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Top Destinations For Honeymoon Safari in Africa

A luxury safari tour in Africa is a good option for a memorable honeymoon. You have the option of travelling in a hot-air-balloon above the savannah, enjoy sundowners while overlooking the animals gathering at the vast watering holes, and relax while falling asleep to the nocturnal sound of the Arfican savannah. Honeymoon Safaris are a once-in-a-lifetime adventure which you absolutely want to be perfect. This is why we recommend that you hire a professional tour operator such as Far and Wild Travel. So, if you are interested in a honeymoon Safari tour in Africa here are our top three destinations that you should need to consider.

Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is a place where the big cats live. The Serengeti offers the perfect stage for the famous Great Wildebeest Migration. You get to see massive elephant herds here and then there are also thriving chimpanzee-filled rainforests here that you just can’t miss. There is also the Zanzibar that is a good romantic destination. It is complemented by its getaway islands such as Mnemba and Pemba that are within easy reach. If you are looking for the perfect ‘bush-and-beach’ destination, you need to try Zanzibar. 

Another thing that you may want to consider is the time when you will be travelling to Africa for your honeymoon safari. Those animals won’t wait for you all year round. The game viewing in Tanzania is just perfect during the months between June and October. This is the dry season and is good for catching the wild beasts in action. If you are looking to witness the Great Migration then we recommend that you visit the Serengeti between November and August. If you like the island adventures then Zanzibar and its nearby islands have the best weather in August and October.

These were the main options you will have in Tanzania for a honeymoon safari. 

If you are looking for a pure safari experience during your honeymoon trip, we recommend you the expertly guided game drives. If you are a fan of lofty places and sailing in the air, then this lovely place also offers you the opportunity to get on a hot-air balloon and conquer the African skies. 

There is also the option of staying in conservancies or private reserves because this is the place where you can enjoy night drives, walking safaris, mountain biking, and even off-roading. 

The best honeymoon safari accommodation should include an exclusive camp in the Serengeti or the Jabali Ridge in the wild Ruaha National Park. Both of these are small lodges but they are great if you are planning big game viewing in the morning. Mnemba Island Lodge is known for offering the ideal Indian Ocean experience. If you are considering the little off the beaten path, you can head over to the Greystoke Mahale. Here you can enjoy the remote lakeside setting and get the best chimpanzee sightings in Tanzania.

Honeymoon Experience in Namibia 

Namibia is a friendly and easy-going country that is known for its excellent wildlife viewing. The most famous for this venture is the Etosha National Park, but if you are looking for a great place for your honeymoon then you need to go to the Namib Desert. This destination is best visited in the dry season that starts in June and ends in October. The silence in this desert is simply mesmerizing and, in the silence, you can enjoy the primal beauty of Africa and its lovely night skies that are simply spilling over with stars. 

You can also pay a visit to the famous Sossusvlei dunes. These are gigantic sand dunes that tower hundreds of feet above you! It’s an amazing activity and a must-do when you are in Namibia. If you like walking then you can take a hike up a dune and greet the rising sun early in the morning. If you like flying and watching birds-eye view of the animals then you have the option of balloon flights. The expert local guides will be there to guide you on the way and get you close to the unique desert wildlife. The pictures will be great, I assure you.

animals in safari

When it comes to accommodations, we believe the intimate and rather contemporary Sossusvlei Lodge will be a good option for you here. Its dining tables are set just a stone’s throw away from the floodlit waterhole and they offer you amazing lunch and dinner experiences. 

Another great destination for honeymoon safari adventurists are the lovely Wolwedans Dunes Lodge. It has some breath-taking panoramic views that you will simply love. If you are a fan of simplicity, this place will be just perfect for you. 

Honeymoon Experience in Seychelles Beach 

Seychelles Beach is a destination offering you superb service, gorgeous secluded coves, and easy logistics. You can enjoy idyllic beaches here with clear warm water and relax using the executive massage service that is available at most hotels here. 

Seychelles beach offers you an amazing cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean which are the perfect setting for a romantic trip. Seychelles is warm and sunny all year-round and you get a chance to enjoy rain at any time. The hottest months here are the ones between December and April and the wettest months from January to February. 

If you like scuba diving and want to explore life underwater, then you need to visit this place in April or May because in these months you will have the best underwater visibility. This place also offers you Kayaking and paddle boating along with a zipline tour of the forest which is simply thrilling and amazing.

Once you are here there will be many activities for you to look forward to other than the ones already mentioned. You can have every water sport you can think of and if you are a fan of the mountainous adventures then there are hiking tracks and spots for mountain biking too. 

For stay, the best accommodations are available at the privately-owned North Island. This amazing place is the residence of choice for rockstars and royalty when it comes to honeymoons. This hotel offers a palatial villa that comes complete with its own pool and a lounge. The lounge can be transformed into a private cinema as well. Dining is available at the restaurant and at your personal villa. The hotel also offers you the option of candlelight dinner.  

These were our top three destinations for honeymoon safari in Africa. We recommend that you come here prepared with your safari gear and equipment as it will benefit you a lot during your adventures.