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How to Get a Perfect Chew-Proof Dog Bed

Perfection is a state which gives us an utmost feeling of satisfaction. We all want perfection into everything that we possess. Tools or Utilities that perform exactly the way we want can be considered as a perfect staff.

Things turn out to be a little bit of confusing when it’s about dog beds and especially chew proof dog beds. There is no doubt how much we love our dogs and how immensely we want the dog to be safe and comfortable. And of course, we want it by spending wisely.

Chew proof dog beds are a really tough thing to buy. I am telling you why. The main reason is that we have to find the best combination of durability and comfort; sometimes the costing also. We know it’s hard to find an indestructible staff which provides comforts. That’s why we fail to buy a perfect chew proof dog bed.

Considering all the issues people find I have come up with some tricks that will help you find a perfect chew proof dog bed for your beloved pet. Let’ check:

Before knowing about the deciding factors that should influence your buying experience, let’s learn about the types of chew resistant dog bed and how they are different from each other:

Cushion Dog Beds

The name suggests the size of these beds. These shaped beds are meant to be comfortable and only used  inside of the house

Donut and Bolster Dog Beds

This is donut sized fluffy and comfy big dog beds. This is an expensive staff especially used inside the house and capable of holding big sized dogs

Outdoor Cots and Beds

The most popular kind of bed that is used to deal with chewers especially hard chewers. Though these extreme durable ones are not known for its comfort; it can be kept both inside and outside of the house.

3 Things you must consider while buying a chew proof dog bed:

  1. Chew Proof ability
  2. Comfort
  3. Price

I have decided to segment  the articles into different concerns or considerations so that you will be helped to decide which consideration suits you.

If Your Concern is Chew-Proof Ability

For Whom to Concern: If you have a big sized heavy dog and it is prone to chewing then the primary concern should be the chew resistant ability of the bed, not the comfort. This kind of dogs causes abrasion to the bed with their teeth and claws. So if you have this then go for the bed’s chew proofing ability. Besides baby pets at home tend to chew the bed lot; if the situation is kind of serious then these kinds of beds are recommended.

Outdoor Cots and beds are the best-suited types for these kinds of chewers. It’s true that this is not as comfy as cushion type of chew resistant but if you’re dealing with hard chewers then obviously this is the perfect option.

You may find various options from budget to costly available in the market. The aluminum framed orthopedic designed dog beds are capable to survive hard chews and hold a big amount of weight. I personally recommend not to go for a cheap one as those don’t provide enough flexibility and if your dog is big size then obviously it is 100% NO.

If Your Concern is Comfort

It is not our fault to love our puppy more than anyone else. It is normal to keep it as comfortable as possible no matter how much it chews. So the wise thing to do is to find something that is comfy as well as chew resistant dog bed.

For Whom to Concern:  Pets that are mild or normal chewers. Usually small or medium in size and can also be large in size.  These types of dogs are not hard chewers and cause a small amount of abrasion and make the bed tough to survive for a long time.

The cushion-shaped dog beds that have the outer of Polyester Material are the perfect one to choose for them. The outer made from these kinds of material can fight average chews from the dogs and of course, are 100% abrasion proof.

The inner fillings are also waterproof and made from Synthetic fiber made material which is able to provide enough comforts to the dogs.

 If Your Concern is Price

We have to be pragmatic because not every time we can afford costly staff for our dogs and even for ourself. So sometimes the cost of a product might be the first thing to consider for.

My recommendation would be to go for outdoor cots and beds shaped dog beds that are available at low cost so that you won’t find it hard to afford it. Besides if you like to have something for your bedroom then you can go for cushion shaped dog beds. There are various kinds of dog beds of this type of shape that offers less comfortable inner fillings but capable of fighting against chews at a very low cost.

You can check out ByteBest’s list of Budget dog beds to meet your requirements according to your financial ability.

I believe that the best decision can only be taken from within ourselves as we only know our situation very well. The others recommendation should be considered as a source of information that we should relate to. I hope my writing will help you to decide what to choose and what to avoid.

Good Luck to You!

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