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The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout

Student life usually goes in the rhythm of “catching up with everything.” Often this leads to the fact that students have to choose: sports, recreation or homework. If you remove at least one component from this list, life will be much easier. So, you can save yourself the trouble of doing homework using services for students like EssayShark. In this article, in turn, you will find the dorm room workout option right for you. Let’s start!

To Begin with…

At home, you can organize quite effective workouts for losing weight, and for this, you will not need special equipment or even any experience in fitness. If you choose an affordable exercise program and exercise regularly, then you can achieve results, even if you have never trained before.

Do a Warm-up

Be sure to do a warm-up of the whole body both before and after the exercise. Thanks to it, you can not only prepare the body for the load but also consolidate the result, as well as ease the muscle pain in the morning.

Hand Exercises

1. Push-ups

Push-ups from the floor develop the muscles of the chest, triceps, deltoid muscles, muscles of the press, and hips. During its execution, the whole body is actively working and the overall coordination of large muscles of the body is perfectly formed. If you are able to push-up more than 25 times, this is also a great endurance exercise!

Push-ups are perhaps one of the most famous and popular exercises for home workouts. However, to my surprise, few people know the important nuances of push-ups. The convenience and benefits of push-ups on the floor depending on the correct positioning of the hands. They must be set wide, at 80-90 cm. Otherwise, push-ups turn into an uncomfortable painful test.

So, hands are 80-90 cm wide. The body is in line with the legs. Gently bend your elbows until you touch the floor with your chest. Then vigorously unbend your arms and return to the starting position. When bending the arms, take a breath, while extension – exhale. Perform 2-3 sets of 5-25 push-ups each, depending on the level of training.

2. Lateral Raise (fly)

Fly exercise is one of the basic exercises for your arms. Bend over, slightly bending your knees. Raise your arms sharply, and turn them up them as far as possible. Perform 15-20 reps.

Leg Exercises

1. Squats

The first and most effective exercise that you can do at home is squats. When squats, an extremely huge number of muscle groups are involved, starting from the feet, which should hold your body, calves, legs in general, muscles, extensors of the back, abs, muscles of the core, and a bunch of other muscles.

2. Lunges

Lunges are a basic leg exercise that involves the muscles of the buttocks and hips. Stand upright, place your feet parallel to each other a little wider than the hips. Bend your back slightly in the lower back, bend your knees slightly. Take a wide step forward, keeping your body in an even position, while the center of gravity should be on the leg set forward. Sit on your front foot. The angle between the thigh and lower leg should be straight, the bent knee should be at the level of the foot. Get out of the squat and step back with your front foot to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other leg. Perform 15-20 repetitions on each leg.

Exercises for ABS

1. Sit-up Exercise

Sit-up exercise is one of the best for abdominal muscles. Training at home without a sit-up is a waste of time! As a rule, even the most unsportsmanlike people can handle this exercise.

Lie on a sports mat. Bend your knees. Between the feet about 60-70 cm. Hands extend towards the head. Stretch your arms vigorously towards your legs and immediately lift your body to be in a sitting position. Then slowly return to the starting position lying. When lifting the body, exhale, when returning to the supine position, inhale.

2. Plank

Plank is an elbow posture with a tense press, muscles of the body, and muscles of the back of the thigh. The main task of the plank is to maintain the correct position for the maximum amount of time; beginners start from 20-30 seconds, reaching a minute or more.

The plank involves the development of the ability to consciously strain the press while maintaining a normal breathing rhythm. The result of the regular performance of the plank is to strengthen the internal muscles of the body and improve posture.

Summing up

It so happens that there is often no time for a workout in the gym! However, this does not mean that you can completely forget about sports. It is enough to allocate at least some time for a set of exercises that can be easily performed in the dorm room! We have described to you a set of exercises for each part of the body so that now nothing separates you from the body of your dreams. Dorm room workout time has come!