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10 Best Heated Throw Blankets For Winter Camping

Camping in the wintertime can be a fun and exhilarating experience! Being out on the slopes or trails, hunting or just enjoying the beauty of a winter season is such a fun activity.

The one thing you don't want to be at the end of the day's activities is cold. Relaxing with a heated throw can be the warmest and most comfortable way to end your day when camping.

We have put together a product review of 10 of the best heated throws and blankets for camping. You will find that these are an indispensable necessity along with your other camping gear.

Here is our list of the 10 best-heated throws and blankets:

Sunbeam is familiar as an American brand and has been around since 1910. The Sunbeam heated throw in microplush gives you a very luxurious feel. 

Smooth and velvety to the touch, this throw blanket is also heated. A great addition to your camping RV, or use the throw up at the cabin for relaxing in. 

The Sunbeam senses and adjusts the heat throughout the throw for maximum comfort and even heating. 

Three settings allow you to choose how warm you want to be, and the size of the throw at 50" X 60" is the perfect size for those chilly nights when you curl up in your favorite chair. 

With a built-in safety feature, the throw will shut off after three hours of continuous use. 

A beautiful walnut brown, the Sunbeam heated throw is also machine washable on the gentle cycle.


  • Three warming settings

  • Three-hour automatic shut off

  • Throw size at 50"" X 60""

  • Microplush Fabric

  • Machine washable 

Made in a trendy navy blue tie-dye, the Bedsure electric blanket is a generous 66" X 90", twin size. 

The flannel fleece is very soft and cozy and just what you will need after spending the day out on the slopes. 

Coming back to your camp and snuggling into this blanket will warm you up quickly. 

You can set the timer on this blanket to shut off in two, four, or eight hours, giving you peace of mind that it will not run all night. 

As an added safety feature, the blanket will turn off in two hours by default if not set otherwise. 

The Bedsure has over-temperature protection in case the blanket gets folded over, preventing hot spots. 

The three heat settings are sure to warm you with constant warmth. 

Unplug and remove the controller to machine wash the blanket on a gentle cycle.


  • Three heat settings

  • Set for 2, 4, or 8 hour run times

  • Twin size at 66"" X 90""

  • Two-hour automatic shut off

  • Flannel fleece for warmth

  • Machine washable 

The microplush electric throw will by Degrees of Comfort, will bring you just that; many degrees of comfort! 

This warm and inviting throw has three levels to choose from on the LED controller: low, medium, and high to warm you on those chilly nights at camp. 

Made to distribute the heat evenly throughout the throw, you will not feel any hot or cold spots when using the throw. 

In a classic grey color, the Degrees of Comfort will go with your RV or camp decor. 

The throw's unique design gives you an added feature not found in many other throws; this comfy throw has a pocket for your feet. 

Just slip off your footwear and slip your feet into the pocket of this throw. So often, your feet are jutting out from under the warmth of a blanket, but not with this throw. 

The Degrees of Comfort throw will keep you warm and toasty to the bottom of your feet!


  • Three heat settings

  • Throw size at 50"" X 62""

  • Foot pockets

  • Machine washable

In a rich red color, the MaxKare electric heated throw's lining is a fluffy white sherpa. 

Silky smooth on the outside and comfy and cozy on the inside, this heated throw will be a welcome addition when you go camping or in your RV. 

There are three heat levels to set the throw on, high, medium, and low. 

With a four hour auto shut off, you don't have to worry if you forget to shut the throw off, but with the comfort this throw brings, you probably won't want to shut it off. 

With an extra-long power cord, you can position yourself in the most comfortable chair in the cabin and still reach an outlet for the throw. 

The throw has to overheat protection, and you can use the throw like a regular blanket; just detach the controller. Machine wash the blanket on a gentle cycle and air dry.


  • Throw size at 50"" X 60""

  • Sherpa lined

  • Auto shut off after 4 hours

  • Long power cord (9.8 feet)

  • Machine washable 

Another great throw from MaxKare, this heated throw is similar to the previous MaxKare throw as it is a lovely, rich red color with the soft sherpa lining. 

This throw gives you the extra peace of mind with a three (rather than four) hour auto shut off, which makes it great for the kiddos when you are camping. 

Kids don't stay in one place very long, and the shorter shut off time means that you can have confidence that the throw will not stay on for hours without being in use. 

Additionally, this throw has four heat levels to choose from. Besides the high, medium, and low, there is a warm setting, which is great when you need just a little extra warmth, but not a lot.

The overheat protection also makes it nice when you are using it for the kids in an RV or when camping. Conveniently, this throw is machine washable. Air or line dry.


  • Throw size at 50"" X 60""

  • Auto shut off after 3 hours

  • Four heat settings

  • Overheat protection

  • Long power cable (9.8 feet)

  • Machine washable 

Beautyrest's large throw is an oversized 60" X 70" in a seafoam green ogee pattern. So pretty to take along on camping trips or to have an extra heat source in your RV. 

Beautyrest is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the United States. Founded in180, they know a thing or two about bedding. 

The Beautyrest throw uses state of the art Secure Comfort technology that adjusts the throw temperature based on overall temperature. 

This assures you a consistent flow of warmth. You will also find the ogee pattern of the throw very attractive. 

Made with ultra-thin wires, the Beautyrest throw will not be bulky in your lap. Three heat settings of high, medium and low will keep you warm and toasty. 

The two-hour auto shut-off means that you have peace of mind the throw will not be on all night if left unattended. The throw is machine washable and comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • Large throw 60"" X 70""

  • Three heat settings

  • Auto shut off of 2 hours

  • Secure Comfort temperature adjustments

  • Machine washable

  • 5-year warranty

There are times when you need a bit more than a throw, and the MaxKare twin size heated blanket will fit the purpose nicely. 

A large 62" X 84", this heated blanket is just what you will need at camp. 

Having a heated blanket means that you don't have to throw another log on the fire; just turn up the blanket setting. 

You are sure to find the perfect setting with the high, medium, low and warm settings to choose from. 

The easy to read LCD on the controller displays the levels for easy reading. The blanket is ETL certified, which means the blanket has undergone testing to set safety standards. 

The auto shut off is a generous 10 hours so that you can have warmth all night long with the MaxKare twin size blanket. This blanket is machine washable, but line dry. 


  • Twin size at 62"" X 84""

  • ETL Certified

  • Four heating levels

  • Auto shut off of 10 hours

  • Machine wash and air dry 

The Pure Enrichment heated throw is a fast heating 50" X 60" throw. In a lovely grey, the velvety soft micro mink exterior of the throw is extra comfy. 

Match that with the sherpa interior, and you will have your new favorite throw! 

Rather than taking this throw to camp or leaving it in the RV, you are going to want this always within reach! 

The LED controller allows you to select from four different heat settings, high, medium, and low. 

The fourth setting is “warm”. That gives you just enough of a toasty feel without having to put another log on the fire or turn up the thermostat. 

An auto shut off will provide you with the peace of mind that the throw will shut itself off when left unattended for over two hours. 

The anti-pill micro mink will look great for years to come. Easy to care for, the throw is machine washable on a gentle cycle.


  • Throw size 50"" X 60""

  • Four heating levels

  • Sherpa interior

  • Auto shut off after 2 hours

  • Machine washable

Just the thing for camping, the blue plaid Sunbeam heated throw will fit right in. The navy blue buffalo plaid is soft and cozy, while the interior sherpa will keep you warm. 

Choose from high, medium, or low settings while the throw is across your lap to keep you comfortable. 

The auto shut off gives you three hours of uninterrupted heat and will turn itself off so that it does not sun continually if you have forgotten to shut it off yourself. 

The gentle cycle of your washing machine will see the throw clean and ready for the next chilly night. 


  • Throw size 40"" X 60""

  • Three heat setting

  • Auto shut off 3 hours

  • Machine wash on gentle cycle 

Silky smooth, the flannel of this electric throw will keep you from reaching for the thermostat. 

The throw is incredibly comfortable, and you are sure to find a heat setting that you prefer, as there are ten different settings to choose from! 

You can even customize the auto shut off on the throw. Depending on who or how long you might be using it, you can have the throw shut off in two or three hours. 

This is especially nice if you have any of the kids using the throw. A deep, rich red color, the throw is machine washable on the gentle cycle, making it easy to care for.


  • Throw size: 50"" X 60""

  • Ten heating levels

  • Auto shut off can be set to 1, 2, or 3 hours

  • ETL certified an overheat protection

  • Machine washable 

What to Look for in an Electric Throw or Blanket

The Material

If your heated throw is warm, but the material is stiff or scratchy, you probably won't use it much. 

The whole idea behind a heated throw is comfort, and so the material should be soft and pliable. 

Look for flannel, microfiber, plush, or sherpa material in the blanket or throw that you choose.


Consider how you will be using the throw. If you want to have extra blankets/throws for the RV or up at the cabin when you go camping, think about how people will use them. 

If you use them in the evenings as you sit and visit, watch a movie or read a book, then a throw will suit your purpose nicely. 

If you want to use them as supplemental heat when you turn down the thermostat at night, a blanket size will be better. 

With a heated device, you will especially notice when your feet are not covered, so get one that will be large enough for what you need.

Temperature Control

Larger blankets can come with dual controls. That way, if a blanket is shared, each person can set it to their desired temperature. 

This would make for a much more comfortable scenario for those who like to share but have a different idea of what temperature is ideal.

Auto Shut Off Time

Check out the length of time that the electric blanket or throw has as an auto shut off. Throws will typically have less time before they shut themselves off. 

And this makes sense when using for shorter periods, and if you have kids who are going to be using them, a shorter time is the way to go. 

Blankets will have a longer shut off time, as the assumption is made that they are for overnight use. 

Know what the length of time is so that you have peace of mind a throw or blanket will not be left on for hours on end, using more energy.


The feeling of being wraped in the toasty, comfy coziness that a heated throw brings is one of the best parts of camping or at your home on a cold evening.

Heated blankets and throws can save on your energy bill, as you are heating a small area rather than an entire room or house.


Do electric blankets or throws raise your heating bill?

These items take far less energy than turning up the thermostat. Running an electric blanket, according to, will cost you less than $18 if you ran the blanket 8 hours a day for 50 days.

What is ETL?

An ETL certification means that a product has been tested to set safety standards. The certification comes from Intertek's electrical testing labs and is an OSHA Nationally recognized laboratory. An electric blanket or throw with an ETL certification has met those safety standards.

How do I care for an electric blanket?

Read the manufacturer's directions that come with the blanket or throw. As a general rule, you should keep your electric device spread out, not bunched up. Bunching it up, or folding it over, can create hot spots or damage the blanket's wires. Make sure to unplug the blanket or throw when not in use.