Last modified on April 14th, 2020 at 6:44 am

5 Wildlife Live Streams to Raise Your Mood

Live streaming sites such as Twitch and Mixer are usually the sole reserve of gamers of all varieties, however as the planet changes and people want to experience more of the natural world from the comfort of their own home the same technology that allows people to game across continents is also now connecting the online community to nature.

Here are five of the very best wildlife live streams that are already capturing the imagination of viewers from across the globe.            

Explore the Depths of Monterey Bay Aquarium

For those looking for anything and all things aqua related, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website is the perfect one-stop-shop. The site features ten live streams in total giving viewers a glimpse of jelly fish, kelp forest, coral reef and even a seascape view of Monterey Bay itself.

Hook any of these streams up to your smart TV and before you know it, you’ll feel as though you’re floating among the shoals of brightly colored fish, playful seals and curious sharks.

Get up close and personal with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s jelly fish

Take Yourself on a Twitch Wildlife Hunt

For those readers not entirely versed in what Twitch is, allow us to explain: it is a streaming site where people can stream live video of themselves or of anything they deem interesting enough for their audience. This includes many fans of online games created by the likes of Activision, PokerStars and Epic Games.

However, away from the push and pull of the gaming action there are some really fun wildlife streams to enjoy on Twitch. Among our favorites is CritterVision, where you’ll be sure to always spot some scavenging raccoons as well as wild deer and foxes if you’re lucky.

For viewers wanting to escape North America, there’s also the beautiful Wildlifestreamer who beams video of wild animals in their natural habitat all the way from Finland.

Snuggle up with raccoons on your living room sofa

Go on the Prowl with South African Lions

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a protected wildlife reserve in South Africa that shares a border with the more famous Kruger National Park; with animals free to roam between the two territories.

However, when it comes to live camera action, Nkorho Bush Lodge in the heart of Sabi Sand is paradise, serving up beautiful footage of elephants enjoying a dip at a watering hole. do a great job of combining this feed with many others from around the African continent’s game reserves and is well worth a visit for anyone obsessed with Hippos, gazelle and wildebeest.

Go Fishing with Brown Bears

Now we head north, far north, to Alaska. The majestic beauty of this untouched land is captured to perfection by the live stream set up by rangers at Katmai National Park.

The stream focuses mainly on a shallow river and small waterfall. During late summer the park’s brown bears position themselves at the top of the waterfall and swat migrating salmon from the air as the fish attempt to leap and swim upstream to spawn their eggs.

It really doesn’t get any wilder than this and you’ll be one of only a handful of people online to witness it happen in real time.

Become the King of the Swingers for a Day

Gorillas are the kings of the jungle, jungle VIPs you could say, and you can watch them strut their stuff on the forest floor or swing from tree to tree in the lush canopy found at the GRACE Gorilla Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorillas are critically endangered, with less than 4,000 animals remaining in the wild, making this a privileged experience to witness them up close and personal, without running the risk of being subjected to a hairy gorilla hug.

Once you’ve spent hours watching these beguiling beasts you might even be tempted to adopt one of them via the GRACE Gorilla Reserve website.