Last modified on December 15th, 2020 at 9:29 am

Main Benefits of Using a Dog Travel Crate

Each of us feels comfortable in our own space, our homes, where we can hide from all the dangers of the outside world. Following this train of thought, a dog should have its cozy corner as well! You can provide your pet with a safe comfort zone and increase their security and comfort level.

Primarily, dog crates have been used for transportation purposes. However, they have more useful features and can be a great addition to your household. Here you can find reasons why you should get a travel dog crate and how you and your four-legged friend can benefit from it.

Comfortable Transportation

Let’s begin with its primary function. The most basic purpose of getting a dog travel crate is to transport your pet without any trouble, regardless of the destination. You can use it during a long journey if you want to be accompanied by your four-legged friend, in a car, a plane, or public transport. 

Crates make the trip more bearable for your pet but also increase the comfort of other passengers. If your dog barks or happens to behave aggressively, others won’t be interrupted, and you won’t hear any annoying comments.

Moreover, trips are often extremely stressful for animals, as the environment they are put into is new, and there are plenty of passengers glimpsing inquisitively. Dog travel crates create a safe space for them. A dog is used to its smell and is less stressed regardless of the mean of transport. 

Sometimes, it’s even required to transport your pet in a travel crate, especially if you travel by plane. The whole process of going on board is more manageable then, and it comforts your dog to an extreme level.


A dog crate makes toilet training less painful for both your puppy and you. It’s because of dogs’ instincts, which are similar to ours. They don’t want to answer the call of nature in the same place where they rest and sleep. Even if they are young, instinctively, they would signalize that they need to go for a walk, rather than doing it on your fancy new carpet. 

It helps in general house training. A dog travel crate is an indicator of a place where the dog is allowed to play, sleep, and eat. It makes the distinction between those areas simpler. It might also turn out to be a life-safer when you are moving out. The crate is the space that your pet knows and recognizes, in contrast to the rest of the new home. The dog would associate the crate with specific activities, so getting used to a new place would be more comfortable.

Safe And Sound

All the dog owners know the extent of the trauma that animals go through during New Year’s Eve. If you can recall all the parties you couldn’t have attended because your dog wouldn’t survive alone in the flat, or the panic attacks every two minutes due to the fireworks, you can have a nice change his year. 

Dog crates comfort animals’ stress. It’s their safe zone in which they can peacefully hunker down the fireworks displays and feel at least a little bit calmer. It’s the same scenario with storms. If they associate the crates with a peaceful and safe place, they will go through any adverse event more leisurely. Don’t forget to put your pupil’s toys and favorite blanket inside the crate – to comfort it even more!


If it ever happens that you would need to evacuate from your house, a crate can even rescue your pet! In case of an emergency, your pet would be calmer, and you would be able to grab the crate and run away. It’s a matter of seconds in extreme situations, and the crate would make the whole process faster.

Vet Visits

Going to the vet might no longer be a nerve-racking experience for the dog and its owner. We all know the stress accompanying each visit and how reluctant the dog can be as it feels what would happen in a minute. If your dog associates the crate with safety, and the scent inside is familiar, it might be less frightening for a terrified pup than ever.

The Bottom Line

As you see, a dog travel crate can change not only the quality of your trips but other sectors of dog-life as well. Remember, you have to crate train your dog before it would feel cozy inside it. It might take a while but don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t want to spend time in the crate in the first weeks – it’s worth waiting!

At the very beginning, try to introduce your dog to the crate’s purpose. Put the toys inside, and encourage the dog to spend the night there instead of at the foot of your bed. It’s meant to be its “fun place” and comfort zone. Make sure you provide your dog with proper conditions to feel at home inside.