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5 Ways A Pop Up Marquee Makes Outdoor Activities More Enjoyable

A pop-up marquee is a feature at all kinds of outdoor events. They’re so versatile and easy to use, yet they can add to the sense of occasion at any gathering, whether formal or informal. Here are just a few suggestions about how you can use one to make any outdoor activity more enjoyable.

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5 Ways A Pop-Up Marquee Makes Outdoor Activities More Enjoyable

Garden Parties

Great Option for Formal Gatherings

Let Your Creativity Flow

A Pop-Up Marquee for Ultimate Convenience

Picnics & Camping

Outdoor Markets & Car Boot Sales

Find the Right Fit

Schools & Sports Clubs

Multipurpose Pop-Up Marquee

Create a Buzz

Protect Everyone from Harsh Weather

Commercial Uses

Corporate Hospitality

1. Garden Parties

No matter how big or small your garden is, a pop-up marquee will really add a ‘wow factor’ to any outdoor party or barbeque. When the sun becomes too much, there’s no need for your guests to be baked under the heat, or to retreat indoors when they want to cool down. A marquee means they can relax in the shade whenever they want without leaving the party!

It also makes a great area for food displays. Serving food and refreshments from the marquee keeps them out of the sun and at the correct temperature.

Great Option for Formal Gatherings

For smaller formal gatherings, such as engagement parties and weddings, the first thing you’ll enjoy is how much you’ll save on the costs! No need to hire an expensive, impersonal venue when you can create a real sense of occasion in your own home. A pop-up marquee will transform your garden into the perfect outdoor location for any special day.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Decorating the marquee’s frame and roof so it becomes the focal point for the ceremony can create a magical atmosphere. Use your inspiration and add to the fun by getting friends and family involved in creating the design. It will make a spectacular backdrop for photos and videos.

A Pop-Up Marquee for Ultimate Convenience

Larger marquees, with solid or window walls, are perfect for evening wedding receptions, allowing guests to sit in comfort during speeches and meals. Add a dancefloor and the party continues into the night! The following day, it only takes a few minutes to pack away the marquee and store it, ready for the next occasion.

2. Picnics & Camping

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Whether you’re at the beach or in the mountains, there’s something so special about sharing meals outdoors. Enlist one or two people to help set up your pop-up marquee in a couple of minutes. You’ll have instant protection from the sun, as well as shaded space to organize and set out your food. On the beach, if your marquee has walls, it offers the privacy you want when changing in and out of swimming clothes.

Camping? A 3m x 3m pop up marquee will easily fit into a station wagon, so throw it in the boot (gently, of course) and it will soon become an indispensable part of your kit. It won’t only provide respite from the burning sun, but it also provides storage space for items such as surfboards and equipment for beach games.

3. Outdoor Markets & Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are increasingly popular as an outdoor leisure activity. If you like to join the fun at these events and sell your items, a pop-up marquee will really help you stand out from the crowd! However, as your pitch size is limited, and your car is likely to be full of things you want to sell, you need something that is compact and lightweight. Not an issue! For example, the smallest pop-up marquee on the market is 2.4m x 2.4m. It is just the right size to fit into a car park space while averaging just under 30kg in weight for easy transport and setup.

Find The Right Fit

For outdoor markets, a lightweight 3m x 3m pop up marquee is the ideal size. It can be set up by one person in minutes. To raise your game, add an attractive printed design to the valance, walls, and awning. Let people know who you are and what you’re selling. You’ll immediately elevate your presence and attract more customers. When you make yourself recognizable, you increase your chances of getting repeat business, as well as new business based on customer referrals. After trading, you’re ready to pack up and go without a fuss. Packing down a pop-up marquee is quick and easy. Pack it into its carrying case, load it into your car, and away you go!

4. Schools & Sports Clubs

If you run a sports club or organize school sports competitions, a pop-up marquee can really make a remarkable difference to outdoor meetings and events. 

Multipurpose Pop-Up Marquee 

A pop-up marquee soon becomes a versatile ‘home base’ with all kinds of different uses. It’s a shaded place to take a break, cool down, and enjoy some refreshments; a temporary but organized ‘office’ for volunteers and organizers. As your marquee stands out and is so easy to find, it soon becomes an information hub for parents and spectators. You also have the reassurance of a safe, well-organized place to store equipment, first-aid kits, and the many other items you may need to locate quickly. Add a few chairs and your pop-up marquee can be transformed into a comfortable space for relaxing and socializing—an enjoyable part of any sports day.

Create a Buzz

As soon as you erect your pop-up marquee, your club or school will present a more professional image. It makes a great background for team photos and videos, creating the opportunity for greater exposure on social media! With your name and motto proudly displayed, your team’s sense of identity will be strengthened. Players, parents, and loyal followers can all come together under your banner, creating a greater sense of community. The printed roof and wall covers are perfect for advertising displays as well. They are a great incentive for potential sponsors to support you! Other clubs and competitors won’t fail to notice your presence, showing that you mean business!

Protect Everyone from Harsh Weather

Last but not least, the weather always has a big impact on the success of the day. It can make or break the overall experience. Events often take place over a number of hours under the heat of the sun. To avoid the risk of dehydration or sunburn, it can be important to provide a shaded space close to the track or field of play. Competitors and supporters need to know they can take refuge in the shade when they need to. On the other hand, if it’s the rainy season, a waterproof marquee will allow everyone to have shelter, as well as be safe and dry until it’s time to get back to their sport.

And once again, as a pop-up marquee is so easy to set up and pack down, effortless to transport, and takes little storage space, it will soon become an indispensable part of your matchday toolkit!

5. Commercial Uses

Many businesses use pop-up marquees to make the best use of their pitch at outdoor events. With bright, eye-catching designs, a marquee is a great way to capture the attention of the public and raise the profile of a brand. But how does a marquee make activities more enjoyable? First of all, it creates a partially-enclosed and shaded space to display advertising and present your products. This turns it into an inviting space for people to enter, browse around, and learn more. Taking it up a notch, you can provide incentives for potential customers to come inside with product demos. There are a number of ways to engage the interest of existing customers as well as that of passers-by.

Corporate Hospitality

Corporate hospitality is a feature of many outdoor events that are enjoyed by everyone. A pop-up marquee creates the ideal informal venue for socializing, networking, and providing hospitality for customers and sponsors. It allows you to create an instant enclosed space for entertainment and speeches. A typical 3m x 3m model will accommodate up to 32 standing guests. Depending on the numbers, you may choose to use a single 3m x 3m, put two or more together, or go for an even larger size. You can choose to leave it open to the fresh air, or enclose it with walls and a smart canopy to create a defined entrance and a more private atmosphere.

These are only a few examples of how versatile a pop-up marquee can be. The only limit to how you can use one to add to the enjoyment of your outdoor event is your imagination!