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What Does An Air Cleaner Do For A Harley?

For the oxygen requirement of Harley-Davidson, an internal combustion engine requires breathing air. Necessarily, an air cleaner plays a significant role in Harley-Davidson engine combustion.

So, what does an air cleaner do for a Harley? An air cleaner makes sure that the air drained inside for the engine combustion in Harley is pollutant-free by extracting the dust in the air. In words, an air cleaner ensures the ripple-less running of an engine.

However, in this write-up, we have demonstrated the fundamental role of an air cleaner on Harley and other things related to the motorcycle air cleaner. So, stay with us and keep reading.

What Does An Air Cleaner Do For A Harley? [The Role of An Air Cleaner]

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Any engine doesn’t matter what type; it needs air to be assorted in fuel for combustion. The air sipped inside the engine through the individual delivery system, also known as the intake system, must be clean and completely pollution-free.

In older machines, the gas or fuel was directed to the combustion cylinder via carburetors which were mechanically operated. But in today’s machine, advanced sensors established electronically used Fuel Injection systems do the task.

The air cleaner ensures dust-free air is passed into the engine of your Harley by removing contaminants in the air lapped into the motorcycle.

In addition, an air cleaner ensures the best engine life and accelerates the performance of your bike’s engine. You can use some best stage 1 air cleaner for harley-davidson to keep the engine smooth for a long time.

The Definition and Role of Modern Air Cleaner

The most modern motorcycles like Harley-Davidson these days use replaceable air cleaner systems, while some older machines use reusable types of filters. These filters are covered with mesh, fabric, or foam-based liners. On the contrary, cartridge types of cleaners have been used on modern motorcycles.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, a clean air cleaner will ensure that your bike engine is running smoothly. On the other hand, a blocked air cleaner will decrease the machine’s performance significantly as it will not be up to take in the needed amount of air by volume.

Besides, a choked air cleaner causes a severe douse in fuel effectivity and even affects the acceleration of your Harley or other motorcycles as well. According to the manufacturers of motorcycles, the airflow system has been designed to provide an individual volume of clean air to the engine.

How Often Should You Replace Your Air Cleaner on Harley?

The air cleaner in a motorcycle, including Harley-Davidson, should be changed every 10000 to 15000 miles. Moreover, the air cleaner should be inspected during every motorcycle servicing period. It is ideal for checking and reviewing the air cleaner every 3000 miles of distance traveled.

Within the air cleaner, only you need to change the filter as it is the one that will be blocked from time to time. If you usually ride your motorcycle in dusty conditions, the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced earlier than the suggested time. Ignoring this aspect can cause severe damage to the engine’s internal components.

What Things You Should Consider [While Choosing Air Cleaner for Harley-Davidson]

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To make the best choice for buying an air cleaner, you have to contemplate many things. Otherwise, you’ll end up having an inferior one.

Types of Air Filters

There are two types of air filters available. The first one can be used only once, and then you have to replace it. The next one is washable, which can be used repeatedly. The first type of filter is generally made of paper and is comparatively cheap. We don’t recommend having this air cleaner with a use-once filter, so let’s talk about reusable ones.

Foam and cotton are used to make reusable filters. Filters made of foam are mainly used on off-road bikes as they can be washed and replaced without difficulties whenever extreme pollution blocks the bearing system.

On the contrary, the cotton filters are used for thousands of miles of riding with a limitless cleaning feature, and that’s why they are comparatively a bit expensive.

CADR Rating

This is one of the primary things you must check, but many people forget about it. The CADR rating indicates the level of air purified when the bike is at its maximum achievable speed. It also determines the dust particle is extracting the efficiency of an air cleaner.

HEPA Filter

HEPA means High Particulate Air Filters. The filters reduce allergens such as dirt, animal dander, shards, and plastic materials as they can clean out particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. Before purchasing an air cleaner,  ensure that the filter is a High-Efficiency particulate Air filter and try to have a big one as more extensive filters are the most effective.

Temperature Resistance

Before going for an Air cleaner, you have to consider several things such as the horsepower of a motorcycle, the engine model, and temperature producing and resisting capabilities.

If the temperature you live in is hotter than usual, you should go for an air cleaner with maximum temperature resistance capability. It will aid you in running the engine without interruption for an extended period.

Massive Surface Area

The air cleaner’s large surface area is able to keep more dirt particles than a filter with a tiny surface area. It is an outcome in cleaner airflow to the engine. So, try to have a filter that has a considerable number of ridges and pleats as they accelerate the surface area more than usual. They also confer safeguarding effects.

Best Customer Service With Warranty

The maximum air-cleaners need to be serviced or changed within a few years. Ensure that the filter you purchase has an adequate warranty period and decent customer service near your location.

Final Thought

An air cleaner plays a vital role for your Harley-Davidson. A quality air cleaner accelerates the performance of a motorcycle and keeps the engine in good condition. When you ride the bike in off-road or extreme pollutant areas, the place’s air is mixed with particles of grit, dust, and many more objects. Consequently, your engine could be damaged if these particles enter the engine. That’s why an Air cleaner is a must for your Harley. Hopefully, you have now perceived what an air cleaner does for a Harley.