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7 Cutest Dog Breeds to Consider When You’re Getting a Puppy

Are you trying to figure out what breed of dog you should get? Read this article to learn about the cutest dog breeds alive.

Are you looking to grow your family with a new puppy? 

Picking out a new dog is fun. But, you want to make sure you pick the best breed for your home.

Things to consider include cost, temperament, size, and of course cuteness. Learn more about some of the cutest dog breeds to find your perfect pup!

A Guide to the 6 Cutest Dog Breeds

While you cannot find an ugly dog, some breeds are cuter than others. Read on to learn some fast facts about the 6 most adorable puppies on Earth.

1. Toy Poodle

If you want a puppy that looks like a teddy bear, opt for the toy poodle. This curly little breed only grows between 6 and 9 lbs, making it the perfect little lap dog.

These faithful pups will prove smart and trainable. They make nice companions for adults, but they can get a bit nippy with children.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as the Yorkie, you will want to snuggle these little pups with round eyes and a beautiful coat. Though super long, their fur carries hypoallergenic properties too.

Their small size will not back down this bold and intelligent breed and they will make themselves heard, as they love to yap. They make good family pets with older children, but not tots.

3. French Bulldog

If you want a fun friend for life, go for the absolutely adorable french bulldog. Big ears on their little build will melt your heart. 

These cute dogs can weigh between 16 and 28 pounds and sport a short, smooth, and easily groom-able coat. They don’t bark often and when they do, the silly little sound will make you giggle. These French bulldog facts offer some additional info about these cuties.

4. Sheltie

This little version of lassie steals hearts with its thick, beautiful, tricolored double coat. These adorable dogs make incredible companions with unmatched loyalty and a sweet and obedient temperament.

Though gentle, shelties require a ton of outdoor activity and playtime. They do best in homes with lots of attention and a large yard.

5. Dalmatian

Who doesn’t love this polka-dotted pup? These playful pups love to socialize and play, but will also stand guard to protect their family. 

They make beautiful, loyal companions. But, you probably do not want 101 of these cute puppies, as they can get hyper.

On average, dalmatians will weigh 45-65lbs. You should also note that many of these dogs inherit genetic deafness, but their intelligence allows for family and dog to figure out a system.

6. Shar Pei

You cannot resist this Chinese breed’s adorable rolls. Comparable in size to dalmatians, but these dogs carry a much calmer demeanor. Shar Peis make extremely devoted companions.

7. Samoyed

This might make the cutest dog in the world, with its pure white fluffy fur. The puppies look like snow puffs!

These dogs may act playful and a bit mischievous, but will also shine with quick wit. Gentle Samoyeds make amazing family pets but do need a lot of time outside.

Snuggle Your Adorable Fur Friend

Enjoy choosing between the cutest dog breeds to find your favorite! Snuggle up with them and help them love the new life in their forever home. Dogs offer loyalty and deserve the best. Learn how to properly care for your new fur family on our website.