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6 Ways Of How Pets Can Assist You With Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Pets, in particular, cats and dogs can lower stress levels, depression, anxiety, ease loneliness, encourage playfulness and exercise, and even boost your cardiovascular health. Taking care of an animal is great for assisting children with growing more active and secure. Pets are valuable companions to humans, and they bring joy and unconditional love into our lives.

Studies Have Revealed That:

  • The likelihood of pet owners suffering from depression is lower than those not having pets.
  • Individuals who own pets have lower blood pressure during stressful situations as opposed to those without pets. One study revealed that people suffering from borderline hypertension who adopted dogs from a shelter had a decline in their blood pressure within five months.
  • Playing with cats or dogs can boost levels of dopamine and serotonin, which relax and calm.
  • Pet owner has lesser cholesterol and triglyceride levels (signs of heart disease) than those not having pets.
  • Heart attack patients that have pets survive longer than patients without.
  • Pet owner older than 65 years, visit their doctors 30 percent fewer than those that do not have pets.
  • While individuals with pets often enjoy excellent health benefits, a pet does not necessarily mean a cat or dog. Even watching fish move in an aquarium can assist with lowering muscle tension and a reduced pulse rate. Fuzzy Rescue has some decent info on all things pet-related.

How Can Pets Assist Pet Owners In Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices?

Taking care of a pet can assist with making healthy lifestyle selections by:

Getting More Exercise

Taking your dog for his walk, run, or hike are fun outings, and it can be a rewarding way of staying fit and getting your daily exercise. Exercising every day is beneficial for the animal too. It will eradicate behavioral problems in your dog, keep him fit and healthy, and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Offering Companionship

Having loyal companionship can help avoid illness and even prolong your life, while loneliness and isolation can cause symptoms of depression. Care for an animal can assist by making you feel wanted and needed. Most dog or cat owners enjoy talking to their animals, some even telling them about their troubles. Nothing beats coming home to an animal that is always happy to see you.

Allowing You To Meet New People

Pets can be an excellent social tool to pet owners, helping you make and maintain new friendships. Dog owners often stop to talk to other dog lovers when out walking, hiking, or visiting dog parks.

Lowering Anxiety

The camaraderie of an animal can provide comfort, build self-confidence, and help calm anxiety for people that find it problematic to go out. Because pets usually live in the moment, they are not fixated about what happened the previous day or feel anxious about what may happen the next day. They can assist you with becoming more mindful and appreciate the joy of living in the moment.

Adding Routine And Structure To Your Life

Many pets, in particular dogs, necessitate regular exercise and feeding. Providing a constant routine helps animals stay calm and balanced, and this can work for you too. No matter your mood, when you have a pet, you have to get out of bed to take care of them.

Offering Sensory Relief

Movement and touch are two healthy methods of quickly managing stress. Caressing a pet can lower your blood pressure, assisting with making you feel less stressed and calmer.