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5 Different Fishing Adventures to Consider

For many of us, fishing is an exciting and relaxing sport all at the same time. It gives us a great excuse to get out on the water and get away from the busy lifestyle of everyday life. It’s an activity that we can share with others or an activity where we can be by ourselves.

What’s great about fishing is that it doesn’t require much more than a fishing rod & reel and some tackle or live bait. You can fish from the water’s edge, dock, bridge, canoe, kayak, or other types of fishing boats. 

There are countless fishing adventures around the world that you can consider. They are so many that you can spend a lifetime trying to fish in all the these exciting places around the world. This article will review five of our favorite fishing adventures that we believe everyone should get into.

5 Fishing Adventures

Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay is often regarded as the Tarpon capital of the world. The Tarpon is also one of the hardest fishes to catch because of their size and strength. They can jump up to 10 feet out of the water. If your line doesn’t break when they jump, the Tarpon can spit out the hook.

Tarpon can reach the sizes of 8 feet and can weigh up to 280 pounds. When hooked, plan to have a battle. It can take up to an hour or longer to reel in these beauties.

If you want to catch one of these giants, then head to Tampa Bay, Florida, between May and July. During these months, you’ll have the best chance of catching a tarpon. The fish migrate there in considerable numbers for feeding.

Tiger Fishing, Namibia

Namibia is not well-known for having an abundance of freshwater locations. Most parts of the country are very dry, and there are only two permanent freshwater lakes in the whole country. However, Tiger fishes are plentiful in Namibia’s Zambezi Region.

Tiger Fish is one of the hardest fishes to catch on this list. They are a fantastic fish with teeth that reminds you of a tiger, hence the name. You can use a spinner or live bait to fish for them. If you want to travel with your own rod, consider a telescopic rod.

When they hit your line, they hit hard and fast. They put up a great fight, just be careful of the teeth. If you are fishing in the Zambezi Region, there’s a good chance that you might see wildlife, like hippos and crocodiles.

Musky Fishing in Canada

Muskie is the biggest fish in the pike family. They are an ambush predator that can grow, on average, between 15-36 pounds. They have been known to grow up to 6 feet long.

Lake of the Woods is a beautiful location that has an area of over 1 million acres. The views are breathtaking and you will feel that you have the whole lake to yourself. Make sure to have the right equipment for this type of fish. They have sharp teeth that can cut through your line easily.

Fly Fishing for Bonefish in South Andros

South Andros is often referred to as the bone fishing capital of the world. These little guys can weigh up to 15 pounds, and you’ll feel every pound when reeling one of these in. They are incredibly strong and they live in the flats of warm waters.

South Andros is famous for the abundance of bonefish because of the wealth of flats. Fly flying for bonefish made the list because of the challenge of having to spot and approach them without spooking them.

Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Halibut are fun to catch and great to eat. They are the world’s largest flatfish. You can use live bait or lure them off the bottom by jigging.  They can weigh up to hundreds of pounds.

There are plenty of different types of charter boats from half-days, full-days, and even multi-day adventures. Halibut fishing in Alaska is fun to do plus you will also see the spectacular views of Alaska’s wildlife.