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15 Best DIY Dog Shelter Ideas Fur Parents Will Love

While you have some time on your hands, it would be the ideal opportunity for a do-it-yourself project. One of the most rewarding projects would be a shelter for your dog. They, too, need their own space when it comes time for a little rest and relaxation as a member of the family.

We have listed 15 ideas to get you constructing a shelter for Rover. Just remember a few things before you start. The first is to measure your pooch. A shelter should be convenient for them to get in and out of, but not too big either—dogs like cozy spaces, which is why they always seem to be under a chair or table.

Try not to use treated wood for your project. Dogs tend to gnaw on things, and you don't want them ingesting the chemicals used in treated lumber. There are those woods, like cedar, that are naturally resistant to decay. Your local lumber yard should be able to advise you on the right type of wood.

Here is our list of 15 of the best DIY dog shelters.

Well! Even if your dog doesn't live for 1000 years, this dog house should! 

I think styles will have changed by then, but if you don't care about keeping up with the latest trend, this might be the DIY dog house for you! According to the instructions, this house will withstand pretty much anything but the end of the world. So if things start to get bad, you might want to join your pooch in this dwelling.

This next DIY dog house will never go out of style no matter the trends! The western appeal will stand the test of time with every cowpoke! After roaming the range all day, Rover will be happy to shed his boots at this ranch. The perfect place for a siesta after wrestling with the cattle, this basic house will keep your pooch comfy until the cows come home!

This dog house has style in the form of a cube, no less! While I would rather doubt that your dog would care, a cube is a symbol of stability and permanence. A counterpart of the sphere, a cube is a three-dimensional square. All your pooch will care about is a soft and comfy pad or blanket at the bottom of this little house. The name of this cube, "dodecahedron" refers to the 12 equal pentagonal faces of this shelter. Paint it any color you think Fido would prefer, or drape a cloth over the top and use it as a table AND dog house. Just don't put your sandwich within reach!

While this structure may not seem like an actual house, it is still a retreat for your pet. We all like our own space. 

Whether it is our favorite spot on the couch or place at the table, our pooches are no different. If you live in a particularly hot area, this open-air shelter will help keep the inside from overheating and becoming unbearable for your pet. If you leave the floor of the dog house as dirt, this will be cooler for them, too. As the builder of this retreat is doing, you could plant vines near the shelter to help shade the house.

You could also use plastic roofing panels that are elevated above the house, and will still maintain airflow. Either way, it will give your pet a place in the yard to call their own.

Not technically an actual treehouse, this particular dog house will get your pet off the ground. It will also give your dog a vantage point to survey their surroundings and feel like the king of the jungle! The ramp that accompanies this house is of generous width and has wood strips on the tread surface to help keep your dog from slipping. 

Every dog I have ever known would love to have a higher elevation to be able to keep an eye out for anything exciting.

If you have a smaller dog that needs a form of shelter outside, this A-frame would be a relatively simple build. It uses a single sheet of exterior grade plywood and some dimensional lumber to complete a shelter for your pet. 

The shingled roof will help protect them from the rain and provide a dry and comfortable spot for a nap.

Rivaling the treehouse, this dog house with a deck will make your pooch feel like the king of the castle! A perfect size to be able to survey his kingdom, this dog house with a deck allows your pampered pooch to get shade in the lower part of the structure. 

When your pooch is ready to grant an audience to his admirers, the top deck will serve the purpose royally!

If Abe Lincoln was alive today and had a dog, I am sure he would have chosen this woodsy design for his dog's house. Evoking visions of the frontier, this fun, and functional shelter will be a place where your beloved pet will be happy to set down stakes. Set on a pad, this cabin will help keep Fido dry. 

An overhanging roof provides shade and is inviting for friends to hang out and sit a spell.

This project is nothing to whine about! It is a perfect and relatively easy project that will be stylish too! It would definitely be a conversation piece for your yard. Spacious enough for a medium to large dog, a pad inside the barrel will make it a soft place to lay. 

Just make sure that you have added some type of blocks to keep the barrel from rolling. Otherwise, your pooch will end up in the neighbor's yard!

Pretty traditional, this DIY dog house includes a door with a catch to keep unwanted critters from setting up shop when your dog is not in attendance. 

As with this example, you could personalize the house by putting a plaque on the house with your dog's name. That might also keep the cat out!

This is recycling at its best! Pallets can usually be found piled up outside of various businesses with a "free" sign attached. Besides being inexpensive, you won't be limited to the size of the dog house by the lumber's cost. 

You are being kind to the environment, your dog and your wallet, all at the same time.

This is a great idea that saves on floor space while giving your dog their own space. Perfect for a smaller living room, this DIY dog house can also serve as a kennel if you need to keep your pet confined while you are out. This structure could be painted to match your furniture and blend right into the rest of your decor. 

It will also keep your pet in the middle of the action, right where they usually like to be.

Ever wish you had not placed the dog house where you had? It is an easy fix with this mobile dog house. The beauty of this one is that it can be moved by one person, which is a beneficial aspect. You will be able to move the house into the shade or move it under a tree when it is raining. 

If you are mowing the grass, it is easy to push it out of the way.  You can roll it into the garage for a new paint job or for spring cleaning if you need to. This handy house can make sure that your pet is in your vicinity whenever you are out in the yard.

This insulated house will give the pooch some protection at the same time as a perfect design for dogs who love the cooler weather. My friends have a beautiful husky named Nikki, who has a thick, luxurious coat. Nikki detests the warmer weather and will stop the airflow in the house by laying on the air conditioning vents in the summer. 

In the winter, her favorite place is out of doors. While she is happy out there, her pet parents are not so delighted when Nikki comes in with her coat wet from the snow. Huskies have an undercoat that can take forever to dry, and it is unpleasant when said husky wants to share your bed at night. 

This house gives Nikki the protection from the elements, enough warmth, and makes all those involved very happy.

This modern-style DIY dog house should fit the bill if you are looking for something just a bit different. I doubt that you will see another one like it in your neighborhood. 

The curved sides and metal roof make it a unique accent piece in your backyard, rather than an ordinary doghouse. Rover is sure to love curling up to the curve in the walls. He will also appreciate the padding in the interior. 

It will make for a comfy place to relax while guarding his domain. You will like the fact that you will never have to replace any shingles!

In Conclusion

We love our pets and want to provide a comfortable shelter for them. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to do so yourself.  

Remember that your pooch will not care if your home built shelter is not perfect or looks less than professional. They will just feel the love with which it was built.