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6 Top Tips: How Do You Survive the Outdoors

Surviving the outdoors is often a bit harder than you might think. Fortunately, here are some tips that can make surviving in the woods even easier for you. It might not be ideal, but when if you’re ever in a situation where you need to figure out a means to ultimately survive, this can mean a difference between survival, and utter death.

Communicate Where You’re Going

Before you even begin to hike, communicate with someone where you’re going. No matter where you go, you should let someone know the place you’re ultimately trying to go, and if you know the route, give them that too. After all, even if you’re stranded somewhere unexpectedly, you came from a place with civilization, so they’ll be able to create a paper trail in order to help find you if something does go wrong.

Keep Your Head Up

You should always keep your head calm and be positive.  This is one of those easier said than done parts, but a little bit of optimism changes your life, and in a situation where survival is key, you have to be the change you want to be.  Your attitude is a big part of this, and no matter how scared you are, you should always have an outlook that’s realistic so that you can plan to keep yourself in the top mental and physical states that you can. If you feel like you can’t work something out, the last thing you need to do is panic, but instead, take a deep breath, stay calm, and look at your surroundings to figure out the plan from there.

Keep an Insulated Shelter

 If it’s cold outside, you need to figure out a shelter that’s insulated to protect you from the elements and hypothermia, often the two major killers when stranded.  You want to make sure that you build the shelter just big enough for your body so that it stays insulated and warms you.  Even a simple lean-to against a tree that’s fallen can help.  You can then stack some sticks to make a side, and some other sticks to help with the gaps. For insulation, cover it with pine needles and bark, and try to get thicker material, since it will protect the body, and make sure you do this on the ground as well so that your body isn’t losing insulation.

Make Sure to Have Clean Water

Cooking at Camp

Water that is clean is super important, and if possible, always have a portable water filter on you.  This is one of the key elements to survival, and you need to make sure that you safely kill off all pathogens in the water.  You can collect rain, snow, and even dig for water and from there collect the water, and make sure to boil it.  Remember, if you don’t know where you got it, always boil the water, or put it through your portable water filter.

Collect Water from Vegetation

 If you’re really desperate, you should collect water via vegetation.  Dew from glasses and plants and using cloth for soaking it up and then squeezing it into a receptacle is great if you’re limited on water and need something. A plant moisture bag, such as a bag around a tree will also produce water, and although it’s not ideal, if you’re desperate to survive, this is ultimately very important.

Light Fires

Finally, light some fires. Fires will keep you warm, and it also will provide you with light, and also can be used to boil water, and also cook food. If you don’t know how to do this, keep waterproof matches or a lighter in a container, or you can get a magnesium firestarter to help with this.  If you’re extremely desperate, using a battery, attaching wires to steel wool will create a spark for this, and it can ignite fires.  Small bundles of tinder are good for beginning, but then add larger pieces to this, and keep building upon this, and make sure that you create a means for oxygen to enter into the fire.  You want to use breaths that are long and steady to move the fire around, and you should make sure to start with igniting the small pieces of fire before you let the larger pieces burn.  don’t start with some giant piece of wood, because that’s not going to help anyone

Surviving in the woods isn’t easy, but with these tips, you should take each of them, look them over, and if you need to learn some skills always make sure that you do so.  Remember, you’re going to be alone out there, and your life does depend ultimately on how well you manage outside, so make sure you learn these tips before you go on an outdoor adventure.

Fire Burning in Wood

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