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A Complete Guide: Buying The Best Snowboard and Skateboard Tailbone Protection

You love your sports activities, and you want to keep doing them as often as possible. One of the smartest ways to be able to continue is to stay injury-free.

That is where padded shorts come in. Skateboarding, skiing, biking, snowboarding, or playing football all are strenuous sports where there is the possibility of injury.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t participate. It means you protect yourself so that you can continue to participate. 

Padded shorts are essential when you are at risk of getting injured from falling, excessive friction, or injury to your tailbone.

Even if you are a pro at what you do, it never hurts to stack the deck on your side so you can keep in the game.

We have compiled a list that will help you make a selection for the protection you will need to keep you doing what you love the best.

Bodyprox Padded Shorts

The padded shorts from Bodyprox make an excellent choice for protection when you are participating in some of your extreme sports.

The combination of spandex and nylon in these shorts will ensure that your skin stays fresh and dry. The Eva foam paddings in the shorts will make sure you have sufficient protection from bumps, falls, and scratches.

Strategically placed to protect the hip, thigh, and tailbone effectively, the 14mm pads are thick enough to do the job.

Wearing pads, the usual bumps and bruises will not be as harsh as they could be without any type of padding. 

When you have less injuries, you also have a bit more confidence in trying new tricks as you are not always trying to protect yourself with each move.

There is no constant adjusting to the shorts, and there is extra protection for the tailbone. While the shorts are not machine washable, they will line dry reasonably quickly.

These shorts can be used underneath or over your clothes. The spread of the padding makes them great for mountain biking, skiing, skateboarding or snowboarding.

Soared 3D Protection Hip Butt EVA Padded Shorts

The Soared 3D protection shorts are a good choice for beginners and the kids in the family. 

When sporting outdoors, the Soared 3D will protect your butt and hips with the 1.5cm thick foam that will cushion your lumbar and crotch too.

Some think that snowboarding is not as risky as skiing or skateboarding, but the truth is that snow is not as cushy to fall on as most people might think.

The Soared shorts offer protection that is elastic and lightweight to the point that you could wear these shorts either inside or outside your pants.

There are kids sizes that make the Soared a great option for beginners and kids participating in ice skating, roller skating, or even sledding down the hill.

The EVA padding will hold its shape after washing, and the mesh vent at the front makes the shorts breathable and good at kicking moisture out to keep you dry. 

The Soared sizes are geared toward kids, but there are also adult sizes. The shorts are easy to put on and get off and can be used inside or outside of your clothing.

Kuyou Protection Hip 3D Padded Shorts

Kuyou offers durable and robust padded shorts for skateboarders that will benefit from the protection, cushioning, and abrasion resistance provided by these padded shorts. 

The Kuyou 3D padded shorts are an excellent value for the money. The fabric of the Kuyou is made to be heat resistant, and so will help keep you warm as you are out on the slopes.

EVA padding that is placed on the hip, thigh, and tailbone areas will help you avoid injuries from impact.

One of the reviews on Amazon said that he played a lot of volleyball and that the Kuyou 3D shorts have saved his fanny in more ways than one.

An elastic waist and Velcro front will make fit and adjustment easy.  There is enough padding in these shorts to protect, absorb shocks, and impact injuries.

These shorts can be worn on the inside or outside of your clothing and will keep you active and doing the sports that you love.

Triple Eight Bumsaver Men's Padded Shorts

If you are looking for a heavy-duty option in a padded short, the Triple Eight Bumsaver is the choice for you.

Triple Eight has come up with its latest innovation with the Bumsaver Men's padded shorts.

These shorts will be ideal for rigorous sports to protect your hips, thighs, and tailbone.

The shorts are engineered with lycra mesh fabric, which makes it sturdier than most. At the same time, the material is lightweight and form-fitting.

You will still be flexible and mobile in these shorts, and the fabric is breathable and will not stick to your skin, which is especially important when you are mountain biking.

The Bumsaver has EVA foam pads that are 10mm thick and can absorb the shock from falls that could injure your butt.

A nice feature on the Triple Eight shorts is that you can remove the pads from where they are located on the shorts, and so customize the fit of the shorts.

Another advantage to the Bumsavers is that they are machine washable in cold water. Remove the pads first before putting in the washer.  Line drying is the best for the shorts, don’t throw them in the dryer. 

The Bumsavers will cover you from the waist to just above the knee. 

Although these are men's shorts, one of the reviews on Amazon stated that the Bumsavers were perfect for her daughter, who is in roller derby.

Youper Protective Padded Shorts

The Youper protective padded shorts ensure excellent comfort and protection from bumps and falls in the most strenuous of outdoor activities. 

You will get impact protection with Youper padded shorts. They are equipped with soft, shock-absorbing Eva foam cushions about 10mm thick.

Pads protect your fanny, thighs, and tailbone areas. If you wear these shorts under your regular clothing, it is like having hidden armor.

Even though you are padded, you will still be able to be flexible and move easily. The Youper is made out of four-way stretch fabric that is moisture-wicking.

Skin-friendly, the fabric keeps your skin cool and dry while taking moisture away. 

The pads do come out, so it is advantageous to remove them before washing. 

Tortoise Pads T2 - Seven Pad Impact Protection System

Tortoise T2 pads are made from firm multi-density, high impact EVA foam, which makes them ideal for vigorous applications.

The Tortoise Pads High Impact shorts are designed for those who like to snowboard, skateboard, scooter, or other active sports.

They will provide hip and upper leg padding that is ⅜ inch thick and an additional ½ inch on the tailbone area.

The T2’s come with seven multilayer pads that are held in seven pockets on the sides and back sides of the shorts. 

Made from breathable mesh and spandex, the Tortoise has a heavy-duty elastic waistband.

The multiple layer EVA foam allows for the pads to move the way you do without feeling bulky while providing protection. 

The story behind Tortoise is pretty inspiring. At age 55, Keith Jacobson wanted to be able to hang out with his 12-year-old son but knew that he would need good pads to be able to keep up.

As a material science engineer, Keith developed his multi-density foam configuration, and the result (eventually) was the Tortoise. Their motto is "we're working our butts off to save yours." Pretty inspiring!

Riding Armor Skating Protective Shorts

The high quality of Ridbiker's protective shorts has increased impact resistance and toughness that achieve powerful protection for the wearer. 

Ridbiker has 18 years of experience in the field of protection. They have a full selection of protection to use while riding, including protective shorts. 

Specially made for mountain biking, the EVA protective pad in the shorts will help keep your hips, thighs, and tailbone from injury.

An elastic waist makes for a secure, comfortable fit. Made from durable lycra mesh cloth that is stretchable, the fabric will move with you rather than binding.

The breathable fabric will keep moisture away. Make sure that you do not throw these shorts in the machine, rather hand wash and line dry. 

While the shorts are great for biking, they also work if you are on a scooter, a snowboard, skiing, or skating to help protect you from injury if you fall.

Guide 3D Hip Padded Shorts

Guide 3D shorts have protection for skating, snowboarding, roller sports, mountain biking, and skating. Just what is needed to make your activity even more enjoyable!

Relatively inexpensive, the Guide 3D shorts are impact resistant. 

The ½ inch thick EVA padding cushions the hip, thigh, and tailbone. The shorts will help prevent

Scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

Made from breathable fabric, moisture will be wicked away from your skin to help keep you comfortable while wearing them.

Reviewers on Amazon found that these shorts made motorcycle riding more comfortable from the extra padding.

With these shorts, make sure to hand wash and line dry to retain their shape.

Crash Pads 2200 Padded Under Pants

Style 2200 full-length Crash Pads lets you be comfortable and protected while enjoying your outdoor winter activities, while still having total freedom of movement.

The only one like it on our list, the Crash Pads are full length padded pants. These pants ill go from your waist down to the ankles. 

The pads in the pants are non-restrictive, non-plastic, and impact resistant. 

The padding is of two thicknesses, ½ inch and ⅝ inch thermal that is formed, scored, flame bonded and sealed. 

The Thermal fabric works perfectly for cold weather and has moisture management built-in.

Pads will cover the tailbone, the sides of the hips, the sides of the legs, the tailbone, and the knees.

A family business since 1992, Crash Pads is based in Oregon. 

The range of sports like skating, snowboarding, inline skating, mountain biking, and skiing led to the development of protective gear that would allow the makers to participate in their favorite sports and minimize the bruises.


As anyone who participates in any aggressive outdoor activity can tell you, there will be spills.

When you do fall, if you are fortunate, you can get yourself back up, dust off, and go again.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and it hurts as much to be out of the game as the injury itself does.


If you happen to land on your tailbone, it is one area that is more sensitive to impact. 


The coccyx, or tailbone, is a triangle in shape and is a curved portion of the spine that is made up of three to five bones.


Under normal conditions, the tailbone is pretty well protected, but during some of the more strenuous sports, it can be easy to hurt.


It can be very painful, and I happen to know from experience. I wish I could say that I “broke” mine by not landing a trick on my skateboard, but that is not how it happened.


Sadly, the story is not nearly as exciting. Being in a hurry, I was going too fast and bounced down a set of stairs on my butt. 


I have taken spills before, but nothing felt quite like this, to the point that I asked to see a doctor.


That is where I got the sad news that this was not going to be well in a week. It was going to be months. Not only that, but I also could not carry anything over ten pounds.


It was also a bit embarrassing as I could not sit on anything, even a padded chair without being in some extreme pain. 


I remember that back then, I had to lay across the bed, with my books on the floor to do homework—no sitting at the table.

Aside from pain medications or steroids, there is not much to be done to speed the healing process as they can’t put your fanny in a sling.


It turned out that the doctor was right. It was well over six months before I could feel like it was alright to sit down without being careful.

Any bump after that reminded me of what had happened, and it was a full year before the incident was a memory.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has said that there have been over 60,000 emergency room visits in 2016 from injuries related to skateboarding.


And that is just one outdoor sport! Which is why it is essential to give yourself every edge that you can, and that includes padded shorts.


When you are choosing protection, make sure that it has fabric that breathes and is non-restrictive, but lets you move freely.


Whether you wear them over or under your clothes, look for a pair that has foam tails for maximum tailbone coverage.

 Do your research, compare brands, and choose the pair of padded shorts that will work best for you. Don't get knocked out of the game; it is no fun to sit on the sidelines.