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What Are The Hidden Gems Of Florida?

Florida is popular for its beaches, but there are a few places in the state that are perfect for tourists who want something more active than a day at the beach. Florida’s inland lakes offer great wildlife viewing, as well as both fishing and boating. In addition, the state also has some of the country’s best golf courses, springs, parks, and historical sites. 

Check out some of the best hidden gems of Florida, USA by reading below.

Three Sisters Springs

Swim with manatees at the Three Sisters Springs, which is about 90 miles from Orlando. You can legally swim in one of the famous freshwater springs in Florida from November through March, when manatees are frequently seen because of the warm water. 

Here are a few of the best things you can try at Three Sisters Springs:

  • Launch a kayak with friends from Kings Bay
  • You can hop out of the boat and swim next to the spring’s gentle creatures
  • Watch the animals from above using the boardwalk
  • Gain the easiest access to the springs by staying in Crystal River 

The Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is another great example of just one of the many hidden gems of Florida. You probably know it by another name: Disney World. It’s a great place to get close to nature in a natural setting. You can spot various species of animals, such as deer and bears, as well as a multitude of snakes and turtles. This park is also home to an abundance of various birds and mammals.

The Florida Keys 

Another good way to explore the hidden gems of Florida is to visit the Florida Keys. This part of the state is located in the Atlantic Ocean and offers everything from scuba diving to snorkeling. There are many great restaurants and hotels to choose from when you stay here, which provides for a wide variety of activities for everyone in your group.

Epcot And Universal Studios in Hollywood

The state of Florida also offers an assortment of cultural experiences for its visitors. Orlando is a large city full of fun and excitement. It’s also home to a large number of theaters that host plays, concerts, and films. You can experience great, live entertainment at Disney World’s Epcot and the Universal Studios in Hollywood. These attractions are wonderful for families, couples, seniors, and those who simply like to relax.

Gulf Coast Trail

The Gulf Coast hiking trails are considered hidden gems in Florida for a variety of reasons. They are extremely popular for those who live nearby, and for all the tourists that visit on a year to year basis. Some of these places include the following:

  • Florida National Scenic Trail
  • Florida Keys Scenic River
  • Great Smoky Mountain National Park 

All of these can be found in the state of Florida, although some are closer to the central area of the state than others. A lot of the trails have campsites close by, but the majority of them are off road, and only accessible through hiking trails.

The most popular hike is the Gulf Coast Trail, which can take up to a week to complete. It runs along the shores of St. Petersburg and Pensacola. You can choose to hike either the north or south end of the trail, but it’s generally considered a good idea to start in the southern half of the trail.

The most important thing to remember about any trail is safety, so you must always be ready with the hiking must-haves that you might need. The most popular hiking trails in Florida all have signs out front that indicate the right way to go. There is also usually a phone number that you can call if there’s trouble. If you have questions, just ask the guide who’s on site.

Coral Castle Museum, Miami

If you need a break from the beach, you can spend your afternoon at the amazing Coral Castle Museum. It’s a sculpture garden housing over 1,100 tons of coral hauled and carved by one man for nearly 30 years. You can stroll through the Coral Castle and become mesmerized at the artistic structures of the museum up close. 


As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons why you should consider visiting the state of Florida. Here is a place that’s so full of natural resources, history, and diversity as seen in the state’s hidden gems discussed above. Explore the Coral Castle museum as well as the family sites, like Epcot and Universal Studios in Hollywood. Most of all, discover the beauty of nature, from the Three Sisters Springs to the Gulf Coast Trail.