Last modified on January 7th, 2021 at 7:44 am

The Outdoor Sports You Need To Try This Winter

Winter is the time when some people decide that it’s time to hibernate. They’ll bundle themselves up in their slankets and make base camp on the sofa as they binge watch the latest TV shows and nurture a little extra seasonal tummy. 

However, just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean that there aren’t a host of amazing outdoor sports and activities you to experience this winter! 

From adventures that will get your heart racing to mind-soothing experiences that will reconnect you with the glory of nature. Not all of them require a mountain top, so you can find the perfect sporting activity that suits you.

If you’re searching for inspiration and want to get active this winter, then here are a few ideas to get you outside and into the fresh air.

Cross Country Skiing

When we think of skiing, most of us picture a downhill slope that takes you from the top of a mountain to the bottom. However, not all of us live close enough to a pristine mountain range to make that a reality, especially when we’re all trying to keep our long-distance travel to a minimum. So, why not give cross country skiing a try? It involves skiing across flat planes and many beautiful spots can be used for cross country skiing. Not only does it get you into the beauty of the snow-bound great outdoors, it’s also an amazing workout that gets your heart rate up and gets your whole body going! 

Ice Fishing

Just because the lake has frozen over, doesn’t mean it’s time to put your gear away for the winter. Ice fishing is one of the purest forms of fishing there is, as it gets you away from the crowds and out onto the (frozen) water. With the right equipment, you can enjoy the peace and stillness of the ice-bound space for hours on end. In a year when we’ve all been kept inside for far too long and faced the kind of stress that we could never have imagined, ice fishing is the perfect antidote to the last several months. You are going to need to make sure you have the right equipment, from a proper coat to rods and baits. For everything from lures to plastics for ice fishing, there are some excellent family run stores available, such as the family-run Custom Jigs & Spins. Ice fishing is an experience where you can reconnect with yourself so you want to have the kit that speaks to you.

Paddle Boarding

If your local rivers and open waters aren’t frozen over, then maybe it’s time that you discovered stand up paddle boarding. It’s a fantastic way to explore your local scenery from a perspective you may never have thought of, and with the right wetsuit it’s perfect for all kinds of weather. Like ice fishing, it’s a great activity if you want to get out and enjoy some peace and quiet, and while it might not seem as energetic as cross country skiing, there are a wealth of health benefits including boosting your core strength and an improved sense of balance.  

Snowshoeing And Hiking

If skiing doesn’t take your fancy and you’d rather steer clear of the water, you can always lace up your boots, put on your thermal underclothes and set out into the wilderness on foot. Snowshoeing is an incredible workout for your body as you have to work so much harder in gear that can feel a little awkward, and it will help you shake off the stress of your day to day and get you in shape for the year to come.