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Can You Have An Alpaca As A Pet?

Having a pet can be beneficial to your health, help you form relationships, and keep you from being lonely. It is estimated that over two-thirds of Americans own at least one pet. Some of the most popular pets in America include dogs, cats, fish, and hamsters among many others.  

Although these are some of the more traditional pets, the term ‘pets’ is interpreted differently by everybody. If you’re looking for something a little different, a good option for you might be to buy an alpaca. A well cared for alpaca is a great animal to have as a pet. In general, they are loveable creatures and extremely soft to the touch.  

While alpacas can make great pets, always remember they need plenty of space to roam in, so it’s important you have space to comfortably house one. On top of this, alpacas are social, herd animals, so, it’s a good idea to get more than one—preferably two or three if not more. Alpacas are legal in all 50 U.S. states, so you won’t need any special permits to obtain one. 

Photo of furry alpaca at a farm

Here are four reasons why alpacas make great pets:

1. Alpacas Can Be Dual Purpose 

Alpacas make great pets; they are friendly and easy to train and handle. They’re also extremely loyal. Even if your main reason to purchase an alpaca is as a pet, alpacas can also be used for their beautiful fleece. If you’ve ever petted an alpaca, you would’ve felt just how soft their wool is. Not only is their fleece extremely soft, but it’s also rated a 1 by the United States when it comes to fire resistance. This means that the fibers that make up the fleece are extremely fire resistant. 

Another valuable property of an alpaca’s fleece is the fact that it’s waterproof. This makes it a great alternative to sheep’s wool and cotton. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t make you itchy or trigger your allergies. It can be used to make sweaters or blankets, and it can even be sold. 

2. Alpacas Are Extremely Social 

When you purchase an alpaca, it may act distant or skittish at first. This is not unusual, since your new pet is in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces. However, alpacas have similar personalities to cats. Once you’ve gained their trust and your alpacas see they have nothing to fear, they’ll allow you to come closer to them. Once your alpacas are familiar with you, they’ll be tame enough to allow you to pet them, hand feed them and even cuddle with them; just try to stay away from their heads. Alpacas are extremely playful and great around kids—particularly when socialized from a young age. They won’t typically be skittish around kids, unlike adults, most likely because of their relative size.

My kids are so addicted to Alpaca. Whenever we go for downhill bike rides, the truck tailgate is reserved for Alpaca and bikes.

3. They’re All Unique

Although most alpacas are extremely playful and curious, this is not always the case. Alpaca pet is a lot like humans in that they tend to have their own unique personalities. Some are more outgoing and curious, while others are more observant and shier. They’re also known to come in a huge variety of colors; this is one of the reasons alpaca fiber is so popular. The wide range of colors avoids having to dye it during production. 

Officially, there are 16 different alpaca fleece shades, including white, brown, black, gray, and many in between. These unique combinations of colors and personalities will have you mesmerized and admiring your alpacas for hours on end. 

4. Alpacas Are Extremely Intelligent 

One of the major reasons why alpacas are popular is because of how easy it is to train them. They typically respond well to food rewards, and can even be taught things like how to sit and use a litter box. Alpacas tend to be social and get along with most other animals, however adding an alpaca to your property is like adding a protector. These amazing creatures are great for keeping all kinds of predators away including coyotes. In some countries, alpacas are used to carrying bags and camping equipment, similar to how horses are used. 


If you have plenty of lands and are searching for some unusual pets to add to your family, alpacas are great protectors, companions, and are extremely smart. These herd animals are social companions. They also have soft fleece that can be shorn and sold. Families with kids need not worry, either; unlike some animals that don’t take well to children, alpacas are typically very friendly.