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10 Tips For Camping In The Rain

Camping is such a wonderful and enjoyable recreational activity that no one can resist the adventure it provides. People often prefer clear weather for camping but they are not always sure about the weather conditions. They do not know whether rain will wreck their camping plan and they might have to postpone camping.

Rain is a natural phenomenon and no one can stop it. But rain must not become a hurdle for people and prevent them from enjoying outdoor recreational activities like camping, fishing, climbing, biking etc.

So, if you are planning for camping but are afraid of rain, you have to go into things prepared for the worst, but expecting the best. When planning ahead, you make your camping trip much more pleasant and avoid disasters that can ruin the whole trip.

Here are a few tips about safe and more satisfying camping in rain, so that you can enjoy your trip more.

1. Check out the weather

First of all, before planning camping you should check weather forecasts for the area you plan on staying in.

It is a common observation that weather in mountains continues to change. You can also say that it suddenly changes without much warning at all. If it’s sunny in the day time, there are chances that it gets rainy at nights. So, if you are looking for a mountainous area for camping, you should have rain gears with you.

2. Carry big plastic bags

Do not forget to take big plastic bags or garbage bags with you. These are airtight and also available at low prices. They have an important benefit that you can store fire woods and other fire starting equipment in these bags, which keep them dry and you will have no difficulty in lighting up the wood.

In addition, you can keep your food and other important items in them. As these bags are waterproof, they can keep your things dry. You can also use big garbage bags to put your wet or socked rain gear so that they can be prevented from further water.

Don’t hesitate to keep them with you, they can easily be packed. Such bags are known to be the blessing for those who camp in rain.

3. Carry Newspaper

You’re probably thinking how a piece of paper helps you during your adventure?

Although it is just a paper, it is one of the most important and vigilant items you should keep in your backpack. Firstly, it will help you lighting a fire when all your wood gets wet due to rain. Secondly, the newspaper is a good absorbent. When you put it in your wet shoes, it will absorb the moisture and help you in drying your shoes.

4. Keep your camping tent dry and high

People often choose bottoms of hills for camping, but they ignore the fact that in rain low lying areas get more affected and water is accumulated in low laying areas.

So keep this thing in mind and always select top of the hill for camping.

Also, you should have waterproof tents for camping regardless of weather conditions. This is a list of best waterproof tents for camping in rain, click here.

5. Place a strong tarp below your tent

Heavy rain might cause flooding, due to which your tent may flow in water. You can stop this and can protect your tent by using a reliable and strong tarp below your tent. Tarp also gives your tent durability and keep it warm.

6. Add additional lining in the tent

Do not forget to keep a thick plastic sheet with you. There is no assurance that water will not seep in the tent, even in the presence of tarp. You should place the plastic sheet inside the tent to avoid seeping.

Along with tarp, you must spread another waterproof lining inside the tent. All these precautions are for your safety. Your trap may not act as waterproof in heavy and long lasting rain.

7. Use one more tarp over the tent

The fitting of a major size canvass in any dimension on the tent is one amongst the simplest things. If you planned for camping in heavy rain for many days this additional layer of tarp keeps your tent dry.

For achieving this purpose try a drooping tarp. It has some additional benefits such as it will provide you with space for drying your wet clothes and rain gear. It will also act like a porch where you can change your wet clothes without going into the tent, socked. Furthermore, you can also use this area like your kitchen.

8. Don’t carry cotton clothes

Cotton fabric has an intense affinity for water. It gets wet quickly while becomes difficult to dry even on a normal sunny day.

Always carry such clothes and gear with you, which are easy to get dry and also resist water. Nylon and polythene are among the best fabrics which can easily draw off moisture.

9. Get ready the Rain suits

Rain suits are manufactured using very light but tough fabrics. You should keep rain jackets and rain pants with you when deciding camping in rain. They will help you keep dry and gives you more comfort. With a rain suit pulled over while camping in rain makes your camping more enjoyable.

If you are not carrying Rain suits with you, you will feel sorry, facing the disastrous results.

10. Have waterproof shoes

Buy waterproof shoes for you before going out camping in rain. Wet and socked feet make you uncomfortable and you will not be able to enjoy your activities.

Although waterproof shoes are a little bit expensive, for your comfort and joy, buy them.


Following the above-mentioned tips will make your camping memorable even in rain. Using all the above techniques you will be able to remain comfortable and dry in heavy rain. You can enjoy a campfire in rain within your tent area and will also enjoy the heavy showers without getting wet.

If you have something about camping in rain, you can share it with all of us in the comment section. Read these tips follow them and share them.

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