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The Fat Bike Experience – That Path, Just Got Defeated!

The time to go and get yourself that Fat bike is now. As it is easy to say that the fat-biking experience is unlike any other biking adventure. Can this unique riding experience on this Fat bike be attributed to those obviously big and fat tires that are attached to this sport cycling machine?

This Fat tired bike has the tire size covering the measurements that range from roughly 3.7 inches to the whopping 5.2 inches. Indeed this fat bike has the ability to cover the varied terrain like no other un-motorized vehicle.

Therefore the mediocre bicycling adventure could be heading in the direction of the antique store; offering up the old bicycle for the new adventures of the Fat bike.

Fat biking operators take their ride through it all. With that being said, the characteristic fat tires on this terrain designed bike get the job done. The cold snow, the packed sand; mud, no problem. Let’s do this!

Operating The Fat Bike

The Fat bikes were actually developed for their ability to perform within the snow, as well as their performance abilities within the sandy landscapes.

The diversity of the landscape is where these Fat bikes go forth and thrive. The terrain is of your choice, therefore this can easily include the:

  • The snow
  • The sand
  • The desert
  • Swamps
  • Mud
  • Pavement
  • Mountain Trails
  • Gravel roads
  • Dirt roads

The popularity of fat bikes is on the rise; calling your attention to several regions within the United States alone, that now dedicate pathway clearance for the so-called Fat-Biking experience. Park-Trails that have been purposely created for the Fat Bike Rider. Wanoga Snow parks within the state of Oregon have some interesting and curved, looping fat bike snow trails that have been specifically made for the Fat bike enthusiast.

Fat Bikes Design Specifics

This advanced design of the Fat Bikes is specifically developed for off-road biking. The oversized wheels of the fat-tired bike are the sources of the given name. Devised for the lowered ground pressure. To clarify, the ground pressure is the pressure applied onto the ground by the tires that are attached to a given vehicle. This is also a potential measure of the mobility performance of the vehicle. Creating the easier passageway over what is considered the softer, unstable terrain; such as the:

  1. Snow
  2. Sand
  3. Mud
  4. Lowlands
  5. Swamps

Therefore the understanding between the differences of terrain and the ability of the vehicle to perform may be the initial step in choosing the right bike for your off-road travel escapade.

The initial ride of your fat bike will be like no other; therefore there are a few things to consider during the first few times taking out that terrain designed fat-tired bike.

Fat bike riders can be called the full-blown, year-round bike riders, as this design allows for terrain of all varied kinds.

Fat biking can be viewed as a slower biking experience; the difference within the terrain and the landscape makes fat biking a unique experience and a wonderful workout as an individual makes their way across the varied landscape, year-round. So go get your gear and head on out that door.

When To Take Out That Fat Bike

  1. Winter weather, the best temperatures for Fat biking are 21-32 degrees.
  2. The Hardened snow creates for some excellent fat bike traction
  3. The 10-20 degree winter weather hardens the snow for that traction
  4. Best fat bike experience is with the packed-down Snow

When To Not Go Fat Biking

  1. After a Snow Storm having 4-6 inches. Let the snow pack-down for the correct traction
  2. Powdered snow
  3. Deep snow
  4. Slushy conditions
  5. Right after large storms

Where Not to Ride

  1. Severely Steep Hills
  2. Jumping ramps
  3. Speed biking downhill

What To Wear Fat biking

  1. Softshell pants
  2. Softshell tops
  3. Layered undergarments
  4. Quality Gloves
  5. Quality shoes
  6. Toe warmers
  7. Pogies, Bicycle Handlebar Covers or Mittens

Fitness Goals and Body Image

Fitness outdoors within our winters is obviously limited, this fat bike goes forth taking that winter stationary-bike back to the outdoors; making winter outside exercise activities delightfully possible. Ridding one of the so-called wintertime blues.

Fat bikes, to put it simply are just bikes with fat tires. They are a bike that has been predominantly developed for the individual to take their bike ride into the winter snow; where the fat bike excels. Where the considered more ordinary bike fails to perform.

Fat bikes also successfully perform within hard-packed sand, gravel, snow, and dirt roads. The larger tires on the fat bike allow for additional traction, creating the allowance of the train of your choice, or the season of your choice.

No mountain is too high, no swamp is too muddy. Conquering that landscape with the fat bike is now feasible in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Go get your gear and lace up those shoes! Your fat Bike experience is waiting for you to indulge yourself within the outdoors; no matter what the conditions.