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Raw Dog Food Diet: Benefits and Risks

Hound owners have probably encountered the term raw dog food diet and wondered what it was all about. Raw bones and flesh, vegetables and fruits all make up this traditional diet. While this may seem more time-consuming to prepare than simply buying ready-made dog food from shops, those who swear by this diet claim that it has quite a wide range of benefits. Veterinarians, however, admit that this disputed diet has both benefits and risks.

Raw dog chow consists of foods that hounds would consume in their natural environment in the wild. Pooch owners need to understand that their pets are different compared to those in the wild because they have evolved to process man’s diet there are also new breeds thanks to interbreeding. Also, this means that dog owners will have to do thorough research first on the natural food of their specific dog breed, had they not been domesticated. Often, this would take expert understanding to balance out a healthy natural diet.

That said, if you’re interested to learn more about the raw dog food diet, you’ve come to the right place as this article gives you a breakdown of the pros and cons.

Raw Diets

Raw canine chow diets can be prepared at home or commercial bought which can be fresh, wet or dry, and frozen. The raw diet prepared at home contains flesh, bones, supplements, greens, grains, and some fruits. As a part of the raw food diet, some also choose to give their dogs leftover human food. Researchers believe that this diet has both benefits and risks. The idea behind this switch, however, has to do with the perceived opinion of processed food being harmful to the dog’s health and overall well-being.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food Diet

  • Raw diet prepared at home gives the canine all the necessary nutrients depending on age and weight. The Commercial raw diet is usually frozen and contains no preservatives. When buying commercial raw diets choose dog nutrition brands that are reliable and trusted.
  • Consuming this diet regularly will transform the dog’s coat to be more smooth and silky. Proteins contained in raw meat provide fat that is responsible for a soft coat.
  • Hounds that consume the raw diet have stronger teeth and improved breath. Busy pet owners can get the best raw dog food that suits their pet according to age.
  • Hounds like all other carnivores need flesh. This canine chow diet provides fat and protein that builds the muscles and gives the dog more energy.

Risks of this Diet

  • Your canine friends are immune to many diseases and parasites found in raw foods but they could pass them to humans through their feces. Having the best dry dog food that you can use to replace the home-made dog food will prevent the spread of disease.
  • The canine might suffer from malnutrition because uncooked vegetables are hard to digest and absorb into the body. They might also lack phosphorous and calcium.
  • The possibility of breaking their teeth or choking is increased especially for puppies. When using commercial nutrition you need to know what to mix with dry dog food.

Dog Food

All these considered, hound owners need to answer several questions before giving their pets dog food, like ‘what is dog food made out?’ of and ‘what to mix with dry dog food’. In doing so, you’ve got that higher assurance of your dog food Canada of choice is the best quality one. 

Here are some of these questions:

What is The Dog Food Made Out of?

Hound food is made with meat products, vitamins, cereals, grains, and essential minerals. All these ingredients provide protein, fats, and carbohydrates to canines of different ages. Since this is one of the most important type of nutrition for your dogs, choose the one with the most protein.

What to Mix with Dry Dog Food

Cottage cheese, yogurt, fatty acid oils, steamed vegetables, and eggs are all great components to be added to dry dog food. This will improve health and increases the pet’s appetite.

What Are The Ingredients Made Of?

 Always check the labels. That way, you know whether or not there are ingredients that are unsafe for your dog. This is even more important for those of you that have dogs with special health concerns that can alter their dietary requirements.


Raw canine chow nutrition plan remains a controversial topic with people torn between the benefits and risks. Those who adopt this method should remember to protect themselves from infections and to vary the pet’s diet so that they can get all the nutrients. Whatever your choice may be, always have the best interest of your beloved four-legged family member in mind. Remember, these dogs also need appropriate and healthy food for them to live long, happy, and healthy. When it comes to the health of your dog, never take any second-guesses.

Do all hounds have the same reaction to raw canine chow? Which is more tolerable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.