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Six Destinations To Catch The Big Cats In Action

The safari adventure tours are incomplete without seeing the big cats. They are the cream of the world’s wildlife crop and the undisputed hunters. Scattered around the world, these magnificent cats are always standing high up the food chain.

Some of these big cats are easier to spot than the others, but If you’re looking to photograph the Siberian Tiger, Pallas’s cats, and Amur leopards, then it’s going to be a hard nut to crack without some expert assistance. These animals are extremely crafty and know how to hide well.

You’ll likely be spending quite some time in the forest to finally see them. If you are going on a big cats safari adventure and plan to capture some amazing pictures of these beautiful animals, here are six destinations that you need to visit.

Snow leopards in the Himalayas

If you are looking to find snow leopards, you are looking for notoriously elusive cats. These animals live in the remote and mountainous parts of central Asia. The Himalayas are their favorite places and they are usually spotted in the summer seasons. Since the Himalayas stretch all the way from Pakistan to Tibet, you need to get some permits if you want to see them. There are some festivals arranged by the locals in their honor as well. If you have a good tour planner, they can make your tour so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Since these cats have made their homes in the high-altitude mountains, you will need some reliable hiking boots to visit their dens. There might be camping involved along the way so get ready for that too.   

Caracals in Namibia

These cats are beautiful in their own way. Their reddish coat may lack the striking markings of more attractive predators but their pointy ears compensate for it. Most people say that Caracals have distinctive pointed ears that are topped with elegant, black tufts which they find the most attractive. These animals are largely nocturnal, but the tour experts with the help of local guides can easily track that leaves you with some great photographs of these animals. While looking for these cats you can also enjoy the sights of the Namib Desert including the rock engravings of Damaraland along with the attractive landscape of the Erongo Mountains. If you are in the Central Highlands of Namibia, never go back home without visiting these places.

Clouded Leopard in Borneo

Featuring blotchy, cloud-shaped markings on its hide, the notorious Clouded Leopard has made Deramakot wildlife reserve in Sabah its home. This chestnut-coloured Borneo bay cat offers some of the most amazing photographs to take back home. They are fast and nimble and watching them catch their prey is an experience that many won’t miss for anything. Their home is located in a green environment so there will be some pestering insects there too. Make sure that you are wearing the right clothes and have all the right insecticides and bug repellants with you. No one would want their tour to be ruined by a bug bite, would they?

Crazy Leopards in Sri Lanka

Have you already been to Borneo and are looking for leopards in other locations of the world? How about Sri Lanka? The Yala National Park of the island country that stretches approximately 400 sq miles in the southeastern region is home to these crazy leopards.

We call them crazy because they are so beautiful that they can drive anyone crazy. Also hiking all the way to their home isn’t an easy task either. This remote corner of Sri Lanka houses the highest number of world’s leopards, so you are bound to find one that is perfect to snap some pictures of. If you are in Sri Lanka, don’t go back home without visiting the elephants.

You will have an exotic elephant ride to enjoy and some lovely memories to take back home. There are things that can be said about some exotic Sri Lankan cuisines that you must never miss out on while being on a tour to spot some crazy leopards there. If you have a local guide you can ask them to provide some traditional food to satisfy your adventurous taste buds. 

Tigers in Bengal

Oh yes, the tigers are finally here. These wonderful and awe-inspiring beasts are something of a benchmark when it comes to the bucket list of big cats. You can’t claim to have seen all the big cats until you have seen these tigers. The Bengal has one of the most fearsome tigers in the world. These tigers are famous in the world as one of the most charismatic cats.

If Bengal fails to satisfy your interests you can head over to the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, this region has the largest population of these magnificent big cats. While you are applying for the visa, do yourself a favor and also get the necessary permits. Your tour operator can help you in this regard.

If you are looking for some other locations to spot tigers, then you can head over to the Pench National Park. It is a great destination to spot some of these brilliantly colored cats. Just make sure that the travel operator that you have selected is professional and can keep you out of harm and potential dangers posed by the tigers. Catching tigers living their lives in harmony or conflict with other animals is a sight to behold. It becomes even more interesting if you can spot some of them hunting their dinner. Just make sure you are not on the menu.

Cheetahs in Botswana  

Looking for the fastest of the big cats? Head over to Botswana to visit the Cheetahs. The best way to see them in action is to watch them hunt for their prey. You may need some high-speed cameras as they are seriously fast. The safari tour is just like the usual ones.

It’s just that the big animals there are easy to snap pictures of. The best things come with serious hard work and this is why you have to do some hiking to get to the best places to watch cheetahs in action.

The best trips are with expert guides who can tell you of all the best techniques to track the fastest animal on earth. Here is a professional tip, look for the wide spaces of the Selinda Concession in Botswana. While you are there you can also visit the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe as it another great destination to snap some amazing pictures.

If you are a safari adventure enthusiast and you’ve not been up close with the famous big cats of the world then you are really missing something on your travel portfolio. All you need to do is to gather all your expenses and embark on a tour to see these majestic beasts living in their feral ways. We have highlighted the top six places to watch the big cats in action. For the best and most comfortable tours, it is advised to get professional help from tour guides. If you have a travel company to plan these tours for you, you’ll have a much more relaxed, enjoyable experience.