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5 Outdoor Education Activities for Elementary Students

Every stage of learning is important. Therefore, teachers should give special heed to the first steps taken by the youngest students. If education at elementary school isn’t effective enough, it may negatively reflect on the future of students. Some problems may become incurable. Therefore, we advise you to consider outdoor education activities as one of the greatest methods of elementary education.

While children are still small, most lessons and educational materials are transferred via games. Outdoor activities play an important role in being a successful student. The experts from CustomWritings claim that even the youngest students should develop a habit to learn something new. Thus, they can find a reliable informative site that highlights sporting and outdoor activities, sheds some light on our nature, animals, and space. If you’re aware of such facts, you can make your outdoor activities funnier and more helpful. Right now, we’d like to highlight 5 outdoor education activities for elementary students.

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Nature Hike

It’s of great importance to learn a lot about our nature. We interact with flora and fauna every day. Accordingly, outdoor activity is a perfect way to make children feel connected to the things that surround them. Thus, you should try a nature hike.

Fortunately, teachers have a lot of options when they go outdoors with their students. Nature is diverse and beautiful. You’re welcome to change the subject of every next activity and thus, help your students to study more about our nature. Thus, one of the lessons may be devoted to flowers, trees, and leaves, the next one to bugs or animals, etc. You should ask children to find a certain type of the studied objects. According to Barbara Harvey, author of Journeys Through Parenthood, this activity promotes better motor skills, hand-eye coordination, encourages curiosity and observation in children, as well as activates all human senses to complete the exploration.

Inference Riddles

Most kids likewise adore different interesting riddles. Therefore, you should practice inference riddles as well. It’s a perfect advanced activity for elementary students. Ask every student to find at least one object and hide it from the rest of the class. Afterward, he/she should describe it with various related words without naming the object. Other students should guess that object. This activity improves critical and analytical thinking.

Outdoor Writing Activities

Writing activities can be applied outdoors as well. It also involves all five senses, which is very important for everyone. Let’s check how it works. Ask your students to use their senses to describe what they hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. Afterward, ask them to write short stories about those experiences. It’s a powerful visualization tool, which makes any writing much easier. 

Students don’t have to try to push too hard to imagine a story. They see thousands of stories around. All they need to do is to choose what they would like to describe and write about it in their short essays. Thanks to this activity, they enhance their writing skills, as well as develop their sensory skills and enhance their curiosity. Students learn many essential facts about our nature and environment.

Bottle Rockets with LaunchPad

Another captivating and useful activity you can try with your class called Bottle Rockets. All kids adore this activity because it always ends with the fun and explosion of a bottle. Learning via games is a long approved effective method. Undertaking this activity, students learn a lot about science, chemistry, and physics. They’ll surely want to know how it’s possible to launch a bottle rocket into the air. It’s a nice chance for a teacher to explain all those chemical reactions and physical forces. Afterward, there is a great probability that children will be more interested in science. You should only know how to ensure this captivating process.

Language Arts Scavenger Hunt

Another great outdoor learning activity is related to the exploration of language. It is called a language arts scavenger hunt. Each time you’re outdoors, tell your students to describe the activities and actions they see. Ask them to focus on different things, such as trees, cars, buildings, etc. Their task is to describe them using different parts of the speech. Thus, students practice the correct use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Keep in memory the activities we have described in this informative article. They are suitable for elementary students and develop different skills, as well as to enlarge their knowledge about the world and enhance their thinking. Don’t forget to look for other activities because children adore when their activities change to offer them more fun and knowledge. These outdoor activities for elementary students should be used by teachers, as well as by parents.