Last modified on April 11th, 2022 at 10:21 am

Most Important Diving and Snorkeling Gear

Whether you are a brand-new diver or snorkeler looking forward to your four checkout dives or a scuba diver who has seen all different parts of the world from under the ocean’s surface, there is no doubt that having a bit of a refresher every now and then is well worth it. In fact, no matter how experienced you are, master divers advise that recreational divers take refresher courses in pools before they head back out to the deep! The reason why is because while diving is a beautiful and incredibly fun activity, it can also get quite dangerous if you are uncomfortable with your equipment! Whether you need to remember how to purge your BCD or have to figure out whether or not you need a prescription snorkel mask or diving mask, taking a refresher course will absolutely help you. Beyond that, here are the most important pieces of gear you need for your next diving or snorkel trip.


One of the most important pieces of equipment to have if you are an avid diver or snorkeler is a great wetsuit. The reason why is because even water that feels warm once you get in can cool you down quite a lot if you are in it for long enough. A wetsuit works by allowing a small amount of water in between the suit and the skin, allowing your body to warm up that water and keep it in. This in turn allows your body to stay warm no matter how long you stay in the water.


Whether you are looking to dive or snorkel, you will need a high-quality mask that comfortably fits on your head. A comfortable and well-fitting mask is the difference between a fun and carefree snorkel or diving excursion and one that is filled with you constantly trying to get water out from the bottom of your mask. If you are worried about your ability to fit a mask yourself, consider stopping at your nearby DAN or SCUBA store and asking a professional to help you out on choosing the right mask for you.


Another incredibly important piece of equipment for divers and snorkelers alike is to have a fantastic pair of flippers. Flippers are crucial to allow swimmers to get around in and battle the strong currents and waves in the ocean. After all, almost every animal that lives in the ocean has flippers of some form or another that they are able to use in order to get around.

Diving flippers are typically a bit longer and less agile than snorkeling flippers and it is advised that if you only have snorkel flippers to either purchase or rent a pair specifically for diving. With that in mind, if you already have a pair of diving flippers, those will work just fine for a quick snorkel in shallow water. 


Rash-Guard is a flexible and lightweight top that has underlying UV Sun Protection and dries quickly when you get out of the water. It is intended for watersports, however, can be worn if you are relaxing on a seashore or poolside. No more re-applying sunscreen as you go in the water – a rash guard will protect you from the sun and provide warmth in the water. They are light and make it easier for traveling. Rashguard is a necessity for snorkeling!


You’ll want to recollect your adventures and show friends and family what you’ve seen. Cameras are available that can be used inside and outside the water. Many cameras have filters or modes that can be changed so the photos and recordings look better.


Remember, if you are not diving regularly, all of this equipment can be easily rented with the exception of prescription goggles. For that reason, they might be the most important piece of equipment to actually own!