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Simple Ways to Clean Your Dog’s House: Tips and Tricks

Most animals love living outdoors rather than living inside a home. Most dog owners prefer their pets to live in dog houses outside their homes. If you are that type of pet owner, then you know how important it is to keep the dog house clean.

You have to pay careful attention to your dog’s health and keeping a safe, healthy environment is the key. Providing a space for your dogs in a good environment is what makes you a good pet owner.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean your dog’s house more efficiently most especially if you don’t have much experience in it. To get started, the first thing you need to do is to keep your dog away from its house. Don’t let your dog get near the house while you are busy cleaning. It would be better to get your dog busy by asking someone else to give it a bath for you.

If you don’t have a dog house yet and want to buy one, try getting a house with a removable roof so that it will be easy for you to clean the insides of the house. Wear rubber gloves when you do this kind of work because you will most likely have to touch dog excretion as you clean.

Here are some of the guidelines listed below to help you get a proper idea of how to clean your dog’s living space:

Get started with the accessories

Before you put some water to clean it, remove every item placed inside like toys, food containers, sheets, and all that stuff. Start making a mixture of baking soda and non-toxic detergents and use it to soak bowls and containers inside a tub with hot water for at least half an hour.

To clean and dry the toys and comforters you can use a washing machine. You can also use a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner to clean up and rinse the floor and walls. A vacuum cleaner will help you with the cleaning up of the hairs.

Sterilize the materials that you use

It is important to read labels and ingredients on the products you will use for cleaning the dog house. Other ingredients could be harmful for your pets as they can also cause allergies and other skin irritation. Carefully read the directions, cautions, and instructions before using any cleaning chemical or disinfectant.

If you prefer bleach then it is better to dilute the solution in water to make it safe for use. Using bleach is fine but rinse thoroughly when you are done as it might irritate your pet or rust metal objects like nails.

Brush Away the Dirt

To make things happen perfectly, use a bristled stiff brush to scrub the floor, walls, and every other part of the house. Try to make sure you clean every corner and sanitize it. Not sanitizing properly can lead to many diseases that could transfer to your pet and maybe to the family members as well.

When using cleaning solutions and chemicals, let them remain on surfaces for a recommended time to make them work as specified.

Rinse and Dry

Preferably, you should clean your house when it’s a sunny day as after cleaning, rinsing is required with hot water. To make sure all the water evaporates away you can let it dry naturally or you can use hand dryers or Squeegees. Letting the water stay for a long time can cause bad odor and fungal growth.

Dog House Regular Maintenance

To make it less messy for you, try to make a habit of removing not much-needed stuff from your dog’s house regularly. Keeping your dog’s bed clean all the time will also be beneficial in making his stay in the house comfortable and flea-free.


Covers, clothes, or sheets of dog’s house will need to be replaced or changed frequently. For colder regions, the moisture from the cold can get trapped in the sheets which can cause health problems as well.

Change the beddings every two weeks as this is ideal in ensuring that the bed will remain clean. There are many cool bedding options that you can try like grass hay and wood shavings but straws might not work well. Straws might break up quickly but wood shavings can spread around perfectly on your pet’s body.

Avoid using any kind of hard stuff like plastic, wood, or metal as they may make your pet feel uncomfortable. Pillows can also be used depending on your dog’s preference.

Rust Protection on Doors and Windows

To keep the doors and windows from rusting, apply lubricants made of silicone material. Use them every week or set a timetable according to the usage.

Rust from nails will make your dog’s house look old. To avoid this, put oil on them and dry them properly after they get in contact with water.

The house can also rust easily especially when it’s located in an area where there’s open air. When metal objects get exposed to humid air and oxidation occurs, metals are turning into rust.

Busy schedule? Unable to Give Proper Time for Cleaning?

The abovementioned tips and tricks can help you start cleaning the right way. But when you’re busy and could not give time to this task you can opt to get a dog house cleaning service. Getting professional help for your dog’s house cleaning is not a big deal when you are unable to give proper time to it.

If you don’t have an idea about where to get these professional cleaners, the most preferred company is They are based in London and can not only help you clean your dog’s living space but also offer a variety of cleaning services using modern technology. You can see the difference between your cleaning vs. professional cleaning. Give them both a try!