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Tips on Outdoor Sport for a Newbie: Riding the Hoverboard

You want to master the hoverboard and show off cool tricks in front of your friends? Click here and get the tips you need.

When I first saw this cool looking board thing, I thought it was just a new sort of game for kids. I quickly changed my mind afterward after realizing the benefits of it.

Walking to the mall or carrying grocery bags on your bike can be a pain. A best hoverboard is what you need as light and economical transportation. It doesn’t occupy as much space storing them either.

However, similar to other means of transportation, you need to practice until you get the hang of it to avoid tripping over and injuring yourself.

I have come a long way from being clueless on how to step foot on it, and now I would love to share the experience of my journey on mastering it.

Read this article to find out everything from how to mount these futuristic looking hoverboard to how to avoid injuries.

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Tips to start and use the hoverboard in the right way

Always read the instruction

The very first thing everyone should do to understand what sort of special features are installed and how to use them.

I used to be a person who rarely read the instruction; I wanted to discover all things by myself. As a result, my knees suffered the consequence of my stupidity as I didn’t know how to control the speed. Ever since then, I started reading instruction like they are the words from God.

Not only for your safety, but reading instruction can also avoid accidentally damaging your products. For example, you can break the wheel or the footpad if you are not aware of the weight capacity of your hoverboard.

Don’t overcharge your hoverboard

It would be best if you follow the recommended charging time from the manufacturer.

A hoverboard’s battery is not similar to a smartphone which you can charge overnight. A standard hoverboard takes one or two hours to get fully charged. Other brands on the market may take longer.

Before riding a hoverboard please check is it fully charged and secondly hoverboard must be UL certified because safety always comes first. According to, each rider must wear safety gear before riding on a hoverboard.

Always start with slow speed and support along with you which will help you to be safer on the first ride.

It is always a bad idea to overcharge anything anyway, and the issue is just that much more severe with a hoverboard. Continuously doing so will damage its energy holding capacity.

Never forget to wear safety gears

Do you think it’s not looking “cool” to wear protective gear? At least, do your body a favor and wear a helmet. You don’t want to end your life just too “cool,” do you?

Wearing safety gears but still look fashionable

Besides, all the safety gears are now being designed to satisfy the demand to look “dope” from customers without compromising the safety structure. So you should consider using the knee and elbow pads while riding on the hoverboard too.

For me, I feel more confident when wearing safety gear and knowing nothing can damage my body.

Start with the learning mode

You may be wondering what “learning mode” is? Oh well, it’s a wonderful option that manufacturers design for newbie hoverboard users, especially for kids.

In this mode, you can choose the maximum speed that you can have on the ride to prevent some unwanted situation, if you cannot control your speed while practicing such as accidentally crashing into a tree.

It is an excellent option if it is your first time trying it out. It can be extremely useful for practicing advanced hoverboarding tricks too. 

Though not all the Hoverboards on the market have this feature available, so we suggest you visit here to see the best products on the market, especially for kids.

Mounting and moving on the hoverboard

Maybe a little scary at first, but trust me, you will get the hang of it in no time. First, practice stabilizing yourself on the board; you hold a hand (or both if you are super scared) on the wall or handrail, then carefully step your dominant foot on the pad.

Right after the dominant foot is on the pedal, quickly move your left one to the other and hold your body in a straight posture immediately.

Relax your body, you will do great in maintaining your balance soon once you are used to the feeling. Imagine that the hoverboard is one of your body’s parts.

Now it’s time to move

To move forward, gently bring your body forward no more than 10 degrees and press the toes down the pad on the hoverboard.

If you want to steer left or right, slightly lean your body, especially your foot, to the desired direction. The hoverboard is built to sense where you want to go based on how your feet apply pressure on the pad.

Feel your foot to control the movement

Similarly, to move backward, you shift your center of gravity backward. Again, remember that your shifting should be no more than 10-degrees. If you exceed that number, the probability of falling is very high.

To stop the movement, you need to fix your body upright. 

Choose a product having UL2272 standard

UL2272 means satisfying the safety standard of Electrical system for Self-Balancing Scooter. If a scooter has a sticker writing UL2272 outside the box, then you should prioritize it when you consider choosing a hoverboard for beginners.

For any electrical product to meet UL2272 standard, all the materials inside need to be checked thoroughly, so it can prevent the hoverboard from catching fire and other hazardous incidents, which are very dangerous.

Hoverboards catching on fire is not a rare situation; there have been many cases like that. So to protect both yourself and your property, make sure the hoverboard of your choice meets the UL2272 standards.    

Time to hover

Learning how to use a hoverboard isn’t hard. It is built to be easily adaptable after all. Be patient, and you will master them before you even realize.

Thinking of getting one right now? Grab the most suitable one for you now!

Happy hoverboarding folks, the future is now!