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Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Longboarding and skateboarding are the most growing and popular sports at present. Due to similarities, most people are confused between a longboard and a skateboard. Although these boards may seem similar to an untrained eye, they are pretty different to ride with a closer look.

There is no doubt that skateboarding and longboarding both are enjoyable sports. But the question is which one is easier to ride. Well, in short, longboarding is easier than skateboarding.

This is because longboards are wider, longer, and equipped with softer wheels that help to keep the balance even if the speed is high. On the other hand, skateboards are designed with harder wheels and smaller sizes that will be difficult to ride, especially if you are a beginner.

Skateboard Vs. Longboard

skateboard vs lonboard

Skateboards are like surfboards and made of maple wood with 7 to 9 plies. These are quite slender and small with four wheels. This board gained huge popularity in the 1960s and is still trending today. Additionally, skateboards come in different sizes, designs, and colors. If we talk about the price, skateboards cost around $75 to $400, depending on the quality of the parts. These boards are usually a good choice for experienced riders.

Longboards are similar to skateboards that are quite long. These boards are made from maple, wood, oak, bamboo, birch, or koa. The good thing is that longboards come in different shapes, including flat-nose riders, pintails, swallowtails, and drop-through decks. Due to the longer size, novice riders can easily ride with this board. The good thing is that you will find a budget longboard under 100 dollars, perfect for starting longboarding.

Difference Between A Longboard And A Skateboard

Both longboards and skateboards are similar in appearance, but there is a key difference between them. Here we have discussed some common differences between longboard and skateboard. These will help you understand which board is suitable for which type of rider.

Deck Shapes and Size

As we said earlier, longboards are relatively wider and longer than skateboards. The wider deck of the board helps to give better stability while riding. On the other hand, the smaller space of the skateboard is ideal for technical street skating. Besides, all skateboards have concaves that offer more control over your board when doing tricks. Longboards come in different shapes and styles that are designed for different purposes.

Wheels Difference

Skateboards are usually equipped with smaller, harder wheels to make it effortless to land tricks. Based on your style, the average size of the wheels is between 52 and 58 mm. The size of this board’s wheels is ideal for street skateboarders. The hardness of the small wheels is between 85A and 84A, which helps to make the ride comfortable over long distances. Longboards are usually equipped with big and soft wheels. A good size wheel is between 63 mm to 80 mm, depending on your style. Besides, the softness of these wheels is between 75A and 85A, which is better for beginners.


Most traditional skateboards are almost identical but change in height and reactivity based on the brand. On the other hand, longboard fittings vary greatly depending on your riding style. But the prime difference between these boards is how the trucks are attached to the deck. It entirely depends on the mount type and deck size. For example, top-mounted trucks are joined to the bottom of a longboard deck, which offers better leverage and control over the board.  Also, the drop-through truck mount is ideal for newbies because it offers a lot of stability.


The bearing of the skateboards and longboards are vice versa. There are numerous differences between bones and zealous. For example, downhill riders may need bearings that offer a better deal with friction. Although all riders usually look at ceramics, they are quite expensive.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding

After seeing the difference between longboards and skateboards, you may have understood the different features of these boards.  Although there is no huge difference between longboarding and skateboarding, longboarding is slightly easiest for the board’s shape and size.

Besides, longboards are specially designed for spinning and cruising smoothly over long distances even if the speed is high. The larger space of the longboards makes it easier for beginners to perform cruising. Conversely, skateboards are ideal for niche activities and performing different maneuvers. You can also perform intense tricks with a skateboard.

What Board Are You Going To Choose?

Undoubtedly, skateboards and longboards are an excellent choice for the skateboarding experience. But if you are a beginner looking for a board that provides good balance while riding, you should go for the longboard. This is because longboards offer a wider deck that will help you balance yourself easily. Besides,  pushing and rolling the first time on the board will be easy with the longboard’s big wheels.

You can also easily perform cruising or racing downhill using this board. On the other hand, if you are a professional performing different tricks and stunts through the board, the skateboard will be perfect for you. Skateboard’s size, shape, wheels, and trucks are specially designed to perform such activities. The good thing is that both boards are convenient and portable, and you can carry them anywhere with you.

Benefits Of Riding On Longboards

benefits of longboards

Both skateboarding and longboarding bring different benefits for you. Here we have demonstrated some significant advantages of longboarding.

Improved Health and Fitness

Longboarding helps to enhance your cardiovascular health and muscles. You can also improve coordination, balance, agility, and flexibility by riding regularly on the longboard. Another good thing is that regular longboarding helps to burn your excess fat.

Better Stability

Compared to traditional skateboards, longboards provide much more stability and support. With its larger wheels and wider decks, riding is easier than skateboards, which are best for people who start boarding recently. It makes your longboarding journey enjoyable and comfortable.

Fun Transportation

Longboarding is a great way to travel around whether you wish to go to work, school, college, or a store. It offers a faster transportation way than walking and makes your transportation easier. Without spending any money, you can easily take advantage of public transportation.

Enjoy Nature

Besides making your transportation easier, longboarding helps you take a break from using mobile phones while riding. They allow you to enjoy nature and the beauty of the outside. It is a great way to get rid of overusing your electronic devices.

Different Types Of Longboards

types of longboards

There are three common styles of longboards you will find on the market. Here we have made a short discussion about these longboards.

Flexible Drop-Through Longboard

These types of longboards have low gravity centers, and trucks are placed by falling through the deck. It helps to enhance the stability of the longboard and reduce stress on the lower body and hips. That makes the board easier to brake or push with your feet. The flexibility of the skateboard decreases the impacts and external forces that make you comfortable to ride longer.

Traditional Cruiser Shape Longboard

This longboard has a medium-length deck that helps bend upward, making deep carving easier. Traditional cruiser-shaped longboards are ideal for performing maneuvers, kickflips, and ollies. Besides, this board is great for newbies because of its longer and wider deck. It helps to make the rider’s front foot stable on the board.

Commuter-Style Longboard

Commuter-style longboards are almost like flexible drop-through and traditional cruisers boards. These boards are over-mounted cruising, which provides more convenience on the trucks. It helps make the board ideal for carving or cruising on even ground. So, you can ride around with a longboard more smoothly and quickly. Although wheels are placed at the end of the board, longboards are extremely stable.


Longboarding and skateboarding both are fun and exciting sports to perform. Although these two sports seem similar, there is a slight difference. One is a little harder to perform between these two sports than another. For that, we have discussed whether longboarding is easier than skateboarding.

Typically, longboards are designed with a longer deck and softer wheels that help to make riding easier for beginners. Contrary, skateboards have a narrow space with harder wheels that is perfect for performing different maneuvers. So, it is entirely up to you whether you go for longboarding or skateboarding.