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What to Know About Owl Nesting Boxes

The calming hoot of a watchful nighttime owl can soothe the soul. But if your neighborhood owls can’t find a safe nesting spot nearby, you may never hear or see them. Fortunately, owl nesting boxes can help.

These rectangular owl homes come in many varieties, from handmade wooden shelters to store-bought complexes. Installing a few around your house might be the best way to encourage owls to settle near your home.

Let’s discover why owl nesting boxes might be a smart upgrade for your property!

What Are Owl Nesting Boxes?

Owl nesting boxes are typically rectangular wooden boxes that make great homes for nesting owls. You can install these containers high up along tree trunks to attract many different types of owls to your property.

Still, there isn’t a singular design for owl nesting boxes. Some are vertical and somewhat thin, while others lay horizontally and are spacious. The best owl nesting box for your yard depends on the types of owls in your area.

You can find helpful tips on buying the right nesting box on Of course, you may be wondering why owl nesting boxes exist. After all, aren’t owls perfectly capable of building a nest in the wild?

Why Install Owl Nesting Boxes on Your Property?

One of the most significant benefits of installing owl nesting boxes around your property is being able to watch wild owls in their element. However, these human-made homes have several purposes.

Protection from predators is a crucial aspect to consider. Owls are close to the top of the food chain, but they’re not infallible. Hawks, snakes, and feral cats pose a threat to most types of owls.

When you install an owl nesting box near your home, you’re offering a relatively safe area for owls to live and hunt. This can be fortuitous for homeowners that enjoy watching birds, but it’s also a form of pest control.

Owls are nocturnal hunters that prey on mice, rats, and a wide variety of insects. Having a few owls around your property could help prevent unwanted pest infestations!

What Types of Owls Can You See in a Nesting Box?

The types of owls you might see in a nesting box depend on the area that you’re in. After all, there are hundreds of species of owls, and they live all across the world.

To discover which owl species might be present in your area, you may want to utilize a helpful range map. Of course, you can also contact your local wildlife service and inquire about local owl species.

Install an Owl House Today

Owl nesting boxes come in many types, just like owls! But at least one thing about them is consistent: They make great owl homes.

If you’re a homeowner looking to see more owls on your property, or you’d just like some free pest control, be sure to invest in some owl nesting boxes today. Of course, you could also choose to build your own nesting boxes.

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