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Argumentative Essay about Space Exploration

Space exploration is one of the most important and relevant topics for many years. Humanity always looks at the stars hoping to find the answers to different existential questions. They are on the minds of millions of people. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that students frequently receive assignments about this important theme.

Commonly, students are assigned an argumentative essay devoted to space exploration because it helps to provide their viewpoint backed up with strong arguments. It’s sometimes difficult to write an argumentative essay about space exploration. That’s why SmartWritingService professional essay writing service offers a sample devoted to this important topic. This is a highly reputed essay writing service, which hires only certified and experienced academic writers. Therefore, you may fully trust the quality of the sample provided below.

Why Space Exploration Is Important for People

“Since ancient times, humanity has been frequently looking at the stars to find answers to many important questions. Who we are? Are we alone in this universe? What is the sense of our life? These are only a few out of multiple “eternal” questions we all want to answer. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the importance of space exploration for humanity.

Many people say that space exploration is a pure waste of money and time. Indeed, the governments of many countries spend billions of dollars to explore space. The hopes of being the lords of the universe seem to fade. We still cannot colonize Mars, don’t know whether we’re not alone in the universe and so on. Nevertheless, such high expectations really demand huge patience and a lot of time. In the meanwhile, we already have multiple conditions to enjoy. I believe that space exploration is one of the most important spheres in our life.

Firstly, space exploration secures the creation of new technology and research. Sometimes, we don’t even understand that different digital devices we use for improved precision and efficiency are the products of space exploration projects. I can bet, you aren’t aware of some inventions that originated from those projects. Check the following list:

  • Calculators;
  • Cell phones;
  • Digital wristwatches;
  • GPS finders;
  • Infrared cameras;
  • Laser surgery;
  • Satellite TV, etc.

As you can see, these inventions are utterly important for most people. We use them almost every day because they ensure our convenience, efficiency, productivity, and even fun. For example, laser surgery saves humans’ lives. Cell phones help us to get in touch with other people at great distances. Satellite television helps to find entertainment, as well as learn about the latest news and enrich our knowledge about our life. GPS technology helps to predict weather and global catastrophes. All these and many other opportunities would have been impossible without the inventions offered by different space research programs.

Secondly, space exploration is utterly important for the safety of our planet. What does it mean? Remember about comets and asteroids. Thanks to special technological inventions, such as satellites, scientists can predict when some of the space bodies impact our planet. Consequently, we can undertake the necessary measures to prevent catastrophes and save thousands and millions of human lives.

Thirdly, the colonization of space is still the reality. Many scientists are convinced that the colonization of Mars is only a matter of time. In some 50 years or faster, we’ll expand our kind on other planets. This is very important for Earth because overpopulation will finally lead us to extinction. We ought to try harder to make it to other worlds.

Fourthly, space mining could potentially save our planet. We steadily exhaust our natural resources and it leads us to global catastrophes. One of the objectives of space exploration is to enable the mining of resources in space. Accordingly, this will help to solve the problem of the lack of resources on Earth.

Finally, people are explorers by nature. We have millions of questions about what life means and whether there is somebody else in the cold eternal space. Perhaps one day we’ll manage to find the right answers. Space exploration programs have all the chances to provide us with this opportunity. One day it’ll be possible to safely travel to different galaxies.

Space exploration is utterly important for humanity. The space industry has already discovered and invented a lot of helpful gadgets to make our life easier and safer. I’m convinced that colonization of the universe, rapid development and answering eternal questions about our existence are not dreams. In the future, we’ll become the lords of the universe and will achieve amazing results.”

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