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How to Choose a Cooler for Your Family when Going Outdoors

Coolers are items for a variety of application all around ensuring that food and drinks are properly preserved especially when going on camping trips, picnics or doing outdoor activities. However, the market is also quite flooded with coolers making it more difficult for the average person that needs a cooler to decide on the most suitable option.

We address important features that you should look out for in a cooler before getting it in this article. We also present the Luncia soft-sided cooler as an option for persons looking for coolers for family use in this piece highlighting features that make the cooler one of the best coolers for family.

Features You Should Look Out For In A Cooler:


The size of a cooler is a major feature that determines its suitability. The appropriate size of a cooler also depends on the purpose which the cooler will serve. Thus, the suitable size of a cooler for professional use will be different from the suitable size of a cooler for family use. Since coolers are used in outdoor settings, the portability of a cooler which will be influenced by the size should also be considered while deciding on a suitable cooler.

This Luncia cooler has an inner capacity of 18 litres which make it able to hold 30 cans of 330 ml each. The size is suitable for the needs of the average family. With this size, the cooler bag is also portable and suitable for outdoor activities including hiking and cycling. If size is a major determinant of what makes a cooler the best cooler for family, you would be impressed by this Luncia cooler.



The features that determine the functionality of a cooler include those that ensure that food and drinks are preserved for the longest periods. These features include the insulation material as well as features that ensure water and air resistance. Such features in cooler bags include multiple layers of insulation material as well as lining materials that are both water and air proof.

Features that reflect the functionality of the Luncia cooler include the double layer of insulation materials that keeps food and drink items in great condition for up to 2 days. The materials with which the lining of the cooler was made is water and air proof. The Luncia cooler bag also has a zipper that prevents that escape of air. This airtight zipper ensures that the cool air within the inner compartment of the cooler is not lost.


The portability of a cooler also determines its suitability, especially for family use. When heading out for outdoor activities, one should be sure that the mobility of their soft cooler wouldn’t be an extra issue.

This Luncia soft cooler has a number of features that reflect its portability and suitability for a variety of outdoor activities. For cycling, for example, there are the buckler stabilizers with which the cooler can be properly anchored on a bicycle.

Other features of this Luncia cooler that reflect its functionality include the bungee cords where other necessary items for outdoor activities can be anchored. This Luncia cooler also has an adjustable shoulder straps with which it can be carried around. With this adjustable strap, one can easily carry the cooler bag, along with other items, around. Comfort is also assured while carrying the cooler bag around with the shoulder pads.

There are also hitch bands on the cooler for keeping different items. The secret pocket which is also waterproof is great for safeguarding personal items.

As regards portability, it is also important to mention that there are three ways of carrying this cooler bag because of its features. The Luncia cooler bag can be carried over the shoulder, with the handles at the top and the handles on the side.


A marker of a suitable soft cooler for family use is the durability. Items for family use should always be adapted for long-term use. The durability of a cooler bag is determine by the materials with which it was made, from the lining to the exterior.

The exterior of this Luncia soft cooler was made with materials that are waterproof and scratch resistant indicating its durability and suitability for long-term use. The handles of the soft cooler are also reinforced to withstand the extra pressure when full to maximum capacity, another indication of its durability. The cooler can also be easily cleaned to keep in the best form for a long period.


Any item for personal and family use should be safe and not contain any harmful chemicals.

The materials with which the Luncia cooler was made have been certified free of harmful chemicals such as BPA which could pose a threat to one’s health.

Having highlighted the features that make the best cooler for family use, the Luncia cooler, with its features, can be described as soft that is highly suitable for family use.

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