Last modified on June 10th, 2021 at 2:52 pm

3 Outdoor Hobbies to take on this Summer

If you are ready to take on the summer and fill your days with adventure and Vitamin D, then we have got 3 outdoor hobbies for you to try. Because no matter how long your working week is, there is always the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some down-time. As the evenings get lighter, there is even the chance to explore your surroundings in an evening. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!


Those sat in the office, staring out of the window all week, yearning for fresh air and vast open spaces, should certainly consider hiking on the weekends. Take on the challenge of a digital detox and get connected with the outdoor world. 

There are so many benefits to a good hike, and that is not even thinking about the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. Hiking is a great cardio workout and can help to tone and define muscle – especially when hills are involved!  Walking on uneven ground can help improve balance and use muscles in the body you do not usually use. WebMD suggest hiking can help you burn around 30% more calories, even at a small incline of just 5%. 

If you like the sound of hiking, check out this guide on what to pack. You will also need a good pair of hiking boots to support the knees and ankles when on uneven ground.


Fishing is a great bonding activity for friends or family. On the water you will be absorbing plenty of vitamin D while escaping from the bustle and grind of on-land life. 

What you might not realize, is that fishing can actually be a full body workout that can be tailored to be as high or low impact as you would like. As you are reeling in your dinner, you are stretching all the muscles in your upper back and if you are fishing on a boat, you will be working on your legs and core while balancing through the waves. 

It is no secret that being around water can help increase oxygen intake and reduce stress. Then, back home you can enjoy cooking up your labor to take in omega 3 fatty acids that your body will love. 

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Camping is great way to get back into nature after a long stressful week at the office. It is an affordable holiday, ideal for families and friends, and can help you reset and relax. Rather than spend another weekend watching Netflix, using electricity and sitting in the same four walls, take out into the wilderness and give back to the environment. 

There are so many benefits to making camping your new hobby, and you can learn a ton of skills along the way, such as cooking, resourcefulness and navigation. Plus, camping gives you the chance to explore new places and try out other hobbies like white water rafting, rock climbing and hiking. 

The University of Colorado found that a few nights of camping or sleeping under the stars can help reset your internal body clock – meaning you will get even better sleep when you get home and we could all do with a better sleep routine, right?

If you are not the type to camp, fish or hike, there are plenty of other hobbies that take you outdoors. Help save our favorite pollinators by beekeeping, or simply do a spot of gardening. Outdoor hobbies are great for improving mindfulness and giving you a break from the technology that often controls our working days. So, if you have got nothing to do this week, get outside and see where you end up!