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DIY Picnic Table from Pallets

How To Make A Picnic Table From Pallets

What I love most about summer is being able to play with my kids, outdoors. Most of the time we would bring out snacks, play catch and just listen to each other’s stories. But our small outdoor table is not enough to accommodate our growing family. I’ve thought of buying a picnic table, which turned out to be a bit pricey. So, when I found this video from Youtube I was inspired to build one on my own.

It might seem intimidating at first but once I had all the wood pieces cut, it was actually easy to put together. You might have old pallets stacked up in your garage, it’s about time to upcycle them into a rustic DIY picnic table.

I think you can do it too. So, in an attempt to pay it forward, I have listed down below the materials you’ll be needing and steps from the video.

  • Materials
  • 2 – 3 Pieces of 42”x42” Pallet
  • Miter or Table Saw
  • 44 Screws
  • Drill
  • 8 Bolts, 8 Washers & 8 Fasteners
  • Stain or Paint
  • Sander with Heavy and Light Grit Sand Paper
  • Crow Bar
  • Hammer
  • Eye Protection
  • Clamps



Step 1 

Remove the boards from the pallets using a crowbar and a hammer. Once removed you can use the hammer to extract the nails.

Before you proceed to the  next step.

Safety reminder: Wear eye protection and don’t wear gloves or loose clothing when using any type of saw.


Step 2 

Once removed from the pallets set aside 7 pieces of boards, then cut each at 36 inches in length. Pace yourself while measuring, a wise man once said, “Measure twice, cut once.”


Step 3 

Using clamps, secure them on your work table because all the edges must be routed.


Step 4

Mark one wood at the center, where you can drill a hole for your umbrella. When it gets too sunny you would still be able to enjoy your day right by your picnic table.


Step 5

Lay all the pieces of boards on the floor using spacers. Measure the width so you can cut 2 pieces of wood to the size needed as a table bracket. Cut them on a 25 degree angle.


Step 6

Turn them over so you can drill the screw through the top.


Step 7

Cut 2 more pieces at a 30 degree angle that has the same size of the table brackets.


Step 8

Place them 5 inches from the end. Once positioned with the longer side attached to picnic table, turn it over and place the screws through the top.


Step 9

For the legs, cut 4 lengths at a 22.5 degree angle.


Step 10

Mark and bolt holes on leg panels to ensure holes line up. Drill holes in the legs. Attach the bolts and secure tightly.

Now, there’s no need to place the snacks or cups on the chairs. The sense of fulfillment after finishing this project is absolutely worth it. I enjoyed finishing this DIY project. You may paint your picnic table and add benches as well.