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Fun Facts About Veiled Chameleons

Are you looking for a lizard as a pet? There are some intriguing things to make you love a veiled chameleon other than their bright changing colors. You can buy one from a reputed seller like Here, we look at some cool facts to add value to the veiled chameleon care guide. 

Name Origin

The veiled chameleon’s facial appearance differs from others. Both eyes have protrusions that cover the eyes like a veil, hence the name. Moreover, a horned ridge (Casque) runs vertically across the head. The casque starts developing as the animal matures and is fully grown at eight months. 

The Casque Has Functions

The crescent-shaped ridge is a unique and useful feature for the veiled chameleon. Firstly, male and female chameleons have a horned spine. But the females do not have a prominent casque. Hence, it is used for reproduction.

Second, the ridge conserves water. In the wild, the lizards use this feature to store water, which drips to the mouth. Even in captivity, you may notice your lizard catching water during misting. 

Males use this colourful feature to attract females. Scientists have observed that males with larger casque easily attract mates. Additionally, males mark their territories using their casque.

Male Chameleons Are Bigger

Averagely, the veiled male chameleon measures 2 feet from head to tail and weighs 0.1 to 0.2 kg. This is one of the biggest chameleon species in the world. Inversely, a female is 18 inches from head to tail and weighs 0.09 to 0.12 kg. Baby lizards are 3 to 4 inches long, but the size difference starts from the age of six months.

The difference in size and weight determines the gender of the veiled chameleons. The dimensions can guide you in choosing the gender for your pet. Although there is no right choice, it is believed that females are prone to injuries due to their small size. 

Male Veiled Chameleons Live Longer

If you follow the veiled chameleon care guide, the males are found to live for 6 to 10 years, while the females live for 4 to 6 years. 

Highly Social

These chameleons are highly social despite their aggressive nature. Just like dogs, they can recognize their owners. They even brighten their colors when they see their owners and darken them when a stranger attempts to touch them.

The Tongue Is Its Main Weapon

These reptiles don’t have strong jaws for strangulating or venom for killing their prey. Instead, they use long prehensile tongues to catch their prey. Their tongue is their main weapon.

Veiled Chameleon Color

Color makes veiled chameleons attractive. They have a combination of green, yellow, orange, and brown shades. In the wild, the lizards have a brighter display of these colors than in captivity. Generally, these colors change, depending on the mood, location, temperatures, and gender. This ability is only for adults. So, do not worry if your baby chameleon is not as bright. Additionally, females often exhibit bright colors when mating or carrying eggs, but generally, they are less colorful than males. 


Veiled chameleons shed their skin under stressful conditions. You may notice skin flake with a change of location or the introduction of another lizard. The shedding starts as white spots, which turn to white patches and then skin flaking. After the shedding, all the white spots disappear. 

Masters of Camouflage 

These reptiles are masters of camouflage. They can swiftly change their patterns and colors to any color they wish. They also compress their bodies to appear thinner and smaller when facing danger.

A veiled chameleon is a beautiful addition to your family. In addition to the veiled chameleon care guide, these fun facts help you understand your pet more. You and your pet are definitely up for fun!