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Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Are you interested in sustainable energy? We’ve got all the information you’ll need to get your company in the Pacific Northwest on the right track.

In recent news, South Central Washington came to the fore as a champion of sustainable energy in the pacific northwest for using 98% carbon-free renewable energy sources. 

That just proves that living and working in an environmentally-conscious way is achievable for all of us.

Sustainable energy is the best way to ensure the future of your business and human existence too. Here’s how to make sustainable energy a part of your business and your life.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Our homes and businesses rely on energy to keep running. Hot water, electricity, and lights have become daily essentials in modern-day life.

Unfortunately, these conveniences come at a cost to the environment. We generate energy for light and heat by burning the earth’s coal reserves. Right now, these reserves are running low. 

Burning fossil fuels also creates carbon emissions, which are rapidly polluting our atmosphere and wreaking havoc with the Earth’s natural weather systems. 

We need to stop this right away, and renewable energy is the only way to do it. This type of energy relies on sources that never run out.

The sun and wind are two of the best examples of this.

We’ve all witnessed the power of the wind during extreme weather events. There’s no denying that the sun is a source of extraordinary energy.

So, why not put them to work?

Without a doubt, sustainable energy is a key factor in preventing climate change and doing your bit for sustainability in the Pacific Northwest.

How To Get on Board with Sustainable Energy

Initially converting from traditional fossil fuels to renewable sources came at a high cost. Solar panels and wind turbines were expensive to install and unreliable at times. 

Yet, advances in solar and wind technology translate to huge energy savings over time. 

Fortunately, scientists and engineers have been hard at work over the last few decades, coming up with ways to harness renewable energy affordably.

Governments and energy companies have also come to the fore by offering tax benefits, incentives, and rebates. In short, there’s nothing holding you back from making a move towards sustainable energy right now.

Wind turbines are the cheapest way to generate electricity in the world, and the southwestern states are the perfect place to do it.

The top wind states are Oklahoma, California, Texas, Kansas, and Iowa, although today’s wind turbines can do the job from any elevated location. 

Solar power works anywhere the sun shines for most of the day. Storing the energy generated in battery packs ensures you never run out on dull days. 

If “solar companies near me” are what you’re searching for, you’re on the right track towards sustainability as well as savings.

Appreciate and Protect the Earth

Sustainable energy is at the heart of the reduce, reuse, recycle movement towards a greener, healthier planet

It’s up to us to ensure we do our utmost to protect our beautiful world while enjoying what it has to offer us.

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