac 11s

In this version of Eufy Robovac, the s” stands for slim. It is therefore easy to imagine why this device would fit under those small spaces in your room and clean areas that are not reachable by other vacuum cleaners. It lacks sophisticated mapping technology but navigates objects by feeling around them. This is probably why it is Eufy’s cheapest model yet. While lacking grace and sophistication, this small bot is an excellent cleaner.

Neato Robotics Botvac Connected

It may be last but not least valued. This bot combines brushes with suction making it a most effective vacuum in cleaning up those vet hairs. It is D-shaped which makes it clean corners easily unlike disc-shaped vacuum robots. It has three types of brushes leaving no room for dust and other debris to escape its vacuuming.


Understanding your pet’s needs and keeping them happy is not as challenging. All they need is care and love. Even though cleaning of pet hairs is not an easy task if done manually. It is easy to see why most people are highly opposed to vacuuming. However, with the above set devices, it is easy to avoid those dust allergies as most of them are automatic and can easily navigate the object. I hope you find you relieve in my top 5 robot vacuums for pet hair.