Last modified on August 30th, 2022 at 11:22 am

The Ultimate Hunting Checklist To Follow For Outdoor Safety

If you are an avid hunting enthusiast, you will understand the significance of safety when you step into the wild. The feeling of adrenaline rushing is unmatched, but ignoring personal safety can be the worst mistake you can make. Accidents can happen anytime when you are outdoors, and even the most seasoned hunters are prone to them. Overconfidence is a killer because it makes you careless and elevates the risk of mishaps. If you’re hiking alone, we strongly recommend getting self defense pepper sprays.

It makes sense to be vigilant during your hunting sprees. At the same time, being prepared and equipped with the right gear keeps you on the safe side. It is a great idea to prepare a list you can follow every time you pack for an excursion.

The list will simplify packing and ensure that you never miss out on anything. Here is the ultimate hunting safety checklist that every newbie and seasoned adventure lover should follow. 

Weatherproof Clothing 

Weather is often unpredictable outdoors, more so when you are in the wild. Weatherproof clothing gets you ready for any condition, so make sure that you pack smartly. While the three-layer rule is ideal for outdoor dressing, pick these layers according to the season.

Heavier clothing would be ideal for colder days, but make sure that they do not make movement difficult. Also, waterproof clothing is recommended because it protects you from rain. High-visibility clothing keeps you safe from accidental firing, which makes it vital for crowded hunting areas.      

Protective Boots

Since you will need to hike in challenging terrains during a hunting trip, you cannot afford to step out without protective upland hunting boots. Like the right clothing, opt for waterproof boots for the wild. Make sure that they fit perfectly as you wouldn’t want to suffer from a shoe bite in the middle of nowhere.

Never wear a new pair to a hunting trip, rather stick to ones you are used to wearing because they will be comfortable. Pick soft cotton socks that keep your feet warm and protected as you may have to walk for miles and climb around on a hunting trip.

Ballistic Protection 

When you are out in the wild, there is always a risk of stray bullets hitting you because there are other hunters around. Shooting accidents are a common occurrence and can be life-threatening. Ballistic protection is, therefore, an essential investment if you want to pursue hunting as a passion.

It is a one-time investment that keeps you safe every time you embark on a hunting spree. Look for a quality bullet proof vest that keeps you safe and makes you more confident when outdoors. Choose the right size and snug fit because an ill-fitted one can cause discomfort and restrict movement.

Ideally, you should opt for one that gives the right level of protection but isn’t bulky enough to make you feel tired and loaded.

First-aid kit

Another item you cannot miss out on is a first-aid kit because you may need it anytime when you get injured on the hunting ground. Pack the essentials like sterile gauze, bandages, antiseptic lotions, painkillers and sprays, and anti-allergic medicines to deal with injuries and insect bites. Carry your personal medications and prescription items for common issues like nausea, fever, and diarrhea.

Don’t forget to check the expiration dates of every single item in the kit before embarking on the trip.

Navigational Aids

Hunters are likely to get lost on new trails, and it may even happen when you are on a ground that you know well enough. Navigational aids help you find your way back if you happen to get lost. While you can invest in smart equipment like GPS and mobile apps, you cannot always rely on them because networks often ditch you in the wild.

Be sure to carry the good old compass and maps because they aren’t dependent on networks. If you are a beginner, brushing up on navigational skills with these devices and maps is a good idea. Moreover, you should try staying with the group to avoid getting lost in the first place. 

Emergency Supplies

When it comes to personal safety, you may not pay a lot of attention to emergency supplies like food and water. But you must have enough to help you survive if you get lost in the wild, which happens with even the best hunters. Pack some snacks, protein bars, dried fruits, and water in your backpack to get you through for at least a day.

Picking a backpack with multiple pockets to carry these supplies is a good idea. But make sure that you don’t overburden it as it will be hard to carry the load. Remember that even a little goes a long way when you are stuck.

Apart from the essentials, your outdoor checklist must also include items such as a toolkit, torch and batteries, and a matchbox and mobile phone charger. Most importantly, carry along a good presence of mind and common sense if you want to stay safe even in the most challenging hunting areas. Always pay attention to your hunting guide and stay calm even if you get in a tight spot.