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Knowing Football The Right Way: Its Skills And Techniques

If you are a fan of football, you probably love playing the sport. But football is not just about dribbling, tackling, and scoring. Of course, these are a part of the game, but that is not all. Football is a game, where one needs a team to win. So it is about passing the ball, timing it, and knowing the weaknesses and strengths of both, your teammates as well as the opponents. Thus, to get better at the game, one needs to learn the ins and outs of football, which includes learning new and unique skills and techniques that may come in handy while playing. You may find a lot of popular football players using these tricks in the game to tackle and pass the ball. We shall thus take a look at these techniques and try to learn them.

Accurate Passing Skills

This is the most basic, fundamental, and most important aspect of football. One needs to use both the legs to keep the ball moving in the destined direction and passing it to a teammate accurately, without letting the opponent get control of the ball. The passing technique is the most significant one of all and the precision it requires is ultimate. It is the passing skill in football that can make or break the game.

Blocking The Ball

This is another basic skill that all the offensive players need to practice. It involves driving your shoulders into the midsection of the opponent and moving downfield. This skill is about blocking the opponents by making a cover around the quarterbacks. Thus, it is meant to protect the pass of your teammates. A team can easily get down the game by using this particular skill.


Now, this is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of football. Football is not as easy as it may seem from the gallery or the television, as players have to get the ball, shoot it to the post, and to do this, they need to use several tactics. Tackling is not mere running and carrying the ball with you. It is about getting it past the opponent without losing your grip on the ball. Once players ace at tackling, they can get the ball past the opponents easily and score.

Receiving The Ball

Receiving the ball is as important as passing it. This specific skill must be acquired by all the players and is quite important for goalkeepers. So, in order to receive the ball, you need to extend your hands in front of the body and make a target for the ball to land in. Receiving the ball is therefore another significant aspect of football.


Lastly, shooting is the ultimate move of the players. This skill requires a lot of dedication and practice since it involves shooting the ball towards the opponent’s goal post, getting it past their goalkeeper. This is the part that one can only ace by practicing your shoots.

Football comes with a lot of skills and techniques to acquire and implement. But, to get better at these skills, one needs to exercise a lot to gain control over your body and avoid unnecessary cramps. Thus, such exercises can be extremely significant. Here are a few exercises that can be implemented before the game:

1. The calves

2. The rotation base – for the hips and ankles

3. The box blast – for the legs

4. The ball mystery drill – for enhancing the football grip

However, sports and injuries walk hand in hand, and especially children are more prone to them. So one must be very careful about such incidents. This is because there are several incidents where you can take legal action against those responsible for the negligence causing the injury and get fairly compensated. In this regard, a Miami premises liability attorney can help you understand everything in-depth.


The game of football is not just the most popular game across the world but it is also a game that keeps the body and the mind alive.