Last modified on April 8th, 2022 at 1:05 pm

11 Dog Training Gadgets You Need

If you’ve just welcomed a new dog to the family, you have a lot on your plate. Not only do you need to adjust your schedule to your new addition, but you also have to go through the process of dog training. While it can feel overwhelming at first, training your new dog can be a fun and enlightening experience for you both. With these gadgets at your side, you can make training your new pup a breeze.

  1. Bark Collar

No matter what breed of dog you welcomed into your home, they surely brought their barking with them. Some dogs may bark more than others, which can get very old very quickly. If you’re wanting to train away the constant barking without harsh methods, look into dog barking collars. These collars make sounds that are annoying to the dog’s ears when they bark, allowing you to discourage barking without harming your furry friend. Most of these collars come with a remote that connects to the collar, so you get to control when your dog is allowed to bark. If you want to eliminate barking without removing your dog’s natural protective instinct, a barking collar is perfect for you.

  1. A Sturdy Leash

Dogs love to go outside to take walks, but you want them to stay alongside, right? So, if you want your dog to enjoy outdoors, you need to have a sturdy leash.

You can find different types of leashes in the market depending on their size, material and pattern. However, for training purpose, you should always go for a nylon leash that is at least 6 feet long.

No matter what, make sure you don’t purchase a retractable leash for your dog. This is because retractable leashes are not good for training as it can cause serious injuries. If you grab the leash in a panic, then you can get serious injuries like rope burn and you can end up in an ER.

Apart from that, if your dog prefers low-level tension on the leash line, then a retractable leash will not be suitable for your dog. A no-pull harness will be ideal to train your dog in such case.

  1. Automatic Fetch Toy

Another fun gadget to help you train your dog is an automatic fetch toy. If your new addition is a puppy, you are undoubtedly already seeing the endless energy they came with. If you have an already busy schedule, it can be difficult to put in as much playtime as your puppy demands. Rather than running into trouble at work, consider buying one of these automatic toys. They will keep your pup occupied without you needing to sacrifice your schedule. Even if you have a mature dog that just has high energy levels, these toys will help get them the playtime they need. Some of these toys even have cameras that link back to your phone, allowing you to play with your dog from work or school. If you want to keep your dog exercised while you’re busy, think about getting an automatic fetch toy.

  1. In-Ground Fence System

If you have space for your new dog to run but don’t have fences, an in-ground fence system is a perfect solution for you. These fences get buried a few inches underground and connect to a special collar your dog wears, which will then give them an audible warning when they got too close to the fence. Similar to the barking collar, these underground fence systems work off of sounds that are unpleasant to the dogs but virtually undetectable to humans, allowing you to have fun with your dog without any annoying beeps. If you install one of these systems, you can allow your dog to run around outside without worrying about whether they’ll get lost. Your pup can stretch their legs and play in their preferred way while you relax.

  1. Dog Treats

The most essential of all is the dog treats. These are necessary for anybody using positive reinforcement methods to train their dogs. You can simply use this inexpensive good to keep your dog motivated and, at the same time, reward them for good behavior. Treats for dogs come in a variety of flavors and items. You just have to find your dog’s favorite. Though, you must keep the training treats small and something that is easy to eat and digest.


  1. Dog Crate

The easiest method to housetrain your dog is crate training. Crates are also safe for your dogs when you are traveling. Crates also come in handy in situations when you can not really invest time in supervising your pet.

Untrained dogs can be kept in crates until they have really learned to abstain from inappropriate behaviors like chewing wrong stuff and others. You need to make sure that your dog’s crates are their happy places.

  1. Treat Pouch

As said earlier, dog treats are an important part of any sort of dog training. However, using such treats means you have to be very quick with your responses so that you can properly train your dog and keep them motivated throughout the process.

Dog treat pouches can be your savior. These treats come in considerable amounts and good packaging so that you cannot carry them everywhere.

The pockets of your pant are a bad option and in such situations, you require to treat pouches to carry the treats along. These pouches come in different styles and are available in most pet shops. You can simply hang them in your belt loop and you’re good to go with easy access to the treats.

  1. Treat-Dispensing Toys

Another best way to keep dogs from destroying your valuables or chewing up your shoes or other such items you can simply to invest in a treat dispenser. These come very handily as you can fill them with treats or other edible items that your dog likes and keep them along with other toys. This will keep them from getting bored.

Some of these dispensers are so strong that even the best chewers cannot destroy them and you can reuse them. This means your dog is never going to get bored of their own toys and your valuables will be safe.

  1. Chewable Toys

Though treat dispensers are a great way of keeping your dogs entertained, you cannot really allow your pet to have treats all the time. This may get them addicted to it. Owners who are very conscious about their dog’s health and fitness don’t allow unlimited treats to their dogs.

There’s a solution to this problem also. You can avail of chewy toys or chewable toys from any pet shop. These toys are chewable and, at the same time, indestructible. This means your dog will have his own chewy to chew and won’t bother you by destroying your valuables.

As these toys don’t have any flavor or edible infusions, they are also good for your dog’s health. Although, you have to be very careful while choosing these toys as many have been discovered to be harmful to dogs.

  1. Calming Aids

Not just us humans but all the other species of living beings have their own set of fears that they have to with. If you own a dog that has a phobia or is fearful of certain things, you can avail varieties of calming aids for your dog that it feels comfortable with.

There are numerous items or products that are specially designed to aid you in helping your dogs calm down when in times of need. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms; in such situations, DAP collars, certain sprays or even certain toys can help your dogs calm down.

You must add one such calming aid to your dog’s training bag and you never know what can trigger them. You must use different items to see what helps your dog the best. If none of these things work, you must consult a veterinarian to find out the best solution for your dog. A vet can provide you with the best calming supplements for such matters.

  1. Books and Videos

You must remember that we learn better and more when we are taught using audio-visual methods. This is no different for dogs as well.

While training your dog, you can and must always consider dog training books and videos to train your dog better. When they watch videos, they understand better and learn faster. You can even watch these yourself to learn more techniques for dog training.

There are available books that cover almost any question that you may come across while training your dog and you can simply get your answers. Additionally, there are many well-known dog trainers are over the world who specialize in this field and have their instruction videos made available in the form of videos or books. If you are considering self-training of your dog, then you must check these professionals for advice.

To sum things up, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by dog training. When you incorporate these gadgets into your training routine, you’ll keep you and your dog happy.