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Swiftwick Cycling Socks Review: Aspire Four

Any avid cyclist will tell you that cycling socks play a major role in keeping them riding on the road. 

The right kind of cycling socks will improve a cyclist’s performance and help maintain their feet’s health.  Socks can play just as significant a role in your athletic activities as shoes do.

Swiftwick Cycling Socks provide a layer of protection for both the skin and feet as a whole. 

Why You Need To Wear Cycling Socks

The socks a cyclist wears must reduce the chance of rubbing and abrasions. 

Blisters can take you out of the game in a hurry, and no one wants that to happen. 

A good pair of cycling socks will help keep your feet from moving around inside your cycling shoes. 

This helps eliminate the chance of slipping and increases your overall performance level. 

Even if you enjoy just riding your bike around the neighborhood and are not an avid cyclist, the right kind of socks will still be essential to have.  

Swiftwick Cycling Socks

Rather than just pulling out whatever is on top in the sock drawer, you should consider owning a pair or two of cycling socks like the Swiftwick Aspire Four.  

These socks have welcomed characteristics that make them more comfortable when you ride. 

Cycling socks are also affordable, so that makes them even more appealing. 

The Aspire Four is Swifwick’s most popular for their cycling socks. It has a thin, lightweight design engineered with firm compression and a slim profile. 

How Aspire Four Are Made

Swiftwick uses a 200-needle machine process that yields a high density, seamless knit fabric. 

The beauty of this process is that it allows variability in the finished knit of the socks. 

This is important because different parts of the socks need to meet various performance requirements. 

The cushioned footbed runs into a thin channeled upper. Both of these components play a crucial role in making the Aspire Four comfortable. 

This process allows for the arch band to give snug support in the midfoot. 

And the Y-shaped heel contour assures that the sock will not bunch or give you an overstretched feeling in the back. 

Swiftwick Aspire Four Features

  • Signature welt compression cuff- it will stay up on your leg securely
  • Arch support – tested at 180-denier and double covered with multi-filament T-66 nylon. The arch support wraps the sock’s core spandex to deliver support and comfort that lasts.
  • Thin channeled upper – this allows for airflow with less bulk in the shoe
  • Y-heel contour – a lateral anchor that moves with your foot
  • New technology linked toe – no seams at all. The left and right sock are used interchangeably

Swiftwick technology helps to keep your feet healthy and active. 

This short video shows how, besides performing well for you when cycling, Swiftwick Aspire cycling socks look good too!

Swiftwick Aspire Four Cycling Socks Are Thin And Snug

When you purchase a set of cycling shoes, they are built to be stiff, unlike a regular pair of athletic shoes. 

The reason behind this is that when the shoe is rigid, any effort you put into leg movement can transfer efficiently into pedal movement.  

If you had a more flexible shoe, that flexibility would transfer some pedaling energy into shoe movement. 

Cycling shoes are also constructed to fit your foot snugly so that there is no energy dissipated by the movement of your foot inside your cycling shoe. 

Because of the way cycling shoes are designed and constructed, the socks that you wear with the shoes also need to be snug. 

Some cycling socks have compression bands in the arch area.

Swiftwick has compression bands in the Aspire Four. This firm compression helps to reduce fatigue and give a more supportive fit. 

Swiftwick Aspire Four Cycling Socks Wick Away Moisture

Anyone who has feet knows that sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable, but sweaty feet are more likely to be blister-prone. 

That can be not good, no matter what activity in which you are participating.  

Cycling Sock Material Makes A Difference

A cycling sock that takes itself seriously will be made out of synthetic materials. 

Nylon and polyester both wick moisture away from your foot, and both materials dry quickly.  The Swiftwick Aspire Four is made from 67% nylon, 28% Olefin and 4% spandex. 

Olefin is a synthetic fiber made from a polyfin, like polyethylene. 

Olefin is the only Nobel Prize-winning fiber, and Olefin retains less than .01% of its weight in moisture. 

It also resists deterioration from perspiration and detergents.  The advantages of Olefin are its colorfastness, comfort, and resistance to abrasion and mildew. 

It is long-lasting and strong. 

It is not advisable to wear cotton socks when cycling, as they will retain moisture and increase the chance that you will get blisters. 

Swiftwick Aspire Four Cycling Socks Are Breathable

The channeled upper on the Aspire Four improves the breathability. 

The cycling sock’s ability to help your feet breathe when cycling is going to help keep you comfortable even if you are out on the trails all day.

Swiftwick Aspire Four Cycling Sock Height

The Aspire Four height sits just below the calf on your leg.

A double-cuff construction on the sock will provide you with extra support, whether you are cycling or trail running.

Aspire Four’s Sizes and Colors

The Swiftwick Aspire Four comes in small, medium, large and extra-large. The colors to choose from are red, yellow, navy, pewter, white, and black.

Your socks will come with the recommendation to machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. Please don’t bleach or iron (who would?) the socks. 

Swiftwick has sized based on your corresponding shoe size. Please refer to the size chart below:

In Conclusion

Proudly located in the United States, Swiftwick has turned ten years old! 

From a small beginning, Swiftwick has committed to providing the best socks (ever!) sustainably produced in the United States. 

The company stresses the importance of choosing materials and processes that minimize waste and energy consumption. 

Swiftwick produces a variety of athletic sock options, with the Aspire being the most popular. 

Whether cycling is your passion, if you compete in cycling, or if you like to bike around the block, Swiftwick Aspire Four will keep you and your feet healthy and happy as you do so!