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Top 15 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

There is something unique about a beach that stimulates the senses: the salt smell in the air, the murmur of the waves, and the soft nip of sand struck by the soft breeze. 

It’s up to the traveler to decide what makes a perfect beach. Most travelers like big, open beaches with tons of events and crowds to see, while others like desolate coastlines with peaceful seas. Whether they ‘re graced with sparkling white sands or located in the idyllic setting that can be pictured, there’s a wide range of beautiful beaches across the globe, each one more spectacular than the other. 

While some are situated on tropics or hidden deep within national parks, others are placed in the center of world-famous towns. These lovely beaches are to be seen whether they are blessed with spectacular rock formations, firm cliffs, or softly waving palm trees.

In this article, we have aimed for exciting places, which are incredibly pleasant and very crowd-free, instead of the usual sandy spots with umbrellas and many crowds. We bring you the best beaches in the world, from top-notch beaches in Europe to extensive beaches in Asia, Africa, and more.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

1. Fiji

Coconut trees and ocean

Fiji is a dream location for beach lovers searching for paradise on earth. With its 333 islands, sleek beaches, crystal seas, and sandy soil,  Fiji’s numerous coral reefs are to be enjoyed by tourists who choose to snorkel while on holiday.

2. Maldives 

white sand beach and cottages

The Maldives is very special from any beach you might have visited. This beautiful paradise comprises 22 circle-shaped atolls consisting of about 1,200 Islands, each with several stunning beaches. On all the beaches in Maldives, you will experience glistening sands, tall palm trees, beautiful blue seas, and spectacular sunsets. Try hitting the accessible bikini beaches in Rasdhoo and Maafushi where you will experience true paradise.

3. Bora Bora 

cottages and beach

The island is small but strong. Every corner of Bora Bora has a gorgeous sandy beach, green jungles, and magnificent resorts with overwater bungalows spanning six miles long and less than three miles wide. The beach at Bora Bora is where you have to go for amazing views and calm weather. The resort is perfect for walking or sunbathing along the sandy beaches. If you love outdoor experiences, they are also available.

4. Tahiti 

coconut tress on the beach

If you like your beaches combined with French cuisine, Tahiti should be first on your list. The 118 Tahitian islands are famous for their high-quality fare, green jungles, and splendid resorts. The smaller part (called Tahiti Iti) is less remote than the more significant part of Tahiti, but the two are worth exploring.

5. Maui

If you want to experience the lovely beaches of Hawaii without the tourists in the Oahu area, move to the Maui zone. There are beautiful beaches in Waianapanapa State Park, both big and small, adult and family-friendly, and black sandy shores. In the South of Maui, the beach of Wailea Beach is particularly well-known for its calm water, lively resorts, and renowned restaurants

6. U.S. Virgin Islands

people sunbathing and swimming

A journey to the United States Virgin Islands is quite appealing to beach lovers. Beach goers who want to stay away from the masses will go directly to St. John, where beaches call for couples searching for anonymity. St. Thomas’ is great for photo-ops. St. Croix’s is suitable for holidaymakers who wish to enjoy the beach and waves with leatherback sea turtles.

7. Bahamas

People on the white sand beach

It is easy to find your perfect spot in the Bahamas with countless beaches to choose from on the 700 islands. The choice of beaches here vary from large resorts such as Atlantis, Paradise Insel to private islands. Harbor Island’s Pink Sand Beach wows you with its rosy hue, and the exumas amazes you with its wild waves. If you’re searching for underwater caves in the Caribbean pirates, don’t look any farther than Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island and Lucayan National Park.

8. Kauai 

beach and yellow sand

The beaches of Kauai should not be ignored. It is a very beautiful and amazing place to be. Just note that swimming here can be difficult due to the beach high waves, so watch for the lifeguards and signs.

9. Railay Beach 

Rocky mountain and beach

Railay Beach in Krabi province in Thailand, also known as Rai Leh, is located in Andaman’s outskirts. The region consists of four main beaches with pillowy sand, clear water, stunning cliffs (for experienced climbers), and beautiful jungles. For a spectacular beach experience, visit the railay beach which is only a short walk from several shops, restaurants, bars, and resorts.

10. Bali 

People sunbathing

The beaches of Bali are by far the most beautiful feature of this Indonesian nation. The usual here are crystal blue seas, white sands, and iconic sunsets. Head to Kuta Beach for surfing and parties or to Sanur Beach for a relaxing and calm environment.

11. Phuket 

coconut trees on the beach

Trust me, you will want to travel additional miles for a holiday on the fascinating beaches of Phuket. This is because the beaches of Karon, Patong and Kamala are hosts to natural wonders on Thai island. These spectacular shores lead to the stunning teal sea, which can be explored on the conventional cruise. Nai Harn Beach is another familiar spot for visitors and local people because of its beautiful beaches and clean water. Nai Harn Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the region.

12. Crete 

beach umbrella and the beach

Overlooked often by visitors on other Greek islands, Crete has many beautiful beaches. Pink-hued sand is found in Elafonisi beach, which pops in front of the bright blue sea. Holiday goers can see the palm trees and cliffs around the beach during sunbathing and swimming. 

13. Silicy 

two people on the beach

You can expect to find a range of picturesque beaches here as it is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Quaint towns and rocky mountains surround the blue waters. The spectacular sandy strip of San Vito lo Capo features an extensive coastline, calcareous cliffs, and the accessibility of top-class restaurants. Mondello Beach offers fantastic sunset views in Palermo (Sicily capital). To mix a day at the beach with cycling, join the Nature Reserve Zingaro and take the coastal route. 

14. Cinque Terre 

beach umbrellas on the beach

The beaches of Cinque Terre are small and beautiful, and the scenery is unique. There are several beaches between sea cliffs and vibrant seaside villages throughout the area. The main beaches in Cinque Terre are found in Monterosso del Mare. These sandy spots may still be crowded, particularly in the warmer months, so consider visiting a secluded coastline such as Guvano near Corniglia.

15. Amalfi Coast 

people sunbathing on the beach

What the beaches of the Amalfi Coast lack, make it more beautiful. Set amid the sky-high mountains, the banks of the coast form a fantastic backdrop for many Italian beaches. To mingle with locals, tourists, celebrities, or spend a day at the Atrani Beach in Atrani, you can go to Marina Grande Beach in Positano. Without exploring the Fiordo Di Furore, no Amalfi Coast vacation would be complete.

You can get travel information to any of these amazing beaches on every continent just within the tip of your fingers.


A beautiful beach is like a favourite poem that makes our hearts full of joy and makes days spent on the beach where we wriggled our toes in the sand and played with salty water memorable for life!