Last modified on September 21st, 2023 at 5:02 pm

5 Outdoor Winter Activities You Can Do With Your Children

When those cold months’ drift in you can sometimes start to feel like you’re forever locked up inside your house with nothing to do. It can be especially hard when you have young children to entertain and that can be even more of an issue to tackle when the school holidays roll up too!  So what are some great outdoor activities you can do during Winter? Check, you’ll find some tips to enjoy your outdoor and camping adventures better.

First, this article will mean different things to different people. When I say Winter, I mean the Winter which is cold, full of rain and dull-clouds that make you want to wrap up in your cozy fleeces and sit by a fire. I’m from the U.K, and our Winters can be very depressing- we usually close the curtains around October time and you won’t see from us until March comes around.

Let’s look at some activities that can get you out of the house during those cold, blue months.


We are forever wanting to get our children active and fit, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to get your children riding a bike. Most children will adopt to a Bike like fish to water, and they are still “cool” by today’s standards. The great thing about cycling in the winter months is that the cold won’t bother you- exercising will naturally warm your body up and keep you from feeling the chills. Children love riding bicycles too because it allows them a bit more freedom and experience the satisfying rush of speed at a young age. It’s best to go to a park these days, as you’ll often get people looking at you with disapproving looks if your gallivanting up and down your local street.

Playing Sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball

Getting out of the house can be tough, especially when the cold mornings start frosting up your windows. But a good competitive game will see your children not give two hoots about the weather. All that running around will get them fit and healthy, keeping them warm too. If you’re a parent, you’ll likely no be involved and have to sit at the sidelines. But fear not- grab yourself a snuggy stadium blanket and you’ll soon find yourself nice and cozy, keeping a warm eye on your children.

Make a Campfire

Camping in the winter can be tough. Especially if you have to put up your tent or hiking hammock in the wind and rain whilst your children argue and shout wishing they were back home. But one of the coolest activities you can do this Winter is making a campfire. Not only can everyone help out, but they are great socializing events, which allow everyone to relax outside and share stories. You can also use campfires to cook food, like roasting marshmallows or banana-splits with chocolate! Gathering dry branches and wood is also a good activity you can do with your children- just make sure they’re not damp or else you’ll never get your fire started!

Go Ice Skating

Embrace the cold winter months by taking your children ice-skating. If you head down to your local ice-rink, chances are you probably can just sit on the side whilst your kids slide, slip and race around on a sheet of ice. Ice Rinks can be great family-friendly places too, often with good operators to help young ones learn how to skate and get used to it.

Go Sledding

One of my favourite activities to do when I was child was go sledding. My dad would build me a sled out of broken chairs and other pieces of furniture and we’d spend hours going down snowy hills and slopes. If you’re from a country that has a lot of snow, you’ll probably be able to buy a sled at your local store. If not- there is always the internet!