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5 Reasons Why Outdoor Sports Are Good For You

When most people consider exercising, they first think of going to an indoor gym. After all, the equipment there can help you to do pretty much everything, including running, building bulk and burning off the fat. While technological advancements have come a long way in most sectors, we must admit that they have had their effects, particularly on how we exercise.

There is no bargaining that exercising indoors is beneficial, but outdoor games have unique benefits that you should consider. Here are the insights into why outdoor games are favorable.

1. You will receive a burst of vitamin D

Working out in the sun is an ideal way of getting some vitamin D. That is why people who stay in the outdoors a lot appear to be healthy and younger. Every time the sun shines and hits the bare skin on your body, it triggers the body to make vitamin D. Remember that you cannot get the sun during winter, so, it is better to exploit the benefits during the sunny months.
Vitamin D deficiency is a common issue especially among the elderly, the young and people residing in the Northern hemisphere. Deficiency results in fragile bones and severe cases it might cause rickets. Research has linked vitamin D deficiency to increased susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, depression, and metabolic syndrome.

2. It will enhance your immune system

Exercise outside when and if you can, because it may boost your immune system. Medical research has proven that the percentage of green features in the environment as a positive link to human health. Being around nature is an excellent way of boosting your immune system because your body behaves differently when you are in the outdoors. Green exercise describes the additional benefits of outdoor exercise over indoor physical activity.
Research shows that the impact of the trees, colors, grass and fresh air in the natural environment has on physical and mental well-being. Other studies show that spending at least 30 minutes a day outside leads to a lower prevalence of high blood pressure and depression. So, if you want to experience full potential, green exercise is the way to go!

3. You will burn more calories

If your aim of working out is to burn calories, then you should do it outside as opposed to indoors. So, how does this happen? Look at it this way; will working out in a climate controlled area supply the same stress as exercising in an area with cold or hot temperatures? Even the changing terrain can help boost your workout benefits tremendously.
A study by the University of Exeter concluded that roadrunners are likely to burn more fat than treadmill runners when they are all running at the same speed. The researchers suggested that the reason for this would be the wind resistance that a roadrunner encounters.

4. You will work out harder and longer

Working out indoors can result in fatigue and boredom. The mere idea of running on a treadmill while staring at the same spot on the wall for several minutes is a little overwhelming. On the other hand, running in the outdoors allows you to see a comprehensive view of nature and new scene every minute.
In one study, one-half of the participants were asked to walk indoors and the other outdoors. As expected, the ones walking in the outdoors lasted longer than those who were walking indoors. The more exercise you do outside, the more likely you will want to continue doing it because nature is stimulating. You will also feel enthusiastic and energetic.

5. You will release more feel-good hormones

Would you want a bigger smile on your face after working out? If yes, then think about doing so in outside, because you will feel stimulated and highly energized. Your body will be releasing a burst of feel-good hormones like dopamine. A study by researchers from the University of Queensland concluded that people working outdoors release higher levels of serotonin.

You ought to maintain a balance between staying indoors and keeping in touch with the real world. It is essential to explore the great outdoors as it presents an excellent opportunity. If you did not have reasons to exercise outside previously, now you have five great reasons!

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